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Drudge picks up on Kerry/Intern affair

Matt Drudge is blowing up over this, it is plastered all over his front page and though it only has one link, it looks like he finally got the tipoff that this will be running in the newpapers (probably tomorrow) and the online editions should pick up on it later today.

Gee, they’re only a week behind WatchBlog.

UPDATE: Here's a Google feed on the topic: "kerry affair OR infidelity OR intern", for anyone who wants to watch as other organizations post across the wire.

UPDATE 2: Fark has a newsflash and comments on it. The title seems a bit melodramadic, but that's Fark.

UPDATE 3: Will this herald the rise of the antithesis of the neo-conservative... the neo-liberal? I predict a giant chasm emerging between Bush and Kerry (if he can even get the nomination!) and another close race in 2004. Already I'm starting to see some traces of the belligerance among Kerry supporters that has been so prominant amongst Bush supporters. This will be very interesting, stay tuned.

Posted by SoL at February 12, 2004 12:17 PM