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An Age Of Lies

by Michael Rivero - 7/14/03

The latest joke making the rounds on the internet is that truth has become so valuable that the government has embarked on a conservation program.

Lying is something we normally take very seriously. Certainly we ourselves are exhorted by schools and clergy to always be truthful. We demand truthfulness of those around us and those we employ, and while we may wink tolerantly at the “white” lie, most of us realize that society as a whole cannot function smoothly without a certain assurance of honesty. We therefore punish children who lie. We fire employees who lie. We choose to not associate with, listen to, or trust people who lie. We are most demanding for the truth in the matter of commerce. We demand that products and services we spend our hard-earned money on function exactly as promised by the salesperson. We generally tolerate nothing less.

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Posted by Stephen VanDyke at July 16, 2003 11:38 AM