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08/10/2020: Something I Thought We Should Listen To
07/19/2020: When will people realize it takes a constitutional amendment to allow the federal government to do anything!?
07/09/2020: Oren Flolo I was wrong to say he was traveling in the wrong lane.
07/05/2020: Hello! Knock knock
04/15/2020: Source Of The Wahun Bug
04/05/2020: Mr. President, Mandate Hydroxy and Back To Work Law
03/31/2020: Reform FISA Or Revoke FISA
03/23/2020: Take The Pill - Stop The $2T
03/21/2020: China, If Your Listening . . .
03/19/2020: Isolated Out Here In The Mtns
03/15/2020: No Justice
03/09/2020: How About A World Wide Conspiracy?
02/21/2020: Incompetent Elites Destroyed What Was A Strong Nation
02/16/2020: Wishing President Trump The Greatest Presidents Day Ever
02/09/2020: Justice For The Coup A Long Way Off
01/28/2020: What Is The Real Reason For The Conspiracy
01/20/2020: Trumps Wall Repels Them : The Governors Wall Repels Us
01/10/2020: Virginia Needs A Militia
01/08/2020: Regime Change Necessary To Free Iranian People
01/01/2020: Hard To Fix Stupid !
12/28/2019: How To Characterize Crimes By The Deep State
12/21/2019: Giuilani Has Evidence To Sink the Coup D' Etaters
12/15/2019: The 14th Amendment: Repeal and Replace
12/10/2019: Shut Them Up, Put Them In Cuffs !
12/08/2019: Lots of political action this week
11/27/2019: Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!
11/23/2019: Solutions for More Efficient and Affordable Healthcare
11/21/2019: Time To Send In The Troops Mr. President
11/19/2019: The Drinking Game
11/11/2019: Most Heinous Act In US History And - nuthin . . .
10/02/2019: President Trump Calling Out Democrats For Attempting A Coup Designed To Remove Him From Office
10/01/2019: Judge Walton Moves To Force AG To Take A Position On McCabe
09/25/2019: 'Impeachment' Gives Trump Rights To Whomp gop Trump haters And dims
09/21/2019: What's Good For The Goose...
09/18/2019: The People Want The Conspirator's Tried For Treason
09/11/2019: Cruz Meeting with Milano
09/07/2019: Where Does President Trump Stand On Justice For The Conspirators?
08/28/2019: Making America Great Again ! ! !
08/23/2019: Big Plan To Get Obama Admin Off The Hook
08/15/2019: The Jeffery Epstein Whodunnit
08/05/2019: deplorables Must Stand Up !
07/31/2019: It's All Over With No Shouting
07/26/2019: Where Are We Headed?
07/16/2019: Life Is Good !
07/11/2019: Globalism Could Become A Death Knell For The USA
07/10/2019: President Trump Using Executive Orders To MAGA
07/01/2019: Evidence of How Greed Can Be VERY Expensive:
06/30/2019: A Sunday Rant Backed By Solutions
06/22/2019: It's Official, We Are Off To The Races
06/02/2019: Trump Is Taking Care Of Business
05/31/2019: Jiang Ling and June 4th 1989
05/29/2019: Stroking Kim's ego in Tokyo Leaves Abe a Tad Flustered
05/24/2019: Avenatti & How he was The Guy Who Would Fight Trump
05/12/2019: d.a.n. - You Are The Man !!
05/09/2019: Are Democrats Saying That Executive Privilege is Obstruction of Justice
05/06/2019: Not Singing A Worried Song Here
05/01/2019: The Father Whose Trial is a State Secret in British Columbia
04/26/2019: It's Now 3 Really Old White Guys Who Still Lead the Polls
04/25/2019: Kamala Harris Bernie Sanders & A Philosophical Free Fall
04/16/2019: AG Barr & The Never-Ending War on Trump
04/11/2019: Congress and the President Run for Re-election - The Administrative State Runs the Country
04/01/2019: Relax - Biden Has Your Back
03/23/2019: Mueller Report Released To DOJ
03/18/2019: Trump Train Steams Toward 2020
03/13/2019: Does 'The Handmaid's Tale' Have it Backwards?
03/08/2019: The Federalist Papers : No. 1
02/28/2019: Cohen Hearing - Tlaib's Attack on Meadows & Democracy
02/26/2019: Maintainance May Have Led To Ban
02/14/2019: We Need A National Crisis, Now
02/08/2019: Viriginia - The Old Dominion & The Three Ringed Circus
02/01/2019: A Deal With the Taliban & Honor in Afghanistan
01/30/2019: Has the Shutdown Shown That Almost Everything is Run by the Administrative State?
01/22/2019: Emotional Triggers and What To Do About Them
01/17/2019: President Trump has a 'biggly' agenda for 2019
01/14/2019: Will Tulsi Gabbard be Run Out of the Democratic Party on a Rail?
01/08/2019: Trump is The Wall Therefore The Wall Must be Stopped
12/24/2018: Trump Will Now Have to Bear the Burden of 'America First'
12/17/2018: Plea To President Trump
12/15/2018: Immigration is #1 for dims and reps
12/12/2018: Lights Cameras Action! Make Sausages!
12/07/2018: California Camp Fire - The Carbon Suits are Coming
12/01/2018: Thoughts On The Passing Of George H. W. Bush 41
11/29/2018: Will Assange be Kicked Out of Ecuador's Embassy?
11/27/2018: Would Trump Trade Protecting Mueller for a Wall?
11/22/2018: Happy Thanksgiving and Trump Is A Racist
11/17/2018: California Routs GOP
11/14/2018: Hoaxes at KSU Protests at Pelosi's Office
11/07/2018: Get Control Of Immigration To Stop A Socialist Takeover
11/07/2018: I Luv This President ! ! !
11/03/2018: What Do You Have To Lose?
11/01/2018: Greatest Irony Ever
11/01/2018: Everyone Is A Citizen!
10/29/2018: The MSM Should Be Held Accountable for Libelous Attacks
10/26/2018: To Rant Or Not To Rant
10/25/2018: Crossing Over Into the Abyss of Violent Terrorism
10/24/2018: In 13 Days President Trump Will Become A Goldarn Hero