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What about Iran?

There have been an increasing number of articles about Iranian youth lately. There has been little interest on the part of the major parties in addressing the problems in Iran, and less interest on the part of the media. Some 32 million Iranians who are contemporaneous with Generation X are beginning to make noise. We need to listen.

These Iranians have been reaching out to the world in blogs, in articles, in interviews, and on message boards. They are no happier with their leaders than the Iraqi people were with Saddam. They are not asking for military action, though it may come whether they want it or not. They simply want to encourage the world to support them publicly, to put pressure on the mullahs to create a democracy. Two decades of war and oppression have taken a toll on the people. There are demonstrations almost daily protesting the regime and demanding freedom.

Why does the Bush Administration (and the Clinton, Bush, and Reagan administrations before them) ignore this? Perhaps there's no profit to be had in liberating the Iranians as there was in liberating the Iraqis. There is and will continue to be brutal oppression in Iran unless the world community takes a stand.

Posted by rev_matt_y at June 20, 2003 2:15 PM