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Bush takes Blame for Uranium Lie

It’s official, George W. Bush finally stopped acting like his Enron and Worldcom buddies in hiding behind his middle managers (CIA, Powell, Rice) and said of the growing scandal surrounding NigerGate/YellowCakeGate/WhateverGate that “I take personal responsibility for everything I say, absolutely.” This is the president’s last press conference before he goes on a month-long vacation in Crawford, TX. My prediction is that the echo chambers of the Right will proclaim “so what” or “Saddam is no longer in power, gurgle smooch”. While the echo chambers of the Left will scream “see? impeach him”. This is one instance when I have to agree whole-heartedly with the Left. Bush lied to us, just as William Jefferson Clinton did, and they both got caught. I’ll be happy when we can remove this new stain on democracy from the White House.

Stories are currently circulating from all major media outlets on this:

MSNBC: Bush takes blame for nuclear claim
WashingtonPost: Bush Takes Reponsibility for Iraq Claims
Reuters: Bush Accepts Blame for African Uranium Charge
CNN: Bush: ‘On the hunt’ for Saddam (article on whole press conference)
FoxNews: Bush: We’re Hunting Down Saddam Hussein (quote ommitted, overview blurb in place, how’s that for fair and balanced)
Google News: Complete list of relevant articles

Posted by Stephen VanDyke at July 30, 2003 1:25 PM