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And the Candidates Are...

Three-hundred, fifty? Two sixty-seven? One three five?

It’s a number that has been difficult to pin down, and will probably continue to move slightly throughout the news media until an authoritative reporter can compile a complete list from the election bureaucracy in California. That will probably take a week or so given the national attention to this recall/election. I was able to get a list for WatchBlog with 135 names on it and broke it down into party affilliations and listed everything alphabetical. There isn’t much more to say about any of these candidates that hasn’t been said so far, so this will just be an informational breakdown of the certified candidates (the number is expected to rise slightly, of course). Of note is that the third largest party is actually no party; they have registered as independents (little “i”). Angelyne (of L.A. billboard fame), Gary Coleman (“What-chu talkin’ ‘bout Willis?”), Leo Gallagher (if you are in the first row of his campaign rally, bring a plastic rain-coat) and Arianna Huffington (co-host with Bill Maher) are all running as independents.

The complete list (with contact information and ubiquitous websites) can be downloaded in PDF format from the California Secretary of State website.

American Independent Party - 1 candidate
TEMPLIN, Diane Beall; San Diego

Democratic Party - 50 candidates
BAJWA, Vikramjit S.; Sonoma
BOCK, Audie E.; Alameda
BROWN, Art; Los Angeles
BUSTAMANTE, Cruz M.; Sacramento
CULLENBINE, Robert; Santa Clara
EDWARDS, Bob Lynn; Alameda
FARRELL, Warren; San Diego
FEINSTEIN, Dan; San Francisco
FLYNT, Larry; Los Angeles
FONTANES, Lorraine; Los Angeles
FOSS, Diana; Santa Clara
GORMAN, Gerold Lee; Contra Costa
GREEN, James Henry; San Francisco
GRUENER, Garrett; Alameda
GUZZARDI, Joe; San Joaquin
HERNANDEZ, Ralph A.; Contra Costa
KENNEDY, Edward Thomas; Trinity
KESSINGER, David E.; Riverside
KIMBALL, Kelly P.; Los Angeles
KOREVAAR, Eric; San Diego
LANE, Dick; Santa Clara
LEONARD, Gary; Los Angeles
LOUIE, Calvin Y.; San Francisco
MACALUSO, Frank A. Jr.; Tulare
MAILANDER, Paul (Chip); San Diego
MANNHEIM, Robert C.; Los Angeles
MARGOLIN, Bruce Martin; Los Angeles
MARIANO, Paul; Contra Costa
MEDNICK, Scott A.; Los Angeles
MILLER, Jonathan D.; San Mateo
MORTENSEN, John (Jack); Sacramento
NAVE, Paul James; Marin
PALMIERI, Ronald Jason; Los Angeles
PINEDA, Charles (Chuck) Jr.; Sacramento
PRADY, Bill; Los Angeles
RAMIREZ, Daniel C.; Imperial
RANKEN, Christopher; San Mateo
ROBINSON, David Laughing Horse; Kern
RUSSELL, Georgina; Santa Clara
SCHEIDLE, Darrin H.; San Diego
SCHMIER, Mike; Alameda
SPROUL, Christopher; San Francisco
STRAUSS, Lawrence Steven; Los Angeles
SYLVESTER, Tim; Santa Cruz
TAYLOR, A. Lavar; Orange
VALDEZ, Marc; Sacramento
VAUGHN, William B.; Contra Costa
WEIR, Jim; Nevada
WINTERS, Lingel H.; Alameda
WOZNIAK, Michael J.; Alameda

Green Party - 4 candidates
CAMEJO, Peter Miguel; Sacramento
HALL, Ivan Alexander III; Shasta
WALKER, Maurice J.; Alameda
WATTS, Daniel T.; Santa Clara

Libertarian Party - 3 candidates
HAMIDI, Ken; Sacramento
HICKEY, John J. (Jack); San Mateo
ROSCOE, Ned Fenton; Napa

independent (no party affiliation) - 32 candidates
ADAMS, Brooke; Orange
ANGELYNE; Los Angeles
ARIF, Mohammad; Los Angeles
BADIOZAMANI, Badi; San Diego
BRITTON, Joel; Los Angeles
BURTON, John Christopher; Los Angeles
CHELI, Michael; Sonoma
COLEMAN, Gary; Alameda
COOK, Mary; Los Angeles
DAVIS, Scott W.; Santa Clara
FRIEDMAN, Ronald J.; Los Angeles
GALLAGHER, Leo; Los Angeles
GRISHAM, Jack Loyd; Orange
HANLON, Sara Ann; Los Angeles
HENDERSON, C. Stephen; Monterey
HUFFINGTON, Arianna; Los Angeles
KELLY, Trek Thunder; Los Angeles
KUNZMAN, Jerome; Contra Costa
LEWIS, Todd Richard; Los Angeles
MCCARTHY, Mike P.; San Luis Obispo
MCCLAIN, Bob; Alameda
MOBLEY, Darryl L.; Contra Costa
PADILLA, Leonard; Sacramento
RAINFORTH, Jeff; Sacramento
RIGHTMYER, Kurt E.; Los Angeles
RUSHFORD, Sharon; Santa Clara
SCHWARTZMAN, George B.; San Diego
SIMMONS, Richard J.; Los Angeles
SMITH, B. E.; Trinity
TILLEY, Patricia G.; Sacramento
TRACY, Brian; San Diego
WALTON, Nathan Whitecloud; San Diego

Natural Law Party - 2 candidates
ADAM, Iris; Orange
PRICE, Darin; Humboldt

Peace and Freedom Party - 1 candidate
WEBER, C.T.; Sacramento

Republican Party - 42 candidates
ALEX-ST. JAMES; Los Angeles
ANDERSON, Douglas; Ventura
BEARD, John W.; Los Angeles
BEYER, Ed; Orange
BHOLA, Vip; Los Angeles
BLY-CHESTER, Cheryl; Placer
CARSON, Todd; Orange
CHAMBERS, William S.; Placer
CLEMENTS, D.; Los Angeles
DOLE, Robert A.; Santa Clara
FORTE, Gene; Monterey
GOSSE, Richard Andrew; Marin
HOFFMANN, Jim; San Joaquin
ISSA, S.; Los Angeles
JACKSON, Michael; Los Angeles
KNAPP, Stephen L.; Santa Clara
MARTORANA, Gino; Fresno
MCCLINTOCK, Tom; Ventura
MCMAHON, Dennis Duggan; San Francisco
MCNEILLY, Mike; Los Angeles
MEHR, Carl A.; San Diego
MOCK, Jeffrey L.; Los Angeles
MUSILLI, Dorene; Sonoma
NEWMAN, Robert C. II; Riverside
PAWLIK, Gregory J.; Los Angeles
PETERS, Heather; Los Angeles
QUINN, Bryan; Santa Clara
RENZ, Reva Renee; Orange
RICHARDS, Daniel W.; San Bernardino
RICHTER, Kevin; San Joaquin
SAFFORD, Jamie Rosemary; Placer
SAMS, David Ronald; Ventura
SCHWARZENEGGER, Arnold; Los Angeles
SIMON, Bill; Los Angeles
SPRAGUE, Randall D.; Sacramento
TSANGARES, William James; Los Angeles
UEBERROTH, Peter V.; Orange
VANDEVENTER, James M. Jr.; Los Angeles
VANN, Paul W.; Orange
VO, Van; Orange
WALKER, Chuck; Santa Cruz
ZELLHOEFER, John W. Santa Clara

Posted by Stephen VanDyke at August 14, 2003 2:05 PM