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Manipulating the Facts

No not those facts, but the administration’s ability to manipulate economic facts and data.

There are stories of agencies not publishing standard reports on layoffs, wages, etc. until being threatened with lawsuits, unfavorable studies disappearing from websites, and punishing economic officials who fall out of line.

[…] the administration has punished economic officials who didn’t follow the company line. Treasury Secretary O’Neill left the administration after, among other fits of candor, he expressed skepticism about economic figures the White House had released and suggested that the tax cut could be better used to buttress Social Security.
[…] a study predicting mediocre job growth from Bush’s proposed $674 billion economic stimulus plan disappeared from the Council of Economic Advisers’ Web site. The study forecast an average increase of only 170,000 jobs—0.1 percent of the workforce—every year through 2007. The study was pulled just after a major Jan. 7 Bush budget speech to the Economic Club of Chicago.

Certainly disturbing to think that this entire administration has been manipulating entire agencies to produce figures, reports and statistics that are in line with the administrations ideals.

Posted by joestump at July 16, 2003 10:59 AM