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Iraq War Over?

Today, the number of post-Iraq deaths surpassed the amount of fatalities. Even as George Bush, on May 1, assured the country and soon-to-be widows that major combat operations had ended, fatalities have become nearly a daily occurrence. In recent weeks, the drumbeat of destruction has been loudest, and crescendoed recently with the bombing of the UN building in Baghdad.

White House officials claim that these acts are to be blamed on Saddam loyalists. Independent journalists from the New Yorker (August 4th), on the other hand, have uncovered a more complex motive for the attacks. Through interviews with Iraqis, they have discovered that the majority of Iraqis see themselves at war with both the old regime (Saddam loyalists) and the occupying forces (Coalition of the Willing). Ironically, as remnants of the old guard are flushed out, the focus of attacks has increasingly turned on American and British troops (and other outsiders).

Posted by Stephen VanDyke at August 26, 2003 11:15 AM