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04/15/2020: Source Of The Wahun Bug
04/05/2020: Mr. President, Mandate Hydroxy and Back To Work Law
03/31/2020: Reform FISA Or Revoke FISA
03/23/2020: Take The Pill - Stop The $2T
03/21/2020: China, If Your Listening . . .
03/19/2020: Isolated Out Here In The Mtns
03/15/2020: No Justice
03/09/2020: How About A World Wide Conspiracy?
02/21/2020: Incompetent Elites Destroyed What Was A Strong Nation
02/16/2020: Wishing President Trump The Greatest Presidents Day Ever
02/09/2020: Justice For The Coup A Long Way Off
01/28/2020: What Is The Real Reason For The Conspiracy
01/20/2020: Trumps Wall Repels Them : The Governors Wall Repels Us
01/10/2020: Virginia Needs A Militia
01/08/2020: Regime Change Necessary To Free Iranian People
01/01/2020: Hard To Fix Stupid !
12/28/2019: How To Characterize Crimes By The Deep State
12/21/2019: Giuilani Has Evidence To Sink the Coup D' Etaters
12/15/2019: The 14th Amendment: Repeal and Replace
12/10/2019: Shut Them Up, Put Them In Cuffs !
12/08/2019: Lots of political action this week
11/27/2019: Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!
11/23/2019: Solutions for More Efficient and Affordable Healthcare
11/21/2019: Time To Send In The Troops Mr. President
11/19/2019: The Drinking Game
11/11/2019: Most Heinous Act In US History And - nuthin . . .
10/02/2019: President Trump Calling Out Democrats For Attempting A Coup Designed To Remove Him From Office
10/01/2019: Judge Walton Moves To Force AG To Take A Position On McCabe
09/25/2019: 'Impeachment' Gives Trump Rights To Whomp gop Trump haters And dims
09/21/2019: What's Good For The Goose...
09/18/2019: The People Want The Conspirator's Tried For Treason
09/11/2019: Cruz Meeting with Milano
09/07/2019: Where Does President Trump Stand On Justice For The Conspirators?
08/28/2019: Making America Great Again ! ! !
08/23/2019: Big Plan To Get Obama Admin Off The Hook
08/15/2019: The Jeffery Epstein Whodunnit
08/05/2019: deplorables Must Stand Up !
07/31/2019: It's All Over With No Shouting
07/26/2019: Where Are We Headed?
07/16/2019: Life Is Good !
07/11/2019: Globalism Could Become A Death Knell For The USA
07/10/2019: President Trump Using Executive Orders To MAGA
07/01/2019: Evidence of How Greed Can Be VERY Expensive:
06/30/2019: A Sunday Rant Backed By Solutions
06/22/2019: It's Official, We Are Off To The Races
06/02/2019: Trump Is Taking Care Of Business
05/31/2019: Jiang Ling and June 4th 1989
05/29/2019: Stroking Kim's ego in Tokyo Leaves Abe a Tad Flustered
05/24/2019: Avenatti & How he was The Guy Who Would Fight Trump
05/12/2019: d.a.n. - You Are The Man !!
05/09/2019: Are Democrats Saying That Executive Privilege is Obstruction of Justice
05/06/2019: Not Singing A Worried Song Here
05/01/2019: The Father Whose Trial is a State Secret in British Columbia
04/26/2019: It's Now 3 Really Old White Guys Who Still Lead the Polls
04/25/2019: Kamala Harris Bernie Sanders & A Philosophical Free Fall
04/16/2019: AG Barr & The Never-Ending War on Trump
04/11/2019: Congress and the President Run for Re-election - The Administrative State Runs the Country
04/01/2019: Relax - Biden Has Your Back
03/23/2019: Mueller Report Released To DOJ
03/18/2019: Trump Train Steams Toward 2020
03/13/2019: Does 'The Handmaid's Tale' Have it Backwards?
03/08/2019: The Federalist Papers : No. 1
02/28/2019: Cohen Hearing - Tlaib's Attack on Meadows & Democracy
02/26/2019: Maintainance May Have Led To Ban
02/14/2019: We Need A National Crisis, Now
02/08/2019: Viriginia - The Old Dominion & The Three Ringed Circus
02/01/2019: A Deal With the Taliban & Honor in Afghanistan
01/30/2019: Has the Shutdown Shown That Almost Everything is Run by the Administrative State?
01/22/2019: Emotional Triggers and What To Do About Them
01/17/2019: President Trump has a 'biggly' agenda for 2019
01/14/2019: Will Tulsi Gabbard be Run Out of the Democratic Party on a Rail?
01/08/2019: Trump is The Wall Therefore The Wall Must be Stopped
12/24/2018: Trump Will Now Have to Bear the Burden of 'America First'
12/17/2018: Plea To President Trump
12/15/2018: Immigration is #1 for dims and reps
12/12/2018: Lights Cameras Action! Make Sausages!
12/07/2018: California Camp Fire - The Carbon Suits are Coming
12/01/2018: Thoughts On The Passing Of George H. W. Bush 41
11/29/2018: Will Assange be Kicked Out of Ecuador's Embassy?
11/27/2018: Would Trump Trade Protecting Mueller for a Wall?
11/22/2018: Happy Thanksgiving and Trump Is A Racist
11/17/2018: California Routs GOP
11/14/2018: Hoaxes at KSU Protests at Pelosi's Office
11/07/2018: Get Control Of Immigration To Stop A Socialist Takeover
11/07/2018: I Luv This President ! ! !
