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05/30/2016: Obama Does Vietnam
05/28/2016: What Couric and Soechtig Didn't Want You to See
05/27/2016: How Long Before President Trump Gets Impeached?
05/25/2016: Why All The Hateful Bickering During The 2016 Campaign?
05/24/2016: Where Will The Next President Lead Us?
05/23/2016: Can Bernie Sanders Go The Distance?
05/20/2016: Don't Talk About Debt; Scream About Entitlements!
05/19/2016: Will Trump Tweet Willett Off the List?
05/17/2016: The Unbearable Pain of Inappropriate Pronouns in NYC
05/11/2016: Speaker Ryan Can't Fake It
05/10/2016: If It's Tuesday It Must Still Be Primary Season!
05/06/2016: Crooked Hillary Would Drag Ryan's Optimism Into a Swamp
05/04/2016: A Polished Speech That Cruz Would Rather not Have Given
04/29/2016: Come on Governor McAuliffe Double Down!
04/28/2016: Carly's Brilliant; but She's No Coal Miner's Daughter
04/25/2016: Tit-for-Tat for Ted and John
04/21/2016: The Joy of GOP Convention Rules
04/19/2016: Can Ted Go a-Thwarting in Brooklyn (and Berkeley)?
04/15/2016: Hillary and Bernie Will Have to Bare Their Fangs
04/13/2016: Trump Had Better Start Wonking; Now
04/09/2016: The Establishment Has A Real Bad Case Of Fleas
04/08/2016: The Devil and Hillary According to Bernie
04/06/2016: 17 Minutes in Wisconsin
04/04/2016: Putting the Nomination Rules Into a Woodchipper in Fargo
03/31/2016: Kasich not Fade Away
03/29/2016: Is Glenn Beck Anointing False Idols?
03/24/2016: Scott Walker Chokes on the Fog of Civil War
03/18/2016: European Diplomats Need Americologists
03/12/2016: Trump Just Cancelled Rally in Chicago Due To Anarchy at The Rally
03/11/2016: Envision President Trump In The Oval Office
03/09/2016: Rubio Is Now Battling With Kasich, not With Cruz
03/06/2016: How Can We Correct The Sins Of A Two Party System
03/03/2016: Will the GOP Finally Play Footsie With Trump?
03/01/2016: Trump and the Silent Majority
02/26/2016: The Texas Debate: It's Still Trump's Boot Camp
02/24/2016: Trojan Arrows and Ted Cruz
02/21/2016: The Constitution; Living, Daid, or Irrevelant
02/18/2016: Hillary's Fundraising and the Iran Deal
02/14/2016: Will It All Come Apart?
02/10/2016: Will More Civility Help The Political Process?
02/08/2016: The Last Standing Honest Man in Washington
02/04/2016: Bernie and the Big Dem Tent
02/03/2016: Trump Needs to Get His Supporters to Put Their Winter Boots on.
02/01/2016: After Iowa, How Long Will the Elites Wait?
01/28/2016: O'Riley Couldn't Do It For FOX
01/26/2016: Texas Holdem in the Frozen Corn Fields of Iowa
01/21/2016: Is It the Establishment Lane or the Establishment Bus?
01/19/2016: Sanders, Clinton and the Single-Payer Debate
01/14/2016: Post Debate Trump Likely To Go Up 10 Points
01/13/2016: Heavy Water in Flint
01/11/2016: Bernie Sanders and the Democratic Party's Ship of State
01/07/2016: A Couple of Questions for the GOP in 2016
01/03/2016: Ship Of State Listing - Ship Of Fools, As Trump Would Say
12/30/2015: Trey Says Rubio Is Rock Solid
12/28/2015: Semantics and Genocide in Syria
12/16/2015: Ted and Marco Fight-Fight Win-Win
12/10/2015: What Rubio Thinks of George W. Who Thinks Little of Cruz
12/08/2015: The Difference between Lone Madmen and Crazed Radicals
12/04/2015: Tweek X Craig: South Park Episode 6 Season 19
12/02/2015: Obama and Righteous Among the Nations
11/30/2015: The Colorado Shooting and Silence
11/26/2015: Happy Thanksgiving!
11/25/2015: Debating Iraqi Intelligence Again
11/20/2015: Will There Be an Alternative to Obamacare?
11/17/2015: It's Not Up to the Governors...
11/13/2015: Getting Postal With Hillary and Bernie
11/11/2015: Thank you, Veterans!
11/09/2015: The Gang of Three Targets Rubio
11/02/2015: Boehner's Big Regret As Speaker
10/29/2015: You See? They Really Do Know
10/22/2015: What Was Trump Thinking?
10/19/2015: Pols and Responsibility
10/12/2015: Volunteering (information) at the DHS
10/07/2015: Chaffetz and That Big GOP Puzzle
10/02/2015: One More Time
09/30/2015: His Words in Philadelphia
09/23/2015: Pope Francis and Capitalism
09/18/2015: Give It Back, Barrack!
09/17/2015: What Is Jake Tapper's Problem With Carly Fiorina?
09/14/2015: Who Will Hillary Turn to?
09/11/2015: Bernie Sanders Is About Picket Lines
09/08/2015: What an Oath of Office Means in Kentucky
09/03/2015: Broken Borders Around the World
08/31/2015: Corpocracy alive and well
08/26/2015: Challenging Birthright Citizenship
08/25/2015: Slow Motion Dance Towards Armageddon
08/18/2015: The Washington Consensus on Immigration
08/14/2015: Marco and Ben and Black Lives Matter
08/11/2015: A Re-Think for Donald and for Jeb
08/07/2015: Carly Was Sharp As a Weapon but Do You Trust Her?
08/06/2015: Fox Major League GOP Baseball
08/03/2015: Russell Brand, John Walker Lindh, and Military Psychologists
07/30/2015: Is Hillary Happy Running for President?
07/28/2015: The Spotlight Is on Majority Leader McConnell
07/23/2015: Bring Back Kasich's Root-Canal Fiscal Policy
07/21/2015: You want to ban this flag?
07/15/2015: Thanks to the Iran Deal, the Middle East Is Now M.a.D.
07/10/2015: We the Sheeple of the U.S. of A.
07/08/2015: Justice Thomas and His Dissent
07/01/2015: EC 101