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Why I call myself a moderate

My girlfriend says I’m a Democrat, my fraternity brothers say I’m a Republican and I keep saying I’m a moderate with no clear political ties. One one hand I hate what Bush has done to this country. On the other hand I agree with some of the GOP’s stances. After looking at the numbers in my post “The Polls are in: It’s split down the middle!” it’s clear that I’m not the only one riding the fence.

Both Democrats and Republicans might be interested in the anatomy of the moderate and pay close attention to the ever growing swing vote. Read on for the specific reason I call myself a moderate.

I'll try to sum up my personal feelings on the major issues in a nice easy-to-read list for everyone out there as well as putting which party my beliefs fall in line with.

  • Environment (D) - I believe that we should have strict regulations when it comes to the environment. I think the feds should heavily subsidize solar power arrays for people purchasing and building new homes and then tie those together into a redundant grid. If the government said tomorrow that by 2005 everyone HAD to drive an alternative powered vehicle I'd be the first to sign up. While my views are extremely left on this issue, I think many Americans would agree that allowing snowmobiles in national parks and drilling for oil in wildlife preserves just isn't good.
  • Abortion (R) - While I'm very much in the middle on this issue, I put myself in the Republican corner because I don't like the Democrat's view on abortion in that it should be a free-for-all and then, on top of it, the tax payer foots the bill. I think that women should have a right to abortion, but I think we should have set limits on how many women can have (ie. my slutty teenage nextdoor neighbor can't use it as birth control). I don't think any abortion should be paid for by the government, with one exception. If I could choose between a welfare mother having a kid or paying for the abortion, as a tax payer, I'd pay for the abortion. This is a simple case of ROI. By paying the $500 for the abortion I avoid the thousands in welfare benefits I'd have to pay if the child was born.
  • Welfare (R) - Get a job. If you can't get a job then we'll float you, but only for so long. Maybe you got hurt on the job or go laid off. If you got hurt or laid off this means you once had a job, which means you should be able to find another.
  • Military (R) - Again, I'm more in the middle on this one, but put myself as a Republican because I think we should have a huge military. This is probably because I'm a huge Discover/History channel buff and a small wussy military would leave me with nothing to watch (you think the Swiss have the Discover Wings channel?). Where I veer left on this issue is that I don't think we should use it, except for extreme cases, and I don't think we should use it with UN approval/backing.
  • Gun Control (D) - Give me ONE good reason you need an AK-47. Why do you need a hand gun and why the hell do you need to conceal and carry one? Insanity. I'd jump for joy if someone told me that guns, other than hunting rifles, were banned.
  • Education (D) - Vouchers are the dumbest thing I've ever heard of. Am I the only who thinks that maybe we should work on improving all of our schools so that all of our citizens hit the "real world" on equal ground? America spends more on education, per capita, than any other country in the world, yet we continue to lag behind. In my opinion we can't spend enough money on education.
  • Religion (D) - They make these funky buildings with these crazy trippy colored windows that have these strange stick formations on the roof. I think they call them churches, which is where you go to pray. If you want to do this in a public school it should be done on your own or with like minded students. I don't think schools should ban such things, but they sure as hell shouldn't promote such things.

As you can see I'm pretty split down the middle. Many might say that I lean towards the Democrats and I would agree. It's people like me who both the Republicans and Democrats will have to sway in order to win in 2004. Because of my staunch views of the war in Iraq I won't be voting Republican in 2004, but many others like me could be swayed either way.

Posted by joestump at September 18, 2003 6:17 PM