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US keeps losing things

It always starts off with the little stuff; intelligence on an impending attack on US soil, or the names of people who put major “put” order on large airlines. Shortly after 9/11, bigger things started to disappear; muslims who had expired visas went missing, the fourth, fifth and sixth amendments to the bill of rights eloped and haven’t been seen since, even Vice President Dick Cheney was missing. Things were certainly dire.

The US invaded Afghanistan; the Taliban of course disappeared since the pundits said they would, but so did the guys intended for capture... "dead or alive". After the dust settled, the US found some old blueprints to build a pipeline across the country, but lost it's memory about where they came from. Soon afterwards interest in Afghanistan went missing as well.

Things were kind of quiet for a while, then the US started to lose things at home. Billions of dollars vanished into the pockets of shady investors and CEOs, while everyone else lost their temper and their 401(k). Aurthur Anderson lost their morals and shredded a bunch of documents. The justice system misplaced more of it's credibility by letting everyone off the hook except for some middle managers and accountants. The stock market lost a lot of weight, and the nation lost a whole lot of confidence in the economy.

Then the US lost it's memory again, or perhaps it was aggression overload, because all that anger over financial scandals suddenly turned towards Iraq. The country started off without losing anything, then somehow lost the ability to present candid truthful intelligence, and as a result, lost the support of the UN and some of it's oldest allies. Bush lost his patience and invaded without the UN and ended up losing Saddam and his weapons of mass destruction. Bush said the CIA lost credibility for it's shoddy intelligence, but in fact he's lost some too.

Going forward, it's a curious game, simply because the objective seems to be "misplace a lot of stuff". Undoubtedly that old American spirit and values must be out there somewhere, so here's to hoping that when Kim Il Jung is misplaced, the US finds a secret stash of American values and all the other stuff that went missing.

Posted by Stephen VanDyke at June 19, 2003 10:51 AM