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Nice Guys Finish Last.

In the great election of 2000, Al Gore ran against George Bush in a bitter and close race for the presidency. At the last moment I decided to root for Al because when you look at the history, Al deserved it more as most of his life had been spent in public service. Then big AL won, but they wouldn’t give it to him. Even the Republican Party is starting to concede to that fact with a bit of a sneer and a wink. We all felt sorry for Al.

Yesterday, Al Gore came out of the political closet and to much of everyone’s surprise, endorsed Dean Howard for President. This was odd for two reasons. First, everyone would have assumed he would have backed up his old running mate in 2000, Joe Lieberman. Second, everyone wandered what was going on in the background of the Democratic Party in terms of the Clintons, Joe Lieberman, Al Gore, and Dean Howard. It was a political pajama party and Joe got left in the cold.

Joe had put off joining the political race in the first place because of a promise he had made to Al back in 2000 that if Al wanted to run again, Joe would not run against him. Nice guy, but obviously the sentiment fell short on his old pal Al.

There are theories all around about what is going on behind the scenes, for the latest conspiracy just turn the dial to Fox News. Whatever the reason, the guy who I thought deserved it more back in 2000 just fell a few notches short in the stand up guy department. By all of the snubbing the event has received from both democrats and republicans alike, the outcome was probably less than what Dean had hoped for.

I am Jack’s sense of disillusionment to the fact that the political parties really are about revenge and 'getting even' as opposed to a unified idea of government.

Posted by Beau Wade at December 11, 2003 3:02 AM