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Two Parties and Health Care

After listening to the candidates (at least those that have prayer of nomination) I have to admit some real frustration with what I’m hearing on the subject of health care. In the recent issue of Action for Universal Health Care, the Chairman of Ford Motor Company states “The U.S. health care system is the only employer based health care system in a major industrialized nation.” He goes on to state “there needs to be a national solution to the problem of rising health care cost and without such a solution, Ford will be unable to compete in the global market” (Norris, Detroit Free Press, 5/31).

It seems that the candidates on the Democratic side only want to tinker with the existing system. The same can be said of the known quantity on the Republican side. I will submit that we have to stop tinkering and look to a total remodeling job of the system. The question is, is their enough will in the electorate to drive any candidate in that direction? It requires resisting a lot of money from companies that have a lot to loose. Even more important, it requires the electorate to become involved. It has happened to some degree at the state level in places like Maine. Personally I hold little hope of a viable candidate getting the job done. What say you? Should we concentrate on the state or the federal level in this area as concerns candidates? Which has the better chance?

Posted by rfrandsen at August 1, 2003 10:41 AM