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Nader declines to run on Green Party ticket

Ralph Nader announced today that he will not run for President on the Green Party ticket. He has not ruled out a run on another third party ticket, however. Interesting approach. I suspect his thought is that the Greens now have some degree of national attention and now he’d like to help another third party grow. This isn’t a bad strategy. Using his name recognition and leftist bonafides to promote as many third parties as possible is a great idea. The more people are aware of alternatives to the Republicrats and Demicans the more likely they are to join parties that really reflect their ideals.

The Green Party is, of course, disappointed. I however, as a registered Green, am not. I participated in Nader's recent survey and explained that while I voted for him in the past three Presidential elections and was glad to have done so, I was not sure I wanted to see him run in this one. I am of the opinion that anyone (Republican or Democrat or other) would be a better President than George W. Bush. Frankly, I'd rather see George H.W. Bush have another go at the Presidency. Now wouldn't THAT be a great primary? Bush -vs- Bush?

Posted by rev_matt_y at December 23, 2003 2:16 PM