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Whatchu Talkin 'bout Arnold?

It used to be that the State of California was a leader in political sway in United States Federal elections, and even influenced the tone of the political parties in the other states. Now, the State of the bear has become a political joke. But it is still, like in the past, setting the tone for other states to follow, and allowing them to fall in line to become a joke as well.

Governor Grey Davis is without question an unpopular governor. It can be argued as to how much at fault he is to the current state of California woes. But, nonetheless, he is the guy at the helm so he takes the blame.

So, where does California turn for experienced leadership? Where do they go to get someone who will make things work more for the people? Thatís right - they turn to Hollywood to solve their problems.

Arnold Schwarzeneggerís press team threw out misinformation all week long, saying heís probably not going to run for Governor just to turn heads today on Jay Leno and announce he will run. The goal was to make everyone get past the punch line of the joke and go straight into acceptance of his ability to run. Then, after the joke is forgotten, the people collectively just stare in amazement instead of the indignant laugh that had been practiced for weeks. It was a brilliant move for Mr. Shriver, er..Schwarzenegger. Still, what qualifications does the actor/weightlifter have for running a state?

Not to be outdone, long time political beacon Gary Coleman finally answered the call of the people to step up and take charge of the great state. Following in the example of President George W. Bush, Coleman told CNN today; "I'm probably the least qualified for the job, but I'll have some great people around me."

Other celebrities throwing their name in the ring are Arianna Huffington, Larry Flint, and Leo Gallagher. They, and 352 other highly qualified non-celebrity applicants, have been certified to run in the California election (as of todayís date). Whose fault is this you ask? Ronald Reagan set the standard in actors running for political office. He led the state of California, then went on to become the 40th President of the United States, leaving many actors and body builders with hopes and dreams of doing the same.

California is up for grabs and Hollywood is making it's move. I just think it's odd that many of the canidates don't seem to have any answers to California's problems, they are just jockying into position for the power.

" In America, anybody can be president. That's one of the risks you take. "
- Adlai Stevenson

Posted by Beau Wade at August 7, 2003 12:28 AM