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Greens, Natural Law to Endorse Kucinich?

At a local political meeting yesterday, a couple of folks who appear to be in the know in California said they had been led to understand that both the Green Party (actually, Ralph Nader) and the Natural Law Party intend to endorse Rep. Kucinich. In fact, they intend to ask their members to re-register as Democrats to vote in the California partisan primary to give Kucinich a decent shot at the nomination.

I’m not sure I agree these events will take place or even that they should,

There is a distinct possibility that Kuchinich's name could appear at the top of the ballots for Democrats, Greens, and Natural Law voters. There is, after all, no rule against multiple parties nominating the same person for President.

Nader, whether because he's chastened by the last election and the blame and scorn unjustifiably heaped on his head for causing a Democratic defeat that did not, in actuality, happen, or because he just thinks it's sound policy, apparently does intend to endorse Kucinich. The questions are when and how.

Frankly, I have no idea how much clout or control Nader has in the Green Party any longer. And Greens tend to be fairly ornery cusses. I know, because I am one. Should Nader give Kucinich an unqualified endorsement and encourage all Greens to work and vote for the Ohio Congressman, I'd be sorely tempted to re-join the Democratic party, however brifely, to help Kucinich get the nod. I'm sorely tempted anyway.

But I have an idea that Greens are not going to knee-jerk agree with Nader if he calls for them to do something untoward like re-join the Democrats. But I do know this: if the Greens and the Natural Law folks join forces to help get Kucinich the nomination, the American people will face a clear choice. If, in the face of that, they choose the current regime, then at least we'll know we tried.

Posted by insiter at June 23, 2003 12:56 AM