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Testing, is this conspiracy on?

Just when you think the Democrats have the upper hand in the “look who’s got morals now?” game, Assembly Democrats held a closed door meeting today to discuss their intention of prolonging California’s budget crisis for political gain. Also discussed were plans of slowing progress on the budget as a means of increasing pressure on Republicans.

I know this, because Tyler knows this; and so does anyone else who happened to be listening to any of the 500 squawk boxes left on at the Capitol, where the conspiracy meeting was clearly broadcast.

A microphone had accidentally been left on that aired the meeting to staffers, lobbyists, and reporters throughout the building.

The energy crisis in California is a big issue right now in itself, as it has California Governor Gray Davis (D) on the run from a voter recall. You would expect the Republican Party to be planning to use this as a mechanism for political gain, but not the same party of the unpopular Governor.

What's in a loophole? A Lt. Governor who's sweating out a big decision to make in the next few weeks. According to the California State Constitution, Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante (D) may get the final decision on who replaces the ousted Governor, leaving a lot of Republicans crying foul. According to the recently discovered loophole, Lt. Gov. Bustamante can appoint himself the successor thereby thwarting republican plans for a new election. Many of the recall organizers say this action would disregard the clear intentions of the people.

That may be true, but it wouldn't be a first for either party. Republican's would have to argue, with a tongue in cheek pose, as their party recently led our country into war that was not greatly supported by the people for immediate action.

Posted by Beau Wade at July 23, 2003 12:24 AM