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If You Claim to support "all men are created equal", then Include ALL Americans!

I have a small problem with those claiming to put America and the Consitution first and then excluding a small, but growing number of Americans. Okay, it isn’t just a small problem, it is a BIG PROBLEM! Let me explain.

Since I have registered as an Independent, I have been browsing the web, checking out party platforms for some of the Independent political parties out there. I’ve been having a hard time finding one that I can put all of my confidence and support in because some approve of certain values that I hold dear (like the 2nd Amendment) while excluding others (rights for ALL citizens).

What annoys me the most is that many of these Independent parties, like America First Party, put on this big banner of protecting our rights to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" and claim that they support that "all men are created equal" and then they fail to give a growing population of american citizens the same rights afforded everyone under the constitution. They claim that certain institutions, like the military and marriage, are only for "honorable men and women." What they do not mention is that some people who are already in those institutions are less than hornorable, but I digress. These Independent parties are not uniting citizens under the Constitution, they are instead creating a huge abyss between what they consider "honorable citizens" and "dishonorable citizens."

Let's take a look at a hypothetical situation:

Joe Black works a 50+ hr work week as an executive manager of a well-respected business. He pays his taxes; gives back to the community; recycles to help the enviroment; tries to buy from only local merchants to help the local economy; and votes in every election. Mr. Black is on the school board, helps with local charities, attends church and other civic functions. He is by far a very well-respected and honorable man to everyone he meets.

Mr. Black sounds like a great guy, doesn't he? Someone the whole community admires and respects. Individually, he IS a great guy. But you see, Mr. Black is a homosexual. And because of his sexual preference, he is lumped into this all-consuming stereotype that fundamentalist rightwings have created. He is no longer the individual, Joe Black; no, now he is GAY! And since he is GAY, he cannot possibly be an "honorable" citizen anymore. It doesn't matter how much he gives and gives and gives to the community, how wonderful a man he is, how devoted to the community he is, no, none of that matters anymore.

This is what fundamentalist rightwing conservatives have done to this group of American citizens: vilified them by stripping away their individuality and lumping them into a group of THEIR making. By doing so, they have pushed their ultra-conservative values on the rest of America.

I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I have heard the following phrase: "When I first met so-and-so, I thought he/she was an awesome person, then I found out he/she was GAY." What another citizen does in the privacy of his or her bedroom should NOT detract from how that person interacts with or his or her value to the community.

The next time I hear one of these fundamentalist "traditional values" mongers say that he or she supports the Constitution's "equality for all men" stance, I will remind them that it doesn't say "all men are created equal, but only if they are just like me!"

Posted by at November 13, 2003 5:47 PM