11/03/2018: What Do You Have To Lose?
11/01/2018: Greatest Irony Ever
11/01/2018: Everyone Is A Citizen!
10/29/2018: The MSM Should Be Held Accountable for Libelous Attacks
10/26/2018: To Rant Or Not To Rant
10/25/2018: Crossing Over Into the Abyss of Violent Terrorism
10/24/2018: In 13 Days President Trump Will Become A Goldarn Hero
10/19/2018: If Trump Ever Gets Word of This Scandal
10/18/2018: A Texas 2-Seater on a Blue-Green Wave
10/13/2018: Let's Agree On The Terms, At Least.
10/11/2018: The Chinese Chip That Could Steal Your Data
10/09/2018: Trump & Rosenstein - The Unbloody Flight to Orlando
10/03/2018: The Flake Elevator Ambush was Well-Planned and Well-Financed
10/01/2018: NAFTA Becomes MCA And Fake News Takes A Trump
09/27/2018: Nothing is Political - Everything Can Be Politicized
09/23/2018: Kavanaugh Should Be Delayed Until After Midterms
09/19/2018: Obama Admin Full Out To Git Trump
09/16/2018: I've Burned It To The Ground.
09/15/2018: Are we going to surrender the battlefield now that we've won it?
09/12/2018: Boredom
09/12/2018: Disband The dim Party - NOW
09/12/2018: Julia Salazar's Crazed & Desperate Story Telling - Part 2
09/11/2018: Julia Salazar's Crazed & Desperate Story Telling - Part 1
09/06/2018: No it's Not OK - Zina Bash & Generation Jones
09/05/2018: Ms. Pressley Has Entered The Building
08/30/2018: Why Does Grassley Hate to See McGahn Go?
08/28/2018: Vigano's Letter - Abuse in a Civil War
08/21/2018: Why Waste Time Caring About Russian . . .
08/20/2018: Is Trump's Revoking of Brennan's Security Clearance Petty?
08/16/2018: Trump, A Great Populist President In Action
08/15/2018: Whose Party is it Anyway? Not Chuck and Nancy's
08/12/2018: Knock! Knock!
08/10/2018: Obama Conspiracy Coming To A Head With Midterms
08/09/2018: Nathan Gonzalez Says the Blue Wave is Dead
08/08/2018: Will Complaining About Social Media Bias Lead to Further Regulation?
08/07/2018: This Just In! Left Shits Itself!
07/31/2018: How To Deal With NK
07/30/2018: WatchBlog..
07/27/2018: Who Leaked Cohen Supposedly Saying That Trump & Donald Jr. Lied About Trump Tower Meeting?
07/24/2018: The Time is Right!
07/19/2018: Who Knew That History Has Rhythm? Comey Apparently
07/18/2018: Is Maria Butina a Spy? Or a Lobbyist?
07/13/2018: Trump & Putin Summit
07/12/2018: Justice Delayed is Justice Denied
07/11/2018: What Does Michael Cohen Possibly Know?
07/09/2018: Freedom of Speech The Supreme Court & The Progressive View
07/03/2018: I'm asking for suggestions
06/29/2018: Obama Holdovers Need To Be Removed From DOJ/FBI
06/27/2018: Greatest Change In Government In My Lifetime
06/24/2018: Trump's Ratings Reach New Heights Ahead Of Mid-Terms
06/21/2018: What is the President Doing in Duluth?
06/18/2018: A Good Time To Contemplate Our Founding
06/14/2018: IG Report Is Whitewash
06/14/2018: Why is Senator Corker Being So Annoying?
06/12/2018: Trump Train Moving Fast
06/11/2018: ​Is the Korean Peninsula like Germany or Vietnam?
06/07/2018: ​Is AG Sessions De-funding of Sanctuary Cities - Is Anti-Commandeering a Thing?
05/31/2018: ​Your Life is a Ledger Entry & Google Owns it
05/30/2018: ​Trey Gowdy's Fine with Informants - Should we be?
05/25/2018: Why is President Xi Sabotaging the North Korea Talks?
05/23/2018: ​ZTE - What is Steve Mnuchin Up To?
05/19/2018: Just Another School Shooting
05/17/2018: We Apologize for Technical Issues
05/13/2018: ...and other forces for decades.
05/11/2018: ​Treasury Department Inspector General Launches Investigation of Possible Porn-Star-Lawyer-Related Leak!!
05/06/2018: How is this going to work!?
05/03/2018: ​Utah Prom Dress - How Can You Take Jeremy Lam Seriously?
04/28/2018: Trump! Trump! Trump!
04/25/2018: ​How Could Kanye West Like Candace Owens? He Must be Crazy
04/24/2018: ​A Teeny Weeny Itsy Bitsy Favor in the Senate - Are Things Changing?
04/20/2018: ​Trump and Kim Jong-un: Stop Tweeting & Carry a Big Club
04/17/2018: ​Criticizing Comey is Not a Mortal Sin Mr. Himes
04/12/2018: Kennedy was assassinated and no one knows why.
04/11/2018: Good Times!
04/10/2018: ​Syria & Trump's Foreign Policy - Tactics or Strategy?
04/05/2018: ​Will Social Media be Shrouded by Congress?
04/04/2018: ​The ACLU & the Freedom to Fool Websites With Bots
03/29/2018: ​So What if Shulkin's Firing was Really About the Choice Program?
03/28/2018: ​Was This Past Weekend 1969? Or 1989?
03/23/2018: This is Fascism!
