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Democracy Is Dying

It’s a dark day when the self serving, status quo defending, two party establishment not only makes the rules but uses them to strangle Democracy.

It must have been the product placement and not the fascist tactics that made perrenial candidate America First Party and talking head, Pat, don’t call me neoconservative, Buchanan, John Hagelin, the Natural Law Party candidate in 2000, Winona LaDuke and corporate goad Ralph Nader of the Green Party and Constitution Party 2000 candidate, Howard Phillips have filed a “complaint with the Federal Election Commission to block the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) from sponsoring, with corporate backing, the presidential debates in 2004.”

Continuing from US Newswire, “The complaint also asks the FEC to require the CPD to return millions of dollars in corporate contributions made to the two major parties in the 2000 elections, arguing that the CPD is subject to the same ban on campaign contributions as other corporations.”

The Devil made the CPD do it

Posted by grover at June 29, 2003 12:50 PM