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11/30/2015: The Colorado Shooting and Silence
11/26/2015: Happy Thanksgiving!
11/25/2015: Debating Iraqi Intelligence Again
11/20/2015: Will There Be an Alternative to Obamacare?
11/17/2015: It's Not Up to the Governors...
11/13/2015: Getting Postal With Hillary and Bernie
11/11/2015: Thank you, Veterans!
11/09/2015: The Gang of Three Targets Rubio
11/02/2015: Boehner's Big Regret As Speaker
10/29/2015: You See? They Really Do Know
10/22/2015: What Was Trump Thinking?
10/19/2015: Pols and Responsibility
10/12/2015: Volunteering (information) at the DHS
10/07/2015: Chaffetz and That Big GOP Puzzle
10/02/2015: One More Time
09/30/2015: His Words in Philadelphia
09/23/2015: Pope Francis and Capitalism
09/18/2015: Give It Back, Barrack!
09/17/2015: What Is Jake Tapper's Problem With Carly Fiorina?
09/14/2015: Who Will Hillary Turn to?
09/11/2015: Bernie Sanders Is About Picket Lines
09/08/2015: What an Oath of Office Means in Kentucky
09/03/2015: Broken Borders Around the World
08/31/2015: Corpocracy alive and well
08/26/2015: Challenging Birthright Citizenship
08/25/2015: Slow Motion Dance Towards Armageddon
08/18/2015: The Washington Consensus on Immigration
08/14/2015: Marco and Ben and Black Lives Matter
08/11/2015: A Re-Think for Donald and for Jeb
08/07/2015: Carly Was Sharp As a Weapon but Do You Trust Her?
08/06/2015: Fox Major League GOP Baseball
08/03/2015: Russell Brand, John Walker Lindh, and Military Psychologists
07/30/2015: Is Hillary Happy Running for President?
07/28/2015: The Spotlight Is on Majority Leader McConnell
07/23/2015: Bring Back Kasich's Root-Canal Fiscal Policy
07/21/2015: You want to ban this flag?
07/15/2015: Thanks to the Iran Deal, the Middle East Is Now M.a.D.
07/10/2015: We the Sheeple of the U.S. of A.
07/08/2015: Justice Thomas and His Dissent
07/01/2015: EC 101
06/30/2015: Judge Presnell and Marcus Dwayne Robertson
06/25/2015: Therian Wimbush's Excessive Litigation
06/22/2015: Bureaucrats and the Pursuit of Your Happiness
06/17/2015: Jeb Bush and the Democratic Establishment
06/15/2015: Mrs. Undecided's Followers
06/11/2015: Elvis, Ike and Toll Booths
06/08/2015: Ralph Thinks Hillary Is a Hawk?
06/04/2015: Why Is This A Controversy?
05/29/2015: Rawlings-Blake Better Build Bridges
05/27/2015: Employer Wage Theft Has Reached 'Epidemic' Levels
05/22/2015: Evil Is not Banal
05/19/2015: Getting Comfortable With Marco Rubio
05/14/2015: Pollsters: Let the Voters Speak
05/11/2015: A Shy Sociopath From Birmingham UK
05/06/2015: Will Jeb Have a Debate on Immigration?
04/30/2015: Ben Carson Better Speak Up in Detroit
04/27/2015: Byron and Ted and Manhattan Scandals
04/21/2015: Neville, Barack and Iran
04/18/2015: How State Controls Spending on Stemware
04/15/2015: Why Ben Carson Chose Detroit
04/13/2015: Corpocracy vs Inequality
04/10/2015: Jeb and Ted Are Nothing Like Sharp Dressed Men
04/09/2015: Rand Paul's Proposal for the Beast
04/07/2015: What Bob Could Learn From Jeb
04/01/2015: Tipping the Scales of Morality
03/30/2015: What Marcus Dwayne Robertson Deserves
03/26/2015: Campaign Finance On Steroids
03/23/2015: Sequester Tap Dancing in DC
03/18/2015: Sinful Behavior in Hotel Room Showers
03/16/2015: Florida Schools, Guns, Life, and Liberty
03/12/2015: Hillary Shmillary
03/05/2015: Rand Paul Really Really Doesn't Like the Fed
03/02/2015: A Reasonable Dosage of Rigor
02/26/2015: Net Neutrality, Yaahhhoooo
02/25/2015: Oscar Speech Propaganda
02/20/2015: When Jeb's Bandwagon Catches Fire
02/18/2015: The President Hits a Homer
02/16/2015: Fakeahontas and the Real Hiawatha
02/09/2015: ISIS Is not Like Purse Snatchers in the Subway
02/04/2015: Re-Balancing Obama's White House
02/01/2015: DemReps a.k.a Corpocracy
01/30/2015: Imagining Jeb Versus Hillary
01/26/2015: From August 2, 1790 to Mark Zuckerberg
01/21/2015: Endangering the World With Their Ingenuous Tactics
01/20/2015: Civil War OnLine (CWOL) VIII starts in February 2015.
01/19/2015: A Little More Sweat on the Hill Please
01/14/2015: Obama Is More Than Tone Deaf
01/10/2015: It's all fun and games until someone puts an eye out!
01/06/2015: Divots not Pivots From the White House
01/02/2015: Climate Change, Megaprojects, and Extreme Poverty
12/29/2014: Keeping Cuba Accountable
12/24/2014: Merry Christmas from WatchBlog!
12/19/2014: Good Reasons to Uphold the Cuban Embargo
12/14/2014: I Have An Idea!
12/10/2014: What Exactly Is a Minimum Wage Job?
12/02/2014: It's Time Washington Got Serious About Driverless Cars
11/28/2014: Wise Words from Mike Rowe
11/26/2014: Teasing Out Obama's Foreign Policy
11/20/2014: Obama's speech on YouTube
11/14/2014: The GOP and College Tuition