03/21/2018: Yup! Springtime Is A Comin'
03/16/2018: Jeff Sessions talks to Tucker Carlson.
03/16/2018: ​The Salisbury Poisonings - What is Putin Capable Of?
03/14/2018: ​They Came Not to Praise Tillerson But to Bury Him
03/13/2018: Mercantilist Gridiron! - Trump Trains the Navy and Sanctions on China
03/08/2018: ​Cohn Goes - Soon McMaster? - How About Ivanka & Jared Too?
03/06/2018: How Should Trump Deliver The News To N. Kor.?
03/04/2018: This Page Is Intentionally Left Blank
03/03/2018: Group Claims Voter Fraud In Many States
02/27/2018: Drones WILL Protect Students In The Classroom
02/26/2018: ​Self-Preservation Part II - Was Deputy Peterson Just Following Orders?
02/22/2018: A 'Big Idea' Toward Providing Protection For Students
02/22/2018: ​Israel, Iran & The Ghosts at Foggy Bottom
02/18/2018: Trump On Russia Sanctions
02/15/2018: Dealing With School Shootings
02/14/2018: ​There Was-Is-Will-Be No Easy Way to Handle the Rob Porter Scandal
02/10/2018: The CONSPIRACY
02/09/2018: ​Vatican Dust Up! Zen Slams Sorondo's SinoVatican Sycophancy!
02/04/2018: ReInstate the Draft!
02/03/2018: What would the Democratics do if Trump actually shut down the probe?
02/02/2018: ​Is Andrew McCabe Turning Into Everyone's Scapegoat?
01/30/2018: ​The Memos The Probes The Leaks The Tweets - Situation Critical?
01/27/2018: Anxiously Awaiting The Slow Wheels Of Justic
01/25/2018: ​How Obama Avoided Possible Obstruction of Justice
01/23/2018: ​Senator Graham Grabs The Torch From Senator Schumer
01/20/2018: Thank God For Our Founder's, For Thomas Jefferson
01/18/2018: ​Hawaii Emergency Management Agency Employee 43's up
01/10/2018: Finally - The Dots Have Been Connected
01/08/2018: Living Large In America
01/05/2018: ​Is Alcohol Dumber Than Weed? Justice Thomas Provides Some Clarity
01/02/2018: ​Forget the Steele Dossier - Now It's All About Papadopoulos
12/28/2017: ​David French & America - Apocalypse or Revealed Strength?
12/27/2017: ​Democrat Special Ops Forces Drive Tank Into Daily 202!!
12/22/2017: ​Nikki Haley Raises Her Hand to the Roof
12/20/2017: ​The New National Security Strategy & Freedom in America
12/14/2017: Justice For Trump Supporters Underway
12/14/2017: ​You Can Bend Trump - But Angry Voters is Another Matter
12/12/2017: ​Happy Shiny People Have Six Ways From Sunday - Bruce & Nellie
12/08/2017: ​Jerusalem Already Is The Capital of Israel - Embassies Belong in Capitals
12/06/2017: Will They Decide Before Christmas?​
12/01/2017: ​Tillerson's Future - You Want Someone You Can Trust at State
11/30/2017: ​How Dare The Hill Take on The Clinton Foundation!
11/27/2017: ​Don't Hide From the Amazon Drones - Go Shopping!
11/22/2017: ​Trump & Separation of Powers - Not What You Think
11/19/2017: Corpocracy Moving On Up
11/17/2017: ​North Korea - The Honest Threat of a Brutal War
11/15/2017: The President Can Take A Break Over The Holidays
11/15/2017: ​Is a Predatory Media The Only Transparency That Works?
11/09/2017: ​Does Virginia Really Mean a Tsunami is Coming?
11/07/2017: ​Tax Loopholes & Rending of Garments in Park Slope
10/31/2017: ​Bob Mueller - Too Late To Stop Now?
10/27/2017: ​The Man the FBI Couldn't Shut Up
10/23/2017: You All Have Really Let Me Down
10/22/2017: Everything We Know About What Happened In Niger
10/21/2017: What did happen in Niger?
10/19/2017: ​The Other Russia Scandal - Who is Vadim Mikerin?
10/17/2017: ​Whose First Amendment Rights Matter More? Google's or Yours?
10/16/2017: ​Don't Make Iran Mad - Especially When They Go Nuclear
10/11/2017: Trump On A Roll To Be A Great President
10/06/2017: ​Las Vegas - Can We Build Trust Again?
10/04/2017: ​Are We Waiting for a Leviathan?
10/03/2017: Evil in Las Vegas - Tom Petty is Gone
09/29/2017: Can Trump Be Transactional on Tax Reform?
09/27/2017: Trump Backs a Loser in Alabama - Who Wins?​
09/22/2017: ​Tillerson vs. Haley on Iran May Be About The Money
09/20/2017: ​So What Was The UN's Purpose Again?
09/16/2017: Frank Giaccio (R)
09/12/2017: ​What Will Steve Bannon Think of Prosecuting Comey?
09/09/2017: ​Matthew Continetti Needs to Pretend he's Winston Churchill - For America's Sake
09/05/2017: We Apologize for Technical Issues
08/30/2017: How Trump Can Defeat The Globalists
08/28/2017: ​ACLU - The Border Patrol is Racist & Climate Change is Due to White People
08/23/2017: ​Afghanistan - Pakistan the Ally From Hell and Trump
08/21/2017: The Eclipse Traversed the Continent!
