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Bush Calls for Marriage Amendment

It’s official, the same government who used to be content snooping in your bank account, local library, and fishing out your wallet every April 15th, would like to extend it’s powers into your underpants. President Bush now approves and is pushing for a federal ban on same-sex marriages.

Update: Woops, looks like Anthony (Democrats Column, look left) and I caught the story at the same time, so instead of having two threads going, please use the comments on his article: Pres. Bush calls for constitutional amendment against gay marriage. Thanks.

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As usual, wonkette managed to take things to the penultimate level of humor, just shy of making me pee myself laughing: "Peenies are for sticking in hoo-has. Also, hoo-has may not touch other hoo-has. Unless we're talking about two hot chicks. Like Naomi Watts and someone else hot."

My initial thought on the subject was: "Wow, the Democrats and Republicans are apples from the same tree... one group (Democrats) wants to make sure we're super safe and wear extra padding and helmets wherever we walk... the other (Republicans) wants to make sure we keep having kids so we can sell their parents helmets and padding." I felt so warm and cared for, until I realized... gee you know what? I'm not a total idiot and I like to make my own choices.

Posted by SoL at February 24, 2004 11:30 AM