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03/26/2015: Campaign Finance On Steroids
03/23/2015: Sequester Tap Dancing in DC
03/18/2015: Sinful Behavior in Hotel Room Showers
03/16/2015: Florida Schools, Guns, Life, and Liberty
03/12/2015: Hillary Shmillary
03/05/2015: Rand Paul Really Really Doesn't Like the Fed
03/02/2015: A Reasonable Dosage of Rigor
02/26/2015: Net Neutrality, Yaahhhoooo
02/25/2015: Oscar Speech Propaganda
02/20/2015: When Jeb's Bandwagon Catches Fire
02/18/2015: The President Hits a Homer
02/16/2015: Fakeahontas and the Real Hiawatha
02/09/2015: ISIS Is not Like Purse Snatchers in the Subway
02/04/2015: Re-Balancing Obama's White House
02/01/2015: DemReps a.k.a Corpocracy
01/30/2015: Imagining Jeb Versus Hillary
01/26/2015: From August 2, 1790 to Mark Zuckerberg
01/21/2015: Endangering the World With Their Ingenuous Tactics
01/20/2015: Civil War OnLine (CWOL) VIII starts in February 2015.
01/19/2015: A Little More Sweat on the Hill Please
01/14/2015: Obama Is More Than Tone Deaf
01/10/2015: It's all fun and games until someone puts an eye out!
01/06/2015: Divots not Pivots From the White House
01/02/2015: Climate Change, Megaprojects, and Extreme Poverty
12/29/2014: Keeping Cuba Accountable
12/24/2014: Merry Christmas from WatchBlog!
12/19/2014: Good Reasons to Uphold the Cuban Embargo
12/14/2014: I Have An Idea!
12/10/2014: What Exactly Is a Minimum Wage Job?
12/02/2014: It's Time Washington Got Serious About Driverless Cars
11/28/2014: Wise Words from Mike Rowe
11/26/2014: Teasing Out Obama's Foreign Policy
11/20/2014: Obama's speech on YouTube
11/14/2014: The GOP and College Tuition
11/11/2014: All you have to do is wait...
11/04/2014: It's Election Day! Vote! Vote! Vote!
11/03/2014: More See The Money Influence As A Bad Deal
10/31/2014: What Does Haloween And Elections Have In Common - Scary
10/31/2014: Another GOOD Reason Why We Need A New 3rd Party
10/28/2014: Will Non-Citizens Decide the Race in North Carolina?
10/24/2014: Swinging Hard in North Carolina
10/22/2014: A Question for Governor Kasich
10/15/2014: Boots for Ebola; No Boots for ISIS
10/13/2014: 3 Dollars a Day in Wisconsin
10/08/2014: When ATF Gunwalking Went Wrong
10/07/2014: The IRS Got It Wrong ... Again
10/02/2014: The Death of the Death Penalty Is Long Overdue
10/01/2014: CEO Pay
09/30/2014: Is Greg Orman a Liberal With a Lot of Money?
09/25/2014: The Senate Race in Georgia and Voter Registration
09/23/2014: Stealing From Taxpayers in Alabama
09/17/2014: The Terrorist Who Lived in Rochester
09/15/2014: The Facts Are Catching Up To Globalisation
09/13/2014: Obama, the Unconstitutional War President
09/12/2014: Say it Mr. President
09/09/2014: The legalization of drugs is not a political issue, but a scientific one
09/04/2014: Immigration: More of the Same This Election Season?
09/02/2014: Obama and ISIS and Lebanon
08/31/2014: 'We Don't Have A Strategy' Is A Good Strategy
08/27/2014: Citizen Second Class
08/25/2014: Pay-to-Play And Distaste For Politics
08/22/2014: ISIS and James Foley
08/15/2014: The Truth in Ferguson
08/13/2014: Making the Troops Laugh
08/07/2014: Federal Debt Moving On Up While Market Chases The Stars
08/06/2014: WatchBlog is Welcoming New Contributors and Guest Posts!
08/04/2014: The Ultimate Entitlement
07/28/2014: Denials and Credibility Gaps
07/24/2014: The Wrong President at the Wrong Time?
07/21/2014: Super Pacs May Be Needed To Rein In Putin
07/20/2014: Finally
07/17/2014: Hillary Deserves This and That's All You Have to Know
07/14/2014: Subsidizing Corporations
07/13/2014: Local Bill For Cleaner Elections
07/13/2014: My Version Of Conservatism
07/11/2014: Policy Wonking Your Way to Freedom
07/08/2014: Compelling Reasons For A New 3rd Party
07/02/2014: Two Thorny Cases for SCOTUS
06/27/2014: Voter Fraud! We Don See No Steenkin' Voter Fraud!
06/26/2014: Detroit, Water Bills, and Patterns of Decline
06/23/2014: Obama's Promised August Amnesty
06/17/2014: The GOP Leadership and Covered Wagons
06/16/2014: Cantor, 30 years training for a lobbyist position
06/10/2014: The White House and Bergdahl
06/03/2014: Hanging up the "Kick Me!" sign
05/29/2014: President Obama, Make That Phone Call
05/28/2014: Greg Abbott Is No Hypocrite
05/27/2014: Will it be an outrage now?
05/22/2014: Is Dan Patrick Unfit to Be Lieutenant Governor?
05/21/2014: China Is a Mixed Kleptocracy
05/14/2014: Good Enough For Thee, But Not For Me
05/12/2014: Harvard's Black Mass Reenactment "Culturally Significant"?
05/09/2014: Is 2016 the Year of Online Voting? Could Be...
05/07/2014: Nigerian Girls Being Sold: Should US Intervene?
05/06/2014: The Moral Hazard That Shaped Elizabeth Warren
05/05/2014: Disconnect Between Voters And The Corpocracy
05/05/2014: Lockett's Botched Execution: No Sympathy for the Devil
04/18/2014: Memos Through the Back Door
04/16/2014: Jeff Bezos Really Gets It
04/11/2014: That Marxist at JP Morgan