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Lost American Credibility

How can any learned and logical person believe the United States when its Defense Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, and one of America’s top Generals, Ricardo Sanchez, make statements like these spoken to the press and troops in Iraq this week? (Rumsfeld Lashes Out at Iraqi Critics)

Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said:

“Instead of pointing fingers at the security forces of the coalition, … it’s important for the Iraqi people to step up and provide information,” Rumsfeld said at a news conference.

Many Iraqis, as well as some members of Congress, have said they are frustrated that security remains a problem in Iraq  (news - web sites) four months after President Bush (news - web sites) declared that major combat had ended. Rumsfeld acknowledged Iraq is not as safe as it should be but said the fault does not lie with American forces.

When a military power conquers and occupies another nation, everything that happens after that is the responsibility of the occupying nation. The occupying nation has control. Whether the occupying nation puts forth the resources necessary to instill order and security is entirely up to the invading nation. In this case, it is obvious the United States is not willing, or unable, to put forth the resources necessary to create the peace and security critics are calling for.

Note the following from General Sanchez:

"There is no risk at the tactical, operational or strategic level," Sanchez said at the same news conference. "The only way we will fail in this country is if we decide to walk away in Iraq and fight the next battle on the war on terrorism in America.

"A platoon out of any one of my battalions could defeat the threat, readily. I don't need any more forces. We need the Iraqi people to help us and give us the intelligence we need."

These statements are totally illogical and fail any kind of credibility test. If there is no risk at the tactical, operational or strategic level, why are American soldiers dying almost daily in Iraq?

Gen. Sanchez, in the same paragraph implies we are fighting some kind of war on terrorism in Iraq. This is simply not true. There was no terrorist threat emmanating from Iraq before the American invasion. Since the invasion, there has been resistance by the members of the invaded country. That kind of resistance was not called terrorist in occupied France in WWII, nor in Germany upon entry by Russian and American troops. This is called combat resulting from foreign invasion into a sovereign nation. NOT Terrorism.

Laughable is Gen. Sanchez's statement that a platoon could take care of the threat. OK, THEN DO IT! Why are we holding our platoon back from the mission at hand, General? For the General and Secretary to state that lack of security and peace in Iraq is somehow someone else's fault or responsibility, namely the Iraqi citizenry, is absurd. The Iraqi citizenry did not ask for this invasion, they did not ask for the bombs dropped upon their heads, they did not ask for occupation by an inept group of leaders who insist that their inability to secure the nation has nothing to do with the number of troops they have installed.

We do need more troops to secure the nation of Iraq. That is precisely why the U.S. is working feverishly in the United Nations to obtain voluntary forces from other nations to come into Iraq. The General's statement is a patent lie and is obvious on the face of it to any but, the blindly patriotic.

If the General is right, and we as a nation depend upon volunteers to flow forward to give us the intelligence we need to do our jobs, it is no wonder the attack on the towers in New York, and on the Pentagon caught the military and our government by surprise.

I am personally appalled that my tax dollars are being spent on the salaries of such inept and incompetent leaders such as General Sanchez and Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. It has always been Rumsfeld's postition that the U.S. did not need, nor want, U.N. involvement in Iraq. This man should be fired, immediately. But, he won't be; it is an election year coming and better to lose world credibility abroad than to lose a presidential election here at home.

Posted by David R. Remer at September 7, 2003 08:45 AM
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Here, here! Glad to see I am not the only one who would like to see that arrogant incompetent SOB Rumsfeld put out to feed in a very large field of weeds and crabgrass. I heard an estimate today, from a very creditable source that upwards to 500,000 men will be needed to properly secure Iraq and provide adequate security.

What were we doing electing (oh Iím sorry we didnít elect him) a ďCĒ average, mediocre man and his gang of neo-conservatives to lead our nation?

Posted by: V. Edward Martin at September 7, 2003 08:39 PM