08/17/2017: Assange Wants A Deal To Tell All About The DNC Hack
08/16/2017: Trump's Chain Saw Massacre of the GOP
08/14/2017: Trump Needs A 3rd Party For 2020
08/11/2017: Now Is The Time To Reunite Korea's
08/04/2017: Andrew MacCarthy's Plea to Special Counsel Mueller
08/02/2017: Chamber of Commerce Corpocracy 49 - Trump 1
07/31/2017: President Trump Should Let John Kelly Do His Job
07/28/2017: President Trump and the Fall of the House of Reagan
07/26/2017: How Should Trump Deal With North Korea?
07/22/2017: Dems Are Going Down - Bigggly
07/19/2017: Six Degrees of Separation From Putin? You'll Need a Whiteboard
07/16/2017: Let's Discuss The 11th Amendment?
07/14/2017: Jared and Brad - From Geniuses to Evil Geniuses?
07/11/2017: Charlie Gard and the European Welfare State
07/07/2017: Putin and Trump Jawing for more than 1 1/2 Hours At This Point
07/05/2017: Big Moment Coming Up For President Trump
07/01/2017: Trump's Tweetings Are Music To My Ears
06/28/2017: Leaks in D.C. - Ben Rhodes Is No Haldeman
06/27/2017: Will Democrats Realize That Russia Fatigue Is Setting in?
06/22/2017: The FBI Pulls an Extreme Rabbit Out of It's Hat
06/17/2017: Moving On
06/16/2017: The Triumvirate That Now Runs D.C.
06/14/2017: Justice For Hillary et al Way Over Due
06/14/2017: Guns On The Premises Made All The Difference
06/09/2017: American-Mexican War OnLine is now starting for 2017.
06/08/2017: James Comey - America's New Tom Clancy
06/05/2017: Andrew Cuomo Shows the Way Forward From Paris
06/02/2017: Leaks in D.C. - Ben Rhodes Is No Haldeman
05/28/2017: How Will Trump's Wall Compare With The Pope's Wall
05/27/2017: Half The US Has Gone McCarthyitic
05/24/2017: Iran's Recent Election and a Hell on Earth
05/21/2017: CNN Acting Like A Worm On A String
05/20/2017: We Want Answers, We Demand Answers
05/17/2017: Alright! Start The Clock Running On Hillary
05/15/2017: The Real Constitutional Crisis That Must Be Avoided
05/12/2017: With Comey Gone Could Hil and Bil Be Next?
05/09/2017: Never Mind Flynn - How About Jared and Ivanka?
05/03/2017: Brushfire Envelopes Think Tank! People Get Hot and Sweaty!
04/27/2017: Can Real Tax Reform Ever Get Done in America?
04/25/2017: Believe Louise Mensch, or You're a Russian Spy
04/20/2017: Trump's Jacksonian Tweets on the Arctic
04/18/2017: The Latest Berkeley Riots and Ricky Monday's Example
04/14/2017: America Is not Fragile and Trump Is a Pragmatist
04/12/2017: Is China Planning for a Post Kim Jong-Un North Korea?
04/05/2017: It's not Susan Rice's Fault - It's Trump's Fault
04/01/2017: War on Terror?
03/29/2017: Russia Investigation - Convenient Clouds of Doubt over the White House
03/25/2017: So Pleased That Obamacare Still Stands
03/19/2017: Sunday Morning Breakdown
03/17/2017: Will Gorsuch Be Sacrificed to Partisan Politics?
03/15/2017: Should AG Sessions Prosecute His DOJ?
03/10/2017: What the Latest Wikileaks Document Dump Means
03/04/2017: Where's your health care plan?
03/01/2017: Whence Conservatism? Uh, How About Repeal and Replace?
02/21/2017: The Resistance Pleads the Twenty Fifth
02/15/2017: Flynn Got Too Close to the Iran Deal, not to Russia
02/14/2017: Flynn Was Wrong to Deny - but Who Leaked?
02/08/2017: President Trump's Moral Relativism on Putin Is Wrong
02/03/2017: Senators Collins and Murkowski Betray Betsy DeVos
01/27/2017: President Trump Vs. the Gang on the Hill
01/25/2017: Pipelines and Jobs Are So 80's
01/19/2017: Weaponizing Special Needs Kids Against Betsy DeVos
01/17/2017: Can Civil Rights Icons Suffer From TDS?
01/11/2017: The Trump Revolution Is Ramping Up
01/11/2017: The Real Reasons Senator Sessions Is Being Attacked
01/10/2017: Tijuana Tsunami
01/09/2017: The Smorgasbord Inauguration
01/06/2017: President Obama's Legacy
01/05/2017: Trump Doesn't Trust Intelligence
01/04/2017: Is Obama Throwing Shade at Keith Ellison?
12/30/2016: Is Putin an Evil Genius or a Clumsy Tyrant?
12/28/2016: Secretary Kerry: Israel Is Democratic Because It Is Jewish
12/25/2016: Season's Greetings WatchBlog-ers!
12/22/2016: Could Donald Trump Be Santa Claus??
12/20/2016: Is Iran Taking Control of Iraq?
12/15/2016: Silicon Valley and Immigration - Sunny Bill V. Nauseous Marc
12/13/2016: Trump's Cabinet, The Real 'Legion of Doom'
12/12/2016: No Joe! VP Joe Biden Announces 2020 Presidential Bid
12/09/2016: The Recount Is On!
