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Take over television and radio station

Michael Savage was fired from MSNBC for saying what he has said dozens of times before. He told a gay person that he hoped they got AIDS and died. Now, this is not a shocking statement coming from someone like him. It’s every day conversation. Savage has made a career of being more extreme than Rush Limbaugh, G. Gordon Liddy, David Duke, Richard Mellon Scaife, or any other right wing extremist you can think of. MSNBC hired him with the express intent of out-Foxing Fox, e.g. being more far right and outrageous than Fox. And when they get what they want they fire the guy?

I think a whole lot more heads should roll for this one. Either the strategy as a whole is flawed (which it is, the majority of the country is to the left of Fox, and to the right of FAIR. They're called moderates, and they really do outnumber the left AND the right. And that's how it should be) or they didn't do the most basic background check on who they were hiring (like maybe listening to his radio show or reading his book). C'mon, the only person further to the right in the media today is possibly Ann "If you aren't a conservative Republican then you aren't an American and shouldn't have any rights at all" Coulter.

Fire the whole executive team. Bring in a mix of people from all across the country, show different perspective, maybe even have some balance. Unfortunately the current idea of "balance" in the media is to have a mix of conservative and ultra conservative with the occasional moderate thrown in for flavor (and called a liberal when they really aren't). It is a prime example of how far right this country has gone when Dennis Kucinich is portrayed as a radical leftist. Objectively speaking, he's a solid liberal, not a radical liberal. The fact that he's able to even get his name mentioned in the press is astounding to me.

Posted by rev_matt_y at July 9, 2003 7:20 AM