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Ashcroft's Albatross

A spectre is haunting Attorney General John Ashcroft. Indeed, it’s been haunting all of America since October 26th 2001, when it was passed with a hush and a murmer by the fear-stricken Democrats and Republicans in both Houses, and signed into law by the president. It’s the far-reaching Patriot Act. Since then, many have taken the time to read the fine print (and between the lines) of a set of laws that effectively stripped away the 4th (search and seizure), 5th (self incrimination), 6th (due process, speedy trial, confront accusors) and 7th (trial by jury) Amendments. And their anger has begun to weigh heavily on Ashcroft’s neck and shoulders. He is currently going on a public tour in support of the Act. An editorial, Conservative Backlash, has noted that it’s denunciation is no longer a liberal cause, but that conservatives are also joining ranks in their common disgust.

Posted by Stephen VanDyke at August 25, 2003 2:03 PM