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Libertarians Pick N.H. for 'Free State'

The Libertarian Party has it’s eyes on New Hampshire in a bid to take over politics on a local scale and change laws to “restore the American dream”. With a base of 20,000 who are willing to move to the state, whose motto is “Live Free or Die”, the group picked the state because it “boasts the lowest state and local tax burden in the continental U.S., the leanest state government in the country … a citizen legislature, a healthy job market, and perhaps most important, local support for our movement,”.

Republican Governor Craig Benson said last summer of the group “Come on up, we’d love to have you,”, however the most vocal opponent has been Democratic Party chairwoman Kathy Sullivan, who said that the project members “can best be described as anarchists.”

UPDATE: The Free State Project website, for those who want more info.

Posted by Stephen VanDyke at October 1, 2003 12:02 PM