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Reader Mail: California After The Recall

Jason Lauborough sent me an email about the recall in progress with some very insightful thoughts on what the outcome could be. He speculates that Democrats are withdrawing support en mass and will end up hurting themselves if they don’t come forward with an alternate candidate. Several Republicans have already placed their names in the hat, and from out in left field, Peter Camejo of the Green Party has announced his candidacy again (he previously ran against Gray Davis).

While I’m not going to lend my personal support due to his obvious socialist agenda, Jason points out that so far he is the only candidate in the leftist spectrum. This is based on speculation that Arnold Schwarzenegger will not run at all and that out of dislike for Republicans more than on issues, people would vote for a Green candidate. I have included Jason’s email below with links to the candidates’ sites.

Wanted to pass a quick note your way, just to offer a suggestion for a post in the 3rd Party blog at WatchBlog. You've surely been following the California recall issue, and wanted to point a few things out that might be interesting to pass on in a post regarding 3rd party chances in the recall election.

1) There will be at least 3 republican candidates.
Darrel[l] Issa (the guy who started it all), Bill Simon
(the guy Davis beat last year) and either Richard
(LA's mayor, IIRC, a moderate) or Arnold (The
Terminator). [ed. note - no campaign site found for Arnold]
Note that these presumptions are based on
Arnold NOT running. His wife is highly against it, and
he's made a big show of being a good family guy. If
Arnold DOES run, he sweeps the republican vote, a good
deal of the left vote, and becomes governor.

2) As of right now, no democratic officeholders, from
the Lt. Governor on up to Senator Feinstein, are going
to be running for the office, in a show of solidarity
with the governor. Presumably, any other democrat that
runs will get NO support from the party.
[ed. note - a supporting link would be helpful]

3) Peter Camejo, of the Green Party, who won 5% of the
vote last year (a significant number for a 3rd party)
has announced that he plans to run.
Without a democratic candidate, all the demos and
independents that revile the republicans (rightly or
not) will have to pick another leftish candidate to
vote for. Camejo stands to grab a good deal of that

With three non-Terminator republican candidates, all
of them popular amongst republicans in various
locations, they will probably have the "right" vote
split up amongst themselves.
So, if we don't have Arnold running, California has a
chance, however slim, of electing a third party

Thanks for the great commentary on WatchBlog.

-Jason Lauborough
jlauboro at yahoo dot com

Posted by Stephen VanDyke at July 25, 2003 2:05 PM