12/08/2016: Secretary Carson - You Will Need to Be the Great Communicator
12/02/2016: Andy Kuzder Loves Burgers and Bikinis - He May Have to Love a Good Fight
11/29/2016: Obama's Meddling Causes Anger and Misstrust
11/29/2016: Michael Lind Offers Trump a Policy Framework
11/22/2016: The President-Elect and the Electoral College: Don't Speak
11/18/2016: Never Mind State - Who's Going to Be at Health?
11/16/2016: For the Win: Joe Biden Memes
11/12/2016: Democratics Support Voter Intimidation!
11/12/2016: The Most Suspenseful Presidential Election Ever
11/11/2016: To the Veterans, We Thank All of You!
11/11/2016: What's In Store For America With The New President?
11/10/2016: The Aftermath Of the 2016 Presidential Election
11/09/2016: I Voted For Trump!
11/09/2016: Trump and His GOP Must Deliver Change
11/09/2016: LIONS '0', CHRISTIANS '1'
11/08/2016: Election 2016 Prediction Thread
11/07/2016: Election Eve - There Are No Safe Spaces
11/03/2016: Hillary: the FBI Versus the DOJ
10/30/2016: Sunday Morning Breakdown
10/28/2016: Don't Fret for Bernie Sanders yet!
10/28/2016: FBI continues investigation of Clinton email servers
10/25/2016: How Did America Get Such Nonsensical Candidates?
10/24/2016: End Of Debates, On To The Battlefield
10/21/2016: Bigger Threat To Election: Putin or MSM
10/20/2016: Your Tax Dollars At Work
10/19/2016: Dagnabit! I Missed It!
10/18/2016: Is Ecuador Interfering In The US Election?
10/17/2016: They Got Our Man in London
10/16/2016: Sunday Morning Rap
10/15/2016: Trump Handles and Kisses Women On Stage
10/11/2016: Dump On Hillary
10/09/2016: Trump Beats the Crap Out Of Hillary !!!
10/07/2016: Helping America's Lost Find Their Way Back Home
10/04/2016: What Challenges The Next President Is Facing
10/02/2016: Factoids to influence your vote
09/29/2016: Trump Can Put A Dent In Globalism
09/29/2016: The Wild Cards In The 2016 Election
09/29/2016: Who Won The 2016 Presidential Debate?
09/28/2016: FBI Director Comey Weasels Out For The Administration
09/27/2016: Trump and Hillary: the Status Quo Survives
09/24/2016: Obama Bows With The Internet In His Extended Hand
09/21/2016: Scrubbing Clean FBI Training and Procedures
09/19/2016: Straight From The Keyboard
09/15/2016: Hillary Would Love a Presumption of Privacy
09/12/2016: Clinton Diagnosed with Pneumonia
09/09/2016: What Does Julian Assange Really Want?
09/08/2016: This Page Is Intentionally Left Blank
09/05/2016: And Then There Was One
09/04/2016: Gary Johnson and Bill Weld
09/02/2016: Congress Has a Duty to Investigate the Iran Deal
08/29/2016: Is Hillary Signalling to Moscow?
08/25/2016: Rigging The System
08/22/2016: Trump's Best Ammo Against Hillary Clinton
08/20/2016: Lawyers Getting Fired: Battle For The Senate And House
08/17/2016: The White Males Who Matter to Hillary
08/15/2016: Trumps Dump On ISIS
08/12/2016: Mister Dillon, Mister Dillon !!!
08/11/2016: The Looming Obamacare Crisis and the Next President
08/10/2016: Somewhere Between Smoke And Fire For Hillary
08/08/2016: Gary Johnson Will Smoke Evan McMullin Off the Debate Stage
08/05/2016: Trump Keeps Swinging at Any Jab
08/02/2016: The Best Is Yet To Come
07/29/2016: What's Up Next For The 2017 Presidential Campaign?
07/27/2016: Now That the DNC Is Over, Let The War Begin
07/27/2016: The RNC Party Is Over, Now The Fun Begins
07/26/2016: Michelle Steals Hearts, Hillary Steals Trust
07/21/2016: Would You Trust Ted the Flamethrower Cruz?
07/19/2016: The Corpocracy Mistates The Reason For Our Disenchantment
07/16/2016: Nice: Obama Cannot Avoid the T-Word Anymore
07/13/2016: Will Trump Ask? Will Pence Accept?
07/07/2016: Isn't it Obvious?
07/05/2016: Hillary's Exoneration
06/28/2016: Why the GOP Silence on Monday's Ruling?
06/26/2016: Bernie Sanders Is Sticking To His Guns
06/26/2016: Has The World Gone 'Marvel Comics' Crazy?
06/25/2016: Corpocracy vs Trump'ism
06/24/2016: The Brexit Effect
06/22/2016: Mudslinging To The Max!
06/18/2016: Bar Trump?
06/14/2016: Orlando: Obama Has It Backwards
06/12/2016: It Ain't over Until the Fat Lady Says It's Over
06/08/2016: Bernie Has to Do a Little Dance
06/06/2016: What The California Democratic Primary Will Do
06/03/2016: Who Was Obama Talking to in Colorado?
06/02/2016: Hillary Just Can't Shake Those Emails
05/30/2016: Obama Does Vietnam
05/28/2016: What Couric and Soechtig Didn't Want You to See
05/27/2016: How Long Before President Trump Gets Impeached?
05/25/2016: Why All The Hateful Bickering During The 2016 Campaign?
05/24/2016: Where Will The Next President Lead Us?
05/23/2016: Can Bernie Sanders Go The Distance?
