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I have issues

Everyone has issues. For some people they are very broad, for others they are very narrow. There are people who will vote party line every time because their issue is allegiance to the party and they are happy to let the party do the thinking for them. There are “single issue” voters, who have a litmus test for candidates (be it gun control, the drug war, abortion, etc etc). When you go into that booth, what are your criteria? What matters to you? What issue or issues make or break your support for a candidate or ballot measure? OK, now that you’ve got that in your head, answer this question: Why? Why do you put such importance on that issue? Reconsider yourself. Assess your motivations, and determine if you really want to vote that way or not. For a lot of you, this exercise may simply reinforce your opinions. If that is the case, then great, you’ve validated the logic behind your choices, and that’s always good. If it doesn’t reinforce your opinions, however, You owe it to yourself to reconsider how you are voting.

Posted by rev_matt_y at December 9, 2003 10:28 AM