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Nader running

Nader runs as independent. Is this really a surprise? He’s been making noise more and more and in interviews has expressed his anger at those who tell him not to run. He spins it as people trying to infringe his constitutional rights (Free Speech, Assembly). I think this is disingenuous at best. Private individuals asking him to not run hardly qualifies as violation of his constitutional rights. Those asking him not to run (of whom I am one) are excercising their right to free speech in opining that it would be in the best interests of the country that he not run.

I'm not planning on voting for Nader. If the Republicans were offering us someone of substance and quality (McCain, for example) I would vote for Ralph. Well, actually I might vote for McCain. The point being that if the Reps were running someone that I didn't think was going to seriously damage this country, I'd be OK with casting a vote to support someone I truly believed in, rather than someone whom I view as the lesser of two evils. Or the lesser of two lessers, as Nader once put it.

On an unrelated note, wonkette made a wonderful observation:

Bush is ready for Kucinich machine:
The president's team said it also has done substantial research on Sen. John
Edwards (N.C.) in case he surges to the nomination and has even prepared a
couple of ad scripts targeting long shot Dennis J. Kucinich, an Ohio

In other words: Ad scripts to campaign against the vegan endorsed by
"the creatures of the forest"? Got 'em. Post-invasion plan for Iraqi
government? Uhmmmm. . .

Posted by rev_matt_y at February 23, 2004 10:01 AM