05/20/2016: Don't Talk About Debt; Scream About Entitlements!
05/19/2016: Will Trump Tweet Willett Off the List?
05/17/2016: The Unbearable Pain of Inappropriate Pronouns in NYC
05/11/2016: Speaker Ryan Can't Fake It
05/10/2016: If It's Tuesday It Must Still Be Primary Season!
05/06/2016: Crooked Hillary Would Drag Ryan's Optimism Into a Swamp
05/04/2016: A Polished Speech That Cruz Would Rather not Have Given
04/29/2016: Come on Governor McAuliffe Double Down!
04/28/2016: Carly's Brilliant; but She's No Coal Miner's Daughter
04/25/2016: Tit-for-Tat for Ted and John
04/21/2016: The Joy of GOP Convention Rules
04/19/2016: Can Ted Go a-Thwarting in Brooklyn (and Berkeley)?
04/15/2016: Hillary and Bernie Will Have to Bare Their Fangs
04/13/2016: Trump Had Better Start Wonking; Now
04/09/2016: The Establishment Has A Real Bad Case Of Fleas
04/08/2016: The Devil and Hillary According to Bernie
04/06/2016: 17 Minutes in Wisconsin
04/04/2016: Putting the Nomination Rules Into a Woodchipper in Fargo
03/31/2016: Kasich not Fade Away
03/29/2016: Is Glenn Beck Anointing False Idols?
03/24/2016: Scott Walker Chokes on the Fog of Civil War
03/18/2016: European Diplomats Need Americologists
03/12/2016: Trump Just Cancelled Rally in Chicago Due To Anarchy at The Rally
03/11/2016: Envision President Trump In The Oval Office
03/09/2016: Rubio Is Now Battling With Kasich, not With Cruz
03/06/2016: How Can We Correct The Sins Of A Two Party System
03/03/2016: Will the GOP Finally Play Footsie With Trump?
03/01/2016: Trump and the Silent Majority
02/26/2016: The Texas Debate: It's Still Trump's Boot Camp
02/24/2016: Trojan Arrows and Ted Cruz
02/21/2016: The Constitution; Living, Daid, or Irrevelant
02/18/2016: Hillary's Fundraising and the Iran Deal
02/14/2016: Will It All Come Apart?
02/10/2016: Will More Civility Help The Political Process?
02/08/2016: The Last Standing Honest Man in Washington
02/04/2016: Bernie and the Big Dem Tent
02/03/2016: Trump Needs to Get His Supporters to Put Their Winter Boots on.
02/01/2016: After Iowa, How Long Will the Elites Wait?
01/28/2016: O'Riley Couldn't Do It For FOX
01/26/2016: Texas Holdem in the Frozen Corn Fields of Iowa
01/21/2016: Is It the Establishment Lane or the Establishment Bus?
01/19/2016: Sanders, Clinton and the Single-Payer Debate
01/14/2016: Post Debate Trump Likely To Go Up 10 Points
01/13/2016: Heavy Water in Flint
01/11/2016: Bernie Sanders and the Democratic Party's Ship of State
01/07/2016: A Couple of Questions for the GOP in 2016
01/03/2016: Ship Of State Listing - Ship Of Fools, As Trump Would Say
12/30/2015: Trey Says Rubio Is Rock Solid
12/28/2015: Semantics and Genocide in Syria
12/16/2015: Ted and Marco Fight-Fight Win-Win
12/10/2015: What Rubio Thinks of George W. Who Thinks Little of Cruz
12/08/2015: The Difference between Lone Madmen and Crazed Radicals
12/04/2015: Tweek X Craig: South Park Episode 6 Season 19
12/02/2015: Obama and Righteous Among the Nations
11/30/2015: The Colorado Shooting and Silence
11/26/2015: Happy Thanksgiving!
11/25/2015: Debating Iraqi Intelligence Again
11/20/2015: Will There Be an Alternative to Obamacare?
11/17/2015: It's Not Up to the Governors...
11/13/2015: Getting Postal With Hillary and Bernie
11/11/2015: Thank you, Veterans!
11/09/2015: The Gang of Three Targets Rubio
11/02/2015: Boehner's Big Regret As Speaker
10/29/2015: You See? They Really Do Know
10/22/2015: What Was Trump Thinking?
10/19/2015: Pols and Responsibility
10/12/2015: Volunteering (information) at the DHS
10/07/2015: Chaffetz and That Big GOP Puzzle
10/02/2015: One More Time
09/30/2015: His Words in Philadelphia
09/23/2015: Pope Francis and Capitalism
09/18/2015: Give It Back, Barrack!
09/17/2015: What Is Jake Tapper's Problem With Carly Fiorina?
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09/11/2015: Bernie Sanders Is About Picket Lines
09/08/2015: What an Oath of Office Means in Kentucky
09/03/2015: Broken Borders Around the World
08/31/2015: Corpocracy alive and well
08/26/2015: Challenging Birthright Citizenship
08/25/2015: Slow Motion Dance Towards Armageddon
08/18/2015: The Washington Consensus on Immigration
08/14/2015: Marco and Ben and Black Lives Matter
08/11/2015: A Re-Think for Donald and for Jeb
08/07/2015: Carly Was Sharp As a Weapon but Do You Trust Her?
08/06/2015: Fox Major League GOP Baseball
08/03/2015: Russell Brand, John Walker Lindh, and Military Psychologists
07/30/2015: Is Hillary Happy Running for President?
