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White House to Appoint Controversial Scholar Amid Criticism

The man is Daniel Pipes, a scholar who warned in advance of 9/11 about the threats of extremist Muslim groups and festering hatred in the Middle East. Pipes is being appointed to the board of the U.S. Institute of Peace directly by the Bush Administration. Several vocal Democrats and Muslim groups have denounced the appointment, claiming that Bush is stacking the committee with partisan politics that would cripple peace initiatives.

Pipes has backed ideas such as racial and religious profiling and surveillance of mosques. He has been derided by Democrat Sen. John Kerry, who said Pipes’ “record and experience do not reflect a commitment to bridging differences and preventing conflict” and urged Bush to “find someone better.” The Council on American-Islamic Relations chastised Bush and called the appointment “a defeat for democracy and an affront to Muslims, Arab Americans and all those who seek peace.”

While the critics are against the appointment in general, the disturbing aspect is Bush slighting Senate approval by making the appointment during a Senate recess (the Reuters article mentioned that Bush has done this with most of his controversial nominations). Bush is also on vacation during the month of August.

Posted by Stephen VanDyke at August 13, 2003 3:22 PM