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Revisiting Public Opinion

A few months ago I wrote up an entry covering public opinion and Iraq called Public opinion, Iraq and 2004. In the entry I went over some of the most recent public opinoin polls. I mentioned how the public’s perception of fighing in Iraq had been quickly shifting. In fact, the drop was from 86% thinking it was going well in May to a mere 56% one month later.

How have the numbers changed since then?

I ran across a more recent poll that asked whether Americans believed this administration has a clear plan for handling the situation in Iraq, which found 59% do not think the administration has a clear plan. The public opinion numbers, if representative of the entire population, are staggering. The public is even more united on its dismay over the Iraq war's $87 billion price tag.

The public opinion is clear, but the problem is finding someone who can capitalize on those numbers in 2004. With the possible entry of Wesley Clark this week we may start to see a more clear candidacy race for the Democrats. Frankly, for now I'm happy to see that more and more Americans are seeing the light.

Posted by joestump at September 14, 2003 2:20 PM