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Green Party Candidate Introduction

Kent P. Mesplay, Ph.D.
Green Party Presidential Candidate, 2004

Mesplay Campaign Goals Long Term Goals Biography

Mesplay Campaign Goals:
Achieve the nomination of my party as the presidential candidate.
Obtain admission to the presidential debates in the Fall.
Press for: Instant Run-Off Voting (I.R.V.), Health Care Reform, Equitable payment for the Iraq War (by petroleum companies), Bring the troops home, Recognition of Global Climate Change as a serious problem, Promote National Energy Independence based upon Renewable Energy, Regional security (energy, food, water, transportation), and Indigenous Rights

Long Term Goals
Universal ballot access for the Green Party
Remove personhood rights (and excuses) from corporations
Blue collar time for white collar crime
Development of community-based communities (jobs, agriculture, housing, energy)
Promote simpler living and a slower pace of life as an overlooked option
Separation of powers: remove the stranglehold of banking and business upon gov't
Transform the military toward peace-keeping operations, to peacefully assist mass migrations of people driven by drought.
Teach that economic desperation fuels anti-US sentiment and terrorism


I uphold, in common with other Greens (registered or not) the following perspectives:

Recognition that intentional, conscious human behaviour with concern for long term consequences is essential to solving our problems of justice, employment, health and relationship to natural environments.

Awareness that, as consumers, we vote every day with our money. Personal choices matter, such as moving toward a meat-free diet and utilizing energy efficient transportation.

Optimism that there is yet room, even in this post-9/11 political climate of near-paranoia and excessive government intrusion, to organize and act politically for the advancement of humanity and the preservation of other earth inhabitants.

Insistence that the democratic process is not well served by institutionalized bribery and corruption. We need meaningful campaign finance reform and consistent access to debates.

Concern that security issues are not addressed by our na´ve president: we are not more secure against the threat of terrorism. Terrorism is more than a mili tary problem. Our centralized control of water, food and energy renders us susceptible to disasters: natural or man-made.

A belief that the corporate bottom line is not the bottom line: our planetary life support system is. Globalization that strips families and governments of autonomy, despoils natural resources and landscapes and exploits and indebts the disenfranchised, including indigenous people, is not a form of advancement.
We are running out of time to mitigate the effects of global climate change.

Born at Madang, Papua New Guinea, July 19, 1962. Parents Lutheran Missionaries.
Home schooled three years (Australian correspondence). Lived in Rain Forest.
Boarding school two years, then Colorado for Middle School and Ninth Grade.
San Diego for High School (father became Psychologist). Straight A's. Valedictorian.
Harvey Mudd College, Claremont, CA, B.S. Engineering
Northwestern University, Evanston and Chicago, IL, M.S., Ph.D. Biomedical Engrg.
Unemployed for an eternity. Volunteered at Veterans Affairs Medical Ctr, Long Beach.
Various papers and articles, specialty in artificial limbs (prostheses), cybernetics
Taught High School Math, Grossmont Union H.S. District, 2 years.
Air Quality Inspector II, San Diego Air Pollution Control District, 3 years.
Politically: appointed Treasurer of Green Party County Council, San Diego, 1996
Co-chair of Communication Committee (SDGPCC): press conference for Nader, '96.
Founding member of San Diego Citizen's Action, 1996
Member of various environmental organizations and causes.
Currently employed by County of San Diego (APCD); member SEIU Local 2028.

Kent P. Mesplay, Ph.D. Take, Copy, Distribute, Post
Green Party Presidential Candidate, 2004
Contributions to:
Mesplay for President
P.O. Box 1554
La Mesa, CA 91944-1554
Note: not tax-deductible; $2000 maximum; no contributions from federal contractors, labor unions, national banks.

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