07/28/2015: The Spotlight Is on Majority Leader McConnell
07/23/2015: Bring Back Kasich's Root-Canal Fiscal Policy
07/21/2015: You want to ban this flag?
07/15/2015: Thanks to the Iran Deal, the Middle East Is Now M.a.D.
07/10/2015: We the Sheeple of the U.S. of A.
07/08/2015: Justice Thomas and His Dissent
07/01/2015: EC 101
06/30/2015: Judge Presnell and Marcus Dwayne Robertson
06/25/2015: Therian Wimbush's Excessive Litigation
06/22/2015: Bureaucrats and the Pursuit of Your Happiness
06/17/2015: Jeb Bush and the Democratic Establishment
06/15/2015: Mrs. Undecided's Followers
06/11/2015: Elvis, Ike and Toll Booths
06/08/2015: Ralph Thinks Hillary Is a Hawk?
06/04/2015: Why Is This A Controversy?
05/29/2015: Rawlings-Blake Better Build Bridges
05/27/2015: Employer Wage Theft Has Reached 'Epidemic' Levels
05/22/2015: Evil Is not Banal
05/19/2015: Getting Comfortable With Marco Rubio
05/14/2015: Pollsters: Let the Voters Speak
05/11/2015: A Shy Sociopath From Birmingham UK
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04/30/2015: Ben Carson Better Speak Up in Detroit
04/27/2015: Byron and Ted and Manhattan Scandals
04/21/2015: Neville, Barack and Iran
04/18/2015: How State Controls Spending on Stemware
04/15/2015: Why Ben Carson Chose Detroit
04/13/2015: Corpocracy vs Inequality
04/10/2015: Jeb and Ted Are Nothing Like Sharp Dressed Men
04/09/2015: Rand Paul's Proposal for the Beast
04/07/2015: What Bob Could Learn From Jeb
04/01/2015: Tipping the Scales of Morality
03/30/2015: What Marcus Dwayne Robertson Deserves
03/26/2015: Campaign Finance On Steroids
03/23/2015: Sequester Tap Dancing in DC
03/18/2015: Sinful Behavior in Hotel Room Showers
03/16/2015: Florida Schools, Guns, Life, and Liberty
03/12/2015: Hillary Shmillary
03/05/2015: Rand Paul Really Really Doesn't Like the Fed
03/02/2015: A Reasonable Dosage of Rigor
02/26/2015: Net Neutrality, Yaahhhoooo
02/25/2015: Oscar Speech Propaganda
02/20/2015: When Jeb's Bandwagon Catches Fire
02/18/2015: The President Hits a Homer
02/16/2015: Fakeahontas and the Real Hiawatha
02/09/2015: ISIS Is not Like Purse Snatchers in the Subway
02/04/2015: Re-Balancing Obama's White House
02/01/2015: DemReps a.k.a Corpocracy
01/30/2015: Imagining Jeb Versus Hillary
01/26/2015: From August 2, 1790 to Mark Zuckerberg
01/21/2015: Endangering the World With Their Ingenuous Tactics
01/20/2015: Civil War OnLine (CWOL) VIII starts in February 2015.
01/19/2015: A Little More Sweat on the Hill Please
01/14/2015: Obama Is More Than Tone Deaf
01/10/2015: It's all fun and games until someone puts an eye out!
01/06/2015: Divots not Pivots From the White House
01/02/2015: Climate Change, Megaprojects, and Extreme Poverty
12/29/2014: Keeping Cuba Accountable
12/24/2014: Merry Christmas from WatchBlog!
12/19/2014: Good Reasons to Uphold the Cuban Embargo
12/14/2014: I Have An Idea!
12/10/2014: What Exactly Is a Minimum Wage Job?
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11/28/2014: Wise Words from Mike Rowe
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11/20/2014: Obama's speech on YouTube
11/14/2014: The GOP and College Tuition
11/11/2014: All you have to do is wait...
11/04/2014: It's Election Day! Vote! Vote! Vote!
11/03/2014: More See The Money Influence As A Bad Deal
10/31/2014: What Does Haloween And Elections Have In Common - Scary
10/31/2014: Another GOOD Reason Why We Need A New 3rd Party
10/28/2014: Will Non-Citizens Decide the Race in North Carolina?
10/24/2014: Swinging Hard in North Carolina
10/22/2014: A Question for Governor Kasich
10/15/2014: Boots for Ebola; No Boots for ISIS
10/13/2014: 3 Dollars a Day in Wisconsin
10/08/2014: When ATF Gunwalking Went Wrong
10/07/2014: The IRS Got It Wrong ... Again
10/02/2014: The Death of the Death Penalty Is Long Overdue
10/01/2014: CEO Pay
09/30/2014: Is Greg Orman a Liberal With a Lot of Money?
09/25/2014: The Senate Race in Georgia and Voter Registration
09/23/2014: Stealing From Taxpayers in Alabama
09/17/2014: The Terrorist Who Lived in Rochester
09/15/2014: The Facts Are Catching Up To Globalisation
09/13/2014: Obama, the Unconstitutional War President
09/12/2014: Say it Mr. President
09/09/2014: The legalization of drugs is not a political issue, but a scientific one
09/04/2014: Immigration: More of the Same This Election Season?
09/02/2014: Obama and ISIS and Lebanon
08/31/2014: 'We Don't Have A Strategy' Is A Good Strategy
08/27/2014: Citizen Second Class
08/25/2014: Pay-to-Play And Distaste For Politics
08/22/2014: ISIS and James Foley
08/15/2014: The Truth in Ferguson
08/13/2014: Making the Troops Laugh
08/07/2014: Federal Debt Moving On Up While Market Chases The Stars
08/06/2014: WatchBlog is Welcoming New Contributors and Guest Posts!
