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Condition Orange – Oh Boy!

As I was reading my newspaper this morning I saw that Tom Ridge had raised the terror alert to condition orange. This means we are at a high state of alert as opposed to condition red which is a severe state of alert. It seems as though the alert was brought on by an increased level of chatter among various terrorist cells that hasn’t been seen since the 9/11 attacks. According to my newspaper, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, al-Qaida is planning “multiple catastrophic terrorist attacks in the United States”. Since we can assume that al-Qaida is always planning catastrophic attacks our increased terror alert must be due to the increased chatter.

Has nothing changed since 9/11? Is the best we can do, after over two years, to increase the terror alert when we see increased chatter? We still have no specifics or details. You’d think our improved intelligence capabilities along with our extensive international coalition could do better than that. Hasn’t someone figured out how to interpret and translate the chatter yet? Just exactly what have we been giving up all our freedoms for anyway? It makes you wonder.

Another point to consider is that with the war in Iraq and the capture of Saddam, we were supposedly winning the war on terror; yet we have intelligence to indicate we have not been in this much danger since 9/11. I was curious as to how this could be but then I remembered that when Bush was questioned about the continuous attacks on US troops in Iraq he told us that it was evidence that the terrorists were getting desperate and that the attacks were proof positive of our incredible successes in Iraq. I guess this means that all this al-Qaida planning and chatter is proof positive that they too are getting desperate and we are winning the war on terror. Once we get to condition red I guess we can assume the war is won.

So what are Americans to do when we are at condition orange? I was watching Bush on TV and he basically said we should go about our normal routine. I think this roughly translates to “Shut up and keep spending” but then I just might be getting cynical as I get older. Are we having fun yet?

Posted by William Flynn at December 22, 2003 8:03 PM