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Ex Security Aid Leaves NSC in Disgust to Join Kerry Campaign

Rand Beers, a veteran insider of security since the Reagan administration, has jumped ship and joined the presidential campaign of Democrat Sen. John F. Kerry (Mass). Beers lambasted the Bush administration on several security issues. Some notable snippets from the article:

Afghanistan: "Terrorists move around the country with ease. We don't even know what's going on. Osama bin Laden could be almost anywhere in Afghanistan"

Homeland Security/Iraq: Within U.S. borders, homeland security is suffering from "policy constipation. Nothing gets done," Beers said. "Fixing an agency management problem doesn't make headlines or produce voter support. So if you're looking at things from a political perspective, it's easier to go to war."

9/11 and security measures since then: "We are asking our firemen, policemen, Customs and Coast Guard to do far more with far less than we ever ask of our military," he said. Abroad, the CIA has done a good job in targeting the al Qaeda leadership. But domestically, the antiterrorism effort is one of talk, not action: 'a rhetorical policy. What else can you say? 'We don't care about 3,000 people dying in New York City and Washington?' "

He was not quick to point at flaws in the Bush administration itself, but his wife stepped in and said a few things during a "Today Show" interview:

"It's a very closed, small, controlled group. This is an administration that determines what it thinks and then sets about to prove it. There's almost a religious kind of certainty. There's no curiosity about opposing points of view. It's very scary. There's kind of a ghost agenda."

Posted by Stephen VanDyke at June 16, 2003 12:40 PM