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Dean Won't Admit Defeat

Howard Dean (D) now says he won’t give up if he is defeated in Wisconsin. Crickets could be heard chirping though, as what was once a gangbuster campaign that roiled Internet blogs, is now sliding further into the abyss of has-been status after losing all 12 primaries or caucuses to date. Humorists would point to a political (and metaphorical) kiss of death, or perhaps a passing of the torch, from Al Gore, which has transmogrified Dean into the candidate who just won’t quit, no matter how low his numbers get or the “Yeaaaargh” jokes circulate.

At this rate, Dean is well on his way to becoming the most talked about candidate (and most derided), even after the race is won by someone else. Someone tell this man it’s over.

Posted by SoL at February 10, 2004 1:00 PM