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Bush Recess Appoints Pickering

On the eve of Martin Luther Kingís birthday celebration, President Bush showed once again his distain for Black Americans by appointing to the Federal Bench a man known for his racial intolerance. President Bush using his power under the Constitution to install Judges and others while the Senate is in recess, named controversial Republican Judge Charles Pickering to the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, in New Orleans. Pickeringís confirmation has been blocked in the Senate for the last three years.

Democratic Senator Charles E. Schumer said of Pickering on Friday that he is:

"A man who defended cross burning does not deserve elevation to the bench."
He went on to state that
"[a]s the new year began, many of us had hoped the president would adopt a more bipartisan approach in his selection of judges. Instead, this recess appointment is a finger in the eye to all those seeking fairness and bipartisanship in the judicial nominations process."

Is this what Bush means by inclusiveness? Is this what he means by healing? Is this his faith in God at work? Bush has said repeatedly that he wants Black Americans to embrace the Republican Party, be how can we when the Party, led by Bush, shows a continual disregard for our interests and opinions? Most Black Americans donít buy the rhetoric, and are tired of the half-truths and platitudes. I for one share their ire.

Posted by V. Edward Martin at January 20, 2004 3:16 PM