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State Of The Union: What I saw

I suppose I have been watching State Of The Union speeches with interest since about the mid seventies. In most cases they represented a bit a grand standing, politicking, and certain looseness with the facts. These things are to be expected especially in an election year. What I saw last night was a show wrapped around the strangest excuse for a State of the Union speech I had ever witnessed. Some of the highlights as I saw it were as follows:

  • A bunch of millionaires applauding a tax cut that has saved them a bundle.
  • A bunch of millionaires, whose health care is paid for by the tax payers, applauding, a prescription drug benefit that is designed to benefit their corporate sponsors and may provide some relief to senior citizens.
  • A bunch of millionaires applauding a war that neither they or their families were made to fight and whose corporate sponsors have profited handsomely.

In short, I saw a bunch of millionaires congratulating themselves on a job well done. The rest was a hollow speech intended primarily to scare the American people into giving Cheney and his team four more years to complete their plunder. Let’s hope that in this election year the American people can see through this smoke screen and send this administration packing.

Posted by William Flynn at January 21, 2004 9:41 PM