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Pork by any other name

Several Democratic candidates have come out demanding federal money for the beef industry in the wake of the mad cow case. This is exactly the sort of attitude that prevents me from being a member of the Democractic party (not that the Republicans are any better). The instant anything major happens, the reaction is to throw money at it. Particularly if it will influence voters while not actually being a smart thing to do, or if it involves kickbacks to major contributors.

The beef industry is a huge, and hugely profitable, industry. I was under the impression that the US supports free enterprise, which include businesses and industries taking the hits when things don't go well. What corporations seem to want (and what politicians are far too eager to provide) is for the government to leave them the hell alone and stay out of their business when things are going well (which extends to not wanting to have to pay any taxes at all) and for the government to hold the bag when things go pear shaped.

The beef industry already receives far more federal largesse than they should, and now these guys want to give them more? More money to oversee safety regulations that the industry fought against tooth and nail? More money to help them in the PR efforts to spin their product as safe whether it's true or not? That doesn't encourage me to consider voting for any of the candidates who are promoting this ridiculous idea.

Posted by rev_matt_y at December 29, 2003 4:03 PM