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The Gulf Of Cynical

In the last year I have come this >< close to consider not voting. Close but not close enough. I’m still an idealist. Fortunately theres’ still an undercurrent of it in Generation Y.

It warms my heart to see that at least some young people are still politically motivated. They are still interested in change and grass roots politics and not out for just a navel piercing and beer bongs. There are still idealists being born. They’re still in the political trenches as much now as we were 31 years ago. My first presidential vote was for McGovern. The choices are not much different today. The names have changed, yet many of the issues are the same. Peace. Justice. Equality.

Yet, today many politicians are out of touch with young voters and aren’t sure how, when or where to connect. The stats are telling, but only reflect voting pattens in general.

It looks like the Constitution Party isn’t going to get much of the youth vote with it’s stand on oral sex.

Posted by grover at July 2, 2003 11:51 PM