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Libertarian News - & Personal Note

The Libertarian Party (LP) has a presidential party nomination candidate well known in some circles. Aaron Russo, a former Hollywood producer of films like The Rose and Trading Places has recently been a political shaker. He said he is running because he “can’t stand what is happening to America.” Implications I am sure were intended.

Bob DeBrosse is named Ohio’s first Libertarian mayor. Bob DeBrosse, has served more than 10 years on the Piqua city commission and was sworn in as mayor on January 5.

In a controversial move (to all but Libertarians) Alaskan Libertarians have qualified an initiative in Anchorage to set up a task force to study ways to exempt the city's men from registering for the draft. On January 5, organizer and Alaska LP State Chair Scott Kohlhaas submitted about 10,000 petition signatures to qualify the question for the April 6, 2004 citywide ballot.

On a personal note, Bush's Moon and Mars announcement appears to me absurd on its face if he thinks he can pull this off in incremental budgetary increases that the public won't notice. First of all, American citizens will pay for the venture but gain nothing direct in return for it. What they gain in return indirectly through spin off technologies they will pay for twice. First with taxes for the space R&D, and then again for the R&D by private firms to bring the technologies to market. If there are medical spin offs, count on 50 to 100 million Americans not even having access to such medical benefits due to lack of affordability. Count on another 75 to 80% of the people today not being able to afford other spin offs in their lifetimes.

It is my hope that the American people will insist on a 2/3 majority vote in Congress at the very least before such a fiscally reckless course is undertaken. If I had my way, their would have to be a referendum by direct vote of the American people with 2/3's of the people and 2/3's of the states' assent to pass such balooning expenditures for which today's people and tax payers will see no benefit.

Of course, federal taxes for anything other than national defense and government operating costs makes no sense to me in the first place. Space should be available to those willing and able to afford it. The rest of us will do much better here on earth without being forced by a minority to pay for something we don't want and will not benefit from.

Posted by at January 16, 2004 7:44 PM