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02/22/2018: ​Israel, Iran & The Ghosts at Foggy Bottom
02/18/2018: Trump On Russia Sanctions
02/15/2018: Dealing With School Shootings
02/14/2018: ​There Was-Is-Will-Be No Easy Way to Handle the Rob Porter Scandal
02/10/2018: The CONSPIRACY
02/09/2018: ​Vatican Dust Up! Zen Slams Sorondo's SinoVatican Sycophancy!
02/04/2018: ReInstate the Draft!
02/03/2018: What would the Democratics do if Trump actually shut down the probe?
02/02/2018: ​Is Andrew McCabe Turning Into Everyone's Scapegoat?
01/30/2018: ​The Memos The Probes The Leaks The Tweets - Situation Critical?
01/27/2018: Anxiously Awaiting The Slow Wheels Of Justic
01/25/2018: ​How Obama Avoided Possible Obstruction of Justice
01/23/2018: ​Senator Graham Grabs The Torch From Senator Schumer
01/20/2018: Thank God For Our Founder's, For Thomas Jefferson
01/18/2018: ​Hawaii Emergency Management Agency Employee 43's up
01/10/2018: Finally - The Dots Have Been Connected
01/08/2018: Living Large In America
01/05/2018: ​Is Alcohol Dumber Than Weed? Justice Thomas Provides Some Clarity
01/02/2018: ​Forget the Steele Dossier - Now It's All About Papadopoulos
12/28/2017: ​David French & America - Apocalypse or Revealed Strength?
12/27/2017: ​Democrat Special Ops Forces Drive Tank Into Daily 202!!
12/22/2017: ​Nikki Haley Raises Her Hand to the Roof
12/20/2017: ​The New National Security Strategy & Freedom in America
12/14/2017: Justice For Trump Supporters Underway
12/14/2017: ​You Can Bend Trump - But Angry Voters is Another Matter
12/12/2017: ​Happy Shiny People Have Six Ways From Sunday - Bruce & Nellie
12/08/2017: ​Jerusalem Already Is The Capital of Israel - Embassies Belong in Capitals
12/06/2017: Will They Decide Before Christmas?​
12/01/2017: ​Tillerson's Future - You Want Someone You Can Trust at State
11/30/2017: ​How Dare The Hill Take on The Clinton Foundation!
11/27/2017: ​Don't Hide From the Amazon Drones - Go Shopping!
11/22/2017: ​Trump & Separation of Powers - Not What You Think
11/19/2017: Corpocracy Moving On Up
11/17/2017: ​North Korea - The Honest Threat of a Brutal War
11/15/2017: The President Can Take A Break Over The Holidays
11/15/2017: ​Is a Predatory Media The Only Transparency That Works?
11/09/2017: ​Does Virginia Really Mean a Tsunami is Coming?
11/07/2017: ​Tax Loopholes & Rending of Garments in Park Slope
10/31/2017: ​Bob Mueller - Too Late To Stop Now?
10/27/2017: ​The Man the FBI Couldn't Shut Up
10/23/2017: You All Have Really Let Me Down
10/22/2017: Everything We Know About What Happened In Niger
10/21/2017: What did happen in Niger?
10/19/2017: ​The Other Russia Scandal - Who is Vadim Mikerin?
10/17/2017: ​Whose First Amendment Rights Matter More? Google's or Yours?
10/16/2017: ​Don't Make Iran Mad - Especially When They Go Nuclear
10/11/2017: Trump On A Roll To Be A Great President
10/06/2017: ​Las Vegas - Can We Build Trust Again?
10/04/2017: ​Are We Waiting for a Leviathan?
10/03/2017: Evil in Las Vegas - Tom Petty is Gone
09/29/2017: Can Trump Be Transactional on Tax Reform?
09/27/2017: Trump Backs a Loser in Alabama - Who Wins?​
09/22/2017: ​Tillerson vs. Haley on Iran May Be About The Money
09/20/2017: ​So What Was The UN's Purpose Again?
09/16/2017: Frank Giaccio (R)
09/12/2017: ​What Will Steve Bannon Think of Prosecuting Comey?
09/09/2017: ​Matthew Continetti Needs to Pretend he's Winston Churchill - For America's Sake
09/05/2017: We Apologize for Technical Issues
08/30/2017: How Trump Can Defeat The Globalists
08/28/2017: ​ACLU - The Border Patrol is Racist & Climate Change is Due to White People
08/23/2017: ​Afghanistan - Pakistan the Ally From Hell and Trump
08/21/2017: The Eclipse Traversed the Continent!
08/17/2017: Assange Wants A Deal To Tell All About The DNC Hack
08/16/2017: Trump's Chain Saw Massacre of the GOP
08/14/2017: Trump Needs A 3rd Party For 2020
08/11/2017: Now Is The Time To Reunite Korea's
08/04/2017: Andrew MacCarthy's Plea to Special Counsel Mueller
08/02/2017: Chamber of Commerce Corpocracy 49 - Trump 1
07/31/2017: President Trump Should Let John Kelly Do His Job
07/28/2017: President Trump and the Fall of the House of Reagan
07/26/2017: How Should Trump Deal With North Korea?
07/22/2017: Dems Are Going Down - Bigggly
07/19/2017: Six Degrees of Separation From Putin? You'll Need a Whiteboard
07/16/2017: Let's Discuss The 11th Amendment?
07/14/2017: Jared and Brad - From Geniuses to Evil Geniuses?
07/11/2017: Charlie Gard and the European Welfare State
07/07/2017: Putin and Trump Jawing for more than 1 1/2 Hours At This Point
07/05/2017: Big Moment Coming Up For President Trump
07/01/2017: Trump's Tweetings Are Music To My Ears
06/28/2017: Leaks in D.C. - Ben Rhodes Is No Haldeman
06/27/2017: Will Democrats Realize That Russia Fatigue Is Setting in?
06/22/2017: The FBI Pulls an Extreme Rabbit Out of It's Hat
06/17/2017: Moving On
06/16/2017: The Triumvirate That Now Runs D.C.
06/14/2017: Justice For Hillary et al Way Over Due
06/14/2017: Guns On The Premises Made All The Difference
06/09/2017: American-Mexican War OnLine is now starting for 2017.
06/08/2017: James Comey - America's New Tom Clancy
06/05/2017: Andrew Cuomo Shows the Way Forward From Paris
06/02/2017: Leaks in D.C. - Ben Rhodes Is No Haldeman
05/28/2017: How Will Trump's Wall Compare With The Pope's Wall
05/27/2017: Half The US Has Gone McCarthyitic
05/24/2017: Iran's Recent Election and a Hell on Earth
05/21/2017: CNN Acting Like A Worm On A String
05/20/2017: We Want Answers, We Demand Answers
05/17/2017: Alright! Start The Clock Running On Hillary
05/15/2017: The Real Constitutional Crisis That Must Be Avoided
05/12/2017: With Comey Gone Could Hil and Bil Be Next?
05/09/2017: Never Mind Flynn - How About Jared and Ivanka?
05/03/2017: Brushfire Envelopes Think Tank! People Get Hot and Sweaty!