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Grumbles from the Enlisted Military

It seems that the current crop of legislators and White House administration missed the rah rah party boat on supporting the troops. In fact, while troops are busy dying in Iraq, the nefarious group is ensuring that those who don’t come home in bodybags will come home to a veteran’s benefits program that is amputated at the knees or higher. Older veterans are voicing their outrage at cut-backs and at an administration they say are liars and “are gutless party lapdogs who listen to what puts money in their own pockets or what will get them re-elected”. Response was weak as one spokesperson said “The cost is exorbitant. And we are dealing with a limited budget”. The good news is that one retired officer interviewed will vote for Bush anyways. Then again no one claimed officers had the rough end of military service.

Spouses of deployed military men are also in an uproar and are being told to shut their pieholes because hey, “loose lip sink ships”. Many are angered that the promise of a quick war and a short deployment is coming unraveled at the seams and a longer occupation of Iraq is inevitable. One wife of a Maj. Gen. was praised for keeping the clucking coop in line with military patriotism. Well hey, it’s not like her husband is going to be running around with a M-16 anytime soon, so what does she have to worry about?

Well, those enlisted men can rest assured that when they finally do come home, they can drink themselves silly, because, they are going to need it after seeing all the veteran's cuts that are making their way to legislature. I'm sure a lot of them are going to be seething about this one for a while... and everyone thinks Vietnam Veterans are an angry group? Wait 'til 150,000 angry Marines come back here and find out that Republicans looted their benefits. After they serve their term, they'll be essentially booted to the curb with a firm salute and little else besides a pittance to their brave service.

But who needs to entice a volunteer military when we can just draft the ignorant saps? That's exactly the plan Ragle and Hollings have in their "Universal National Service Act of 2003". So get in line at the post office and have your selective service card ready boys (and girls) between age 18 and 26, because soon you could be forced to sign on the dotted line to go kill people thousands of miles away with billions of dollars worth of bombs, nifty GPS guided missiles and whatever else the DoD can spend money on. But you might want to pilfer some of that expensive equipment on your way out the door because there won't be a whole lot in the way of benefits if you get shot up in the process.

Posted by Stephen VanDyke at July 29, 2003 12:25 PM