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Single Payer is Not a Dirty Word

How could any bureaucracy mismanage our health care system more than the one already in charge? How could the system be any worse off than it already is? Insurance and HMO profits are down and while costs rise and services are cut. Why do we continue down this same old rutted road?

The US spends more on health care and gets less than any other nation. Why is the health care bureaucracy in such shambles? Does it have anythng to do with putting profits over people’s health?

Insurance companies, Big Pharma, associated financial institutions, health care professionals, and lawyers continue to profit while public health is jeopardized. They’ve been running the system for years. There’s no one else to blame. Except for the politicians that are in their hip pocket. The size and inefficiency of this corporate bureaucracy dwarfs any government effort. Please explain to this aging boomer how Single Payer or socialized medicine could be worse?

The current health care and Medicare reform bill on itís way through the sausage grinder is but one example of politicians unwilling to piss off their campaign contributors and do the right thing. It's a sham and all the nibbling around the edges won't cure the problem. Ted Kennedy, shame on you!

This effort won't help seniors until 2006, well after the elections are past. A lot can happen in those intervening years (think another Bush bait and switch).

Bush's rhetoric is transparent. He's in favor of the status quo. He's for privatization, corporate profits, less service and higher costs to the end user. The Dems are hardly any better with many of them beholden to corporate contributions and influence from lobbyists.

Even Dems who criticize Bush's "efforts" cannot bring themselves to fully and realistically commit to, call it what you will, Single Payer, National Health Care or even (gasp) Socialized Medicine. Donít believe the campaign promises and rhetoric. If they arenít already bought and paid for by the corporate health care lobbyists, they will be by the time they get the nomination.

Posted by grover at June 28, 2003 9:02 AM