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03/29/2017: Russia Investigation - Convenient Clouds of Doubt over the White House
03/24/2017: So Pleased That Obamacare Still Stands
03/19/2017: Sunday Morning Breakdown
03/17/2017: Will Gorsuch Be Sacrificed to Partisan Politics?
03/15/2017: Should AG Sessions Prosecute His DOJ?
03/10/2017: What the Latest Wikileaks Document Dump Means
03/04/2017: Where's your health care plan?
03/01/2017: Whence Conservatism? Uh, How About Repeal and Replace?
02/21/2017: The Resistance Pleads the Twenty Fifth
02/15/2017: Flynn Got Too Close to the Iran Deal, not to Russia
02/14/2017: Flynn Was Wrong to Deny - but Who Leaked?
02/08/2017: President Trump's Moral Relativism on Putin Is Wrong
02/03/2017: Senators Collins and Murkowski Betray Betsy DeVos
01/27/2017: President Trump Vs. the Gang on the Hill
01/25/2017: Pipelines and Jobs Are So 80's
01/19/2017: Weaponizing Special Needs Kids Against Betsy DeVos
01/17/2017: Can Civil Rights Icons Suffer From TDS?
01/11/2017: The Trump Revolution Is Ramping Up
01/11/2017: The Real Reasons Senator Sessions Is Being Attacked
01/10/2017: Tijuana Tsunami
01/09/2017: The Smorgasbord Inauguration
01/06/2017: President Obama's Legacy
01/05/2017: Trump Doesn't Trust Intelligence
01/04/2017: Is Obama Throwing Shade at Keith Ellison?
12/30/2016: Is Putin an Evil Genius or a Clumsy Tyrant?
12/28/2016: Secretary Kerry: Israel Is Democratic Because It Is Jewish
12/25/2016: Season's Greetings WatchBlog-ers!
12/22/2016: Could Donald Trump Be Santa Claus??
12/20/2016: Is Iran Taking Control of Iraq?
12/15/2016: Silicon Valley and Immigration - Sunny Bill V. Nauseous Marc
12/13/2016: Trump's Cabinet, The Real 'Legion of Doom'
12/12/2016: No Joe! VP Joe Biden Announces 2020 Presidential Bid
12/09/2016: The Recount Is On!
12/08/2016: Secretary Carson - You Will Need to Be the Great Communicator
12/02/2016: Andy Kuzder Loves Burgers and Bikinis - He May Have to Love a Good Fight
11/29/2016: Obama's Meddling Causes Anger and Misstrust
11/29/2016: Michael Lind Offers Trump a Policy Framework
11/22/2016: The President-Elect and the Electoral College: Don't Speak
11/18/2016: Never Mind State - Who's Going to Be at Health?
11/16/2016: For the Win: Joe Biden Memes
11/12/2016: Democratics Support Voter Intimidation!
11/12/2016: The Most Suspenseful Presidential Election Ever
11/11/2016: To the Veterans, We Thank All of You!
11/11/2016: What's In Store For America With The New President?
11/10/2016: The Aftermath Of the 2016 Presidential Election
11/09/2016: I Voted For Trump!
11/09/2016: Trump and His GOP Must Deliver Change
11/09/2016: LIONS '0', CHRISTIANS '1'
11/08/2016: Election 2016 Prediction Thread
11/07/2016: Election Eve - There Are No Safe Spaces
11/03/2016: Hillary: the FBI Versus the DOJ
10/30/2016: Sunday Morning Breakdown
10/28/2016: Don't Fret for Bernie Sanders yet!
10/28/2016: FBI continues investigation of Clinton email servers
10/25/2016: How Did America Get Such Nonsensical Candidates?
10/24/2016: End Of Debates, On To The Battlefield
10/21/2016: Bigger Threat To Election: Putin or MSM
10/20/2016: Your Tax Dollars At Work
10/19/2016: Dagnabit! I Missed It!
10/18/2016: Is Ecuador Interfering In The US Election?
10/17/2016: They Got Our Man in London
10/16/2016: Sunday Morning Rap
10/15/2016: Trump Handles and Kisses Women On Stage
10/11/2016: Dump On Hillary
10/09/2016: Trump Beats the Crap Out Of Hillary !!!
10/07/2016: Helping America's Lost Find Their Way Back Home
10/04/2016: What Challenges The Next President Is Facing
10/02/2016: Factoids to influence your vote
09/29/2016: Trump Can Put A Dent In Globalism
09/29/2016: The Wild Cards In The 2016 Election
09/29/2016: Who Won The 2016 Presidential Debate?
09/28/2016: FBI Director Comey Weasels Out For The Administration
09/27/2016: Trump and Hillary: the Status Quo Survives
09/24/2016: Obama Bows With The Internet In His Extended Hand
09/21/2016: Scrubbing Clean FBI Training and Procedures
09/19/2016: Straight From The Keyboard
09/15/2016: Hillary Would Love a Presumption of Privacy
09/12/2016: Clinton Diagnosed with Pneumonia
09/09/2016: What Does Julian Assange Really Want?
09/08/2016: This Page Is Intentionally Left Blank
09/05/2016: And Then There Was One
09/04/2016: Gary Johnson and Bill Weld
09/02/2016: Congress Has a Duty to Investigate the Iran Deal
08/29/2016: Is Hillary Signalling to Moscow?
08/25/2016: Rigging The System
08/22/2016: Trump's Best Ammo Against Hillary Clinton
08/20/2016: Lawyers Getting Fired: Battle For The Senate And House
08/17/2016: The White Males Who Matter to Hillary
08/15/2016: Trumps Dump On ISIS
08/12/2016: Mister Dillon, Mister Dillon !!!
08/11/2016: The Looming Obamacare Crisis and the Next President
08/10/2016: Somewhere Between Smoke And Fire For Hillary
08/08/2016: Gary Johnson Will Smoke Evan McMullin Off the Debate Stage
08/05/2016: Trump Keeps Swinging at Any Jab
08/02/2016: The Best Is Yet To Come
07/29/2016: What's Up Next For The 2017 Presidential Campaign?
07/27/2016: Now That the DNC Is Over, Let The War Begin
07/27/2016: The RNC Party Is Over, Now The Fun Begins
07/26/2016: Michelle Steals Hearts, Hillary Steals Trust