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04/18/2014: Memos Through the Back Door
04/16/2014: Jeff Bezos Really Gets It
04/11/2014: That Marxist at JP Morgan
04/07/2014: Mexican Soldiers Drop in for a Visit
04/04/2014: Op-Eds in the Shadows
03/31/2014: We Want You! WatchBlog Welcoming New Contributors and Guest Posts!!
03/31/2014: Straight Scoop From The Middle
03/20/2014: RIP Theodora Nathan
03/17/2014: Share The Wealth
03/09/2014: Tantrums From The Left
03/04/2014: The Big Black Hole Created By Pandering Progressive Hypocrisy
02/28/2014: Uninsured Increasingly Unfavorable Towards Obamacare
02/28/2014: Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire!
02/27/2014: The Left Takes A Beating.
02/14/2014: About 1/2 US Workers Have $10k In Retirement Savings
02/06/2014: What was the point?
02/01/2014: Bold Nebraska draws (pipe) Line in the Sand
01/29/2014: Much Ado About Nothing
01/28/2014: Here's how you run a state, Mr. Cuomo
01/27/2014: Inequality Rising - Middle Class Declining
01/26/2014: Voting With Their Feet
01/22/2014: First Amendment undermines Second Amendment
01/21/2014: If You're Gay, Or You Want To Kill Babies, You Don't Belong Here.
01/15/2014: A Welcome Opine
01/07/2014: The Pinnacle Of Our Problems is - - -
01/02/2014: Is Sotomeyor a Conservative now?
12/02/2013: Musings From The Middle
11/21/2013: Democrats Flip The Switch
11/07/2013: Today We Need A 3rd Party w/a/dif/pol/att
10/31/2013: Happy Obamaween!
10/15/2013: What Can We Expect From the Upcoming Election?
09/27/2013: Crazy Game of Government Poker...
09/21/2013: 'Say Bud, Can You Spare A Few Thou'
09/19/2013: What did I say?!
09/18/2013: The First Amendment is:
09/12/2013: $More $Moneey 2
09/10/2013: $More $moneey
09/05/2013: The real question is:
08/23/2013: Huckabee on Health Care
08/12/2013: A Puff Of Air For Article Five
08/05/2013: Moving On With The Abolishment Of Corporate Personhood
07/18/2013: How Far To A Globalised World?
07/02/2013: Dragging Our Heels on Obamacare
06/26/2013: I am being discriminated against!
06/09/2013: Archaic Corpocracy
05/31/2013: Not So Free Speech
05/28/2013: The Spin Stops Right Here!
05/22/2013: Corpocracy set to take a double header
05/16/2013: President Says "They're gonna look good next to us"
05/12/2013: Is This Even Legal?
05/11/2013: Do you want to know why Congress has a 13% approval rate?
05/02/2013: Obama Picks Foxx to Succeed LaHood
04/30/2013: Third Party Rant
04/26/2013: The Rand Paul Flip-Flop-Flip
04/12/2013: Nobel Peace Prize: Obama V Manning
04/09/2013: Law Enforcement, Gun Control, and How to Help Others
03/28/2013: The Daily Grind
03/27/2013: Same Sex Marriage May Lead to Unintended Consequences
03/21/2013: Herding The Sheeple To Amnesty#2
03/11/2013: Trump Offers to Pay Bill for White House Tours
03/06/2013: Sen Rand Paul Filibusters Brennan Nomination
02/27/2013: Bored To Death Of Being Scared
02/14/2013: Say, I Heard We Put A Man On The Moon!
02/04/2013: Straight Talk From Al Gore
01/15/2013: Sandy Hook Conspiracy ... Thoughts??
01/07/2013: 2013, A Good Year For A Third Party?
12/31/2012: Coming to a (War) Theater in 2013
12/19/2012: Mental Health Care Stimulus
12/17/2012: A Salute to Senator Daniel Inouye
12/11/2012: How Are These Idiots Responsible for Our Country?
12/03/2012: First Same-Sex Marriage Held at West Point Chapel
11/29/2012: Pre-Intervention of the 'Fiscal Cliff'
11/24/2012: Did President Obama Really Just Say That?
11/15/2012: McCain Unleashes on the Media
11/12/2012: Green Party Victory in Colorado & Washington
11/08/2012: Donald Trump's Twitter Tantrum
11/06/2012: How About That Electoral College?
11/03/2012: Voters Can Weigh In On The Money Influence
10/30/2012: Who's Gonna Win?
10/28/2012: Third Party Presidential Debate Is A Rounder
10/25/2012: Moderate in the Middle
10/22/2012: General James Mattis Write-In Campaign
10/16/2012: Second Debate Lacks Answers for Undecided Voters
10/12/2012: Teen Tragedy in October: Bullying Prevention Awareness Month
10/11/2012: Ryan/Biden: Blind Leading the Blind
10/09/2012: Big Bird Over the 11-Year War in Afghanistan
10/08/2012: Choose one: A Great Reversal or A new Third Party
10/05/2012: It's Better Without Bias
10/03/2012: General Rant For Period 9-10pm, 6 Oct 2012
10/03/2012: Breath Of Fresh Air
10/01/2012: Ignoring Climate Change Punishes Everyone
09/26/2012: Corpocracy On The Move
09/25/2012: Replacement Refs Much Like Our Politicians
09/23/2012: Talking Points
09/20/2012: GOP: Screw you, veterans! You have enough already!
09/17/2012: It's Time to Rev Up Republicans
09/13/2012: Where did the anti-war Democrats go?
09/13/2012: Mitt Romney: Attack first, understand later (maybe)
09/12/2012: Polls in Favor of Obama
09/11/2012: Patriot Day and National Day of Service and Remembrance