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American Moral Leadership Takes Another Hit as Liberia Sinks Deeper into War

While hundreds, perhaps, thousands continue to die, in Liberia and humanitarian crisis looms like a dark cloud over a weary, war-torn country and her beleaguered people, the Bush Administration continues to sit on its hand and do next to nothing. Citing the need to “protect our people,” however Bush did sent in 41 Marines to shore up the American Embassy in the besieged capital city Monrovia. “Protect our people;” as if Americans were the only people worth protecting!

Despite repeated pleas from the United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan and several West African nations for the U.S. to do something, Bush seems determined to do nothing at all despite his pledge in a recent visit to Africa, work more closely with the nations of the continent. Are we losing our moral authority here? And are we (the U.S.), once again under a Republican Administration sending a message that when whites are in peril we will act, but when blacks are at risk, no matter the circumstance we will not get involved despite the overwhelming sentiment around the world that we should? West African nations are pleading for U.S. leadership and yet we balk, why?

Posted by V. Edward Martin at July 22, 2003 9:24 AM