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Good dirty tricks

Not all dirty tricks are bad. Among politicians, those who have the most to hide or whose opponents have the least would like you to believe they are.. But sometimes, ‘dirty tricks’ will tell you more about a candidate than you would ever find out otherwise. And sometimes, the scandals that seem least relevant to governing (for example, John Kerry’s rumored adultery) are more important than those that seem relevant.

I will not vote for an adulterer. Plain and simple. It may not matter to you, and that is fine. But it does to me. And if the adultery is recent, it matters all the more.
While it is not directly related to his ability to govern, if John Kerry can not even tell the truth to his own spouse, why in the heck would I ever expect him to tell the truth to some midwestern computer geek that he's never met? If John Kerry feels he is above his marriage vows, what DOES he feel bound by? If he does not even feel compelled to honor his vows, are we dealing with a sociopath, someone who will do anything to achieve his own ends and not care who he steps on in the process?
We had an admitted aldulterer in the White House with President Bill Clinton. After admitting to causing 'pain in his marriage', candidate Clinton, James Carville, et al, came up with 'It's the economy, stupid' as a slogan to turn attention away from his lies and moral failings. Those who continued to fret about it were labeled prudes who were not living in the real world.

Yet,perhaps we should have listened to those 'prudes'. President Clinton had the same failings as candidate Clinton. It led to his impeachment. It also paralyzed and tainted his administration. Would we have been able to focus more attention on Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein in 1998 if we were not dealing with the impeachment of our president and his perjuries over an adulterous affair? Obviously that's an unanswerable question, but one worth asking.
Scandals do matter. Morals definitely matter. And sometimes it is the scandals that have nothing to do with governing that tell you the most about a person, and most about the President you'll be voting for.

Posted by Rob B. at February 13, 2004 4:44 PM