08/04/2014: The Ultimate Entitlement
07/28/2014: Denials and Credibility Gaps
07/24/2014: The Wrong President at the Wrong Time?
07/21/2014: Super Pacs May Be Needed To Rein In Putin
07/20/2014: Finally
07/17/2014: Hillary Deserves This and That's All You Have to Know
07/14/2014: Subsidizing Corporations
07/13/2014: Local Bill For Cleaner Elections
07/13/2014: My Version Of Conservatism
07/11/2014: Policy Wonking Your Way to Freedom
07/08/2014: Compelling Reasons For A New 3rd Party
07/02/2014: Two Thorny Cases for SCOTUS
06/27/2014: Voter Fraud! We Don See No Steenkin' Voter Fraud!
06/26/2014: Detroit, Water Bills, and Patterns of Decline
06/23/2014: Obama's Promised August Amnesty
06/17/2014: The GOP Leadership and Covered Wagons
06/16/2014: Cantor, 30 years training for a lobbyist position
06/10/2014: The White House and Bergdahl
06/03/2014: Hanging up the "Kick Me!" sign
05/29/2014: President Obama, Make That Phone Call
05/28/2014: Greg Abbott Is No Hypocrite
05/27/2014: Will it be an outrage now?
05/22/2014: Is Dan Patrick Unfit to Be Lieutenant Governor?
05/21/2014: China Is a Mixed Kleptocracy
05/14/2014: Good Enough For Thee, But Not For Me
05/12/2014: Harvard's Black Mass Reenactment "Culturally Significant"?
05/09/2014: Is 2016 the Year of Online Voting? Could Be...
05/07/2014: Nigerian Girls Being Sold: Should US Intervene?
05/06/2014: The Moral Hazard That Shaped Elizabeth Warren
05/05/2014: Disconnect Between Voters And The Corpocracy
05/05/2014: Lockett's Botched Execution: No Sympathy for the Devil
04/18/2014: Memos Through the Back Door
04/16/2014: Jeff Bezos Really Gets It
04/11/2014: That Marxist at JP Morgan
04/07/2014: Mexican Soldiers Drop in for a Visit
04/04/2014: Op-Eds in the Shadows
03/31/2014: Straight Scoop From The Middle
03/20/2014: RIP Theodora Nathan
03/17/2014: Share The Wealth
03/09/2014: Tantrums From The Left
03/04/2014: The Big Black Hole Created By Pandering Progressive Hypocrisy
02/28/2014: Uninsured Increasingly Unfavorable Towards Obamacare
02/28/2014: Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire!
02/27/2014: The Left Takes A Beating.
02/14/2014: About 1/2 US Workers Have $10k In Retirement Savings
02/06/2014: What was the point?
02/01/2014: Bold Nebraska draws (pipe) Line in the Sand
01/29/2014: Much Ado About Nothing
01/28/2014: Here's how you run a state, Mr. Cuomo
01/27/2014: Inequality Rising - Middle Class Declining
01/26/2014: Voting With Their Feet
01/22/2014: First Amendment undermines Second Amendment
01/21/2014: If You're Gay, Or You Want To Kill Babies, You Don't Belong Here.
01/15/2014: A Welcome Opine
01/07/2014: The Pinnacle Of Our Problems is - - -
01/02/2014: Is Sotomeyor a Conservative now?
12/02/2013: Musings From The Middle
11/21/2013: Democrats Flip The Switch
11/07/2013: Today We Need A 3rd Party w/a/dif/pol/att
10/31/2013: Happy Obamaween!
10/15/2013: What Can We Expect From the Upcoming Election?
09/27/2013: Crazy Game of Government Poker...
09/21/2013: 'Say Bud, Can You Spare A Few Thou'
09/19/2013: What did I say?!
09/18/2013: The First Amendment is:
09/12/2013: $More $Moneey 2
09/10/2013: $More $moneey
09/05/2013: The real question is:
08/23/2013: Huckabee on Health Care
08/12/2013: A Puff Of Air For Article Five
08/05/2013: Moving On With The Abolishment Of Corporate Personhood
07/18/2013: How Far To A Globalised World?
07/02/2013: Dragging Our Heels on Obamacare
06/26/2013: I am being discriminated against!
06/09/2013: Archaic Corpocracy
05/31/2013: Not So Free Speech
05/28/2013: The Spin Stops Right Here!
05/22/2013: Corpocracy set to take a double header
05/16/2013: President Says "They're gonna look good next to us"
05/12/2013: Is This Even Legal?
05/11/2013: Do you want to know why Congress has a 13% approval rate?
05/02/2013: Obama Picks Foxx to Succeed LaHood
04/30/2013: Third Party Rant
04/26/2013: The Rand Paul Flip-Flop-Flip
04/12/2013: Nobel Peace Prize: Obama V Manning
04/09/2013: Law Enforcement, Gun Control, and How to Help Others
03/28/2013: The Daily Grind
03/27/2013: Same Sex Marriage May Lead to Unintended Consequences
03/21/2013: Herding The Sheeple To Amnesty#2
03/11/2013: Trump Offers to Pay Bill for White House Tours
03/06/2013: Sen Rand Paul Filibusters Brennan Nomination
02/27/2013: Bored To Death Of Being Scared
02/14/2013: Say, I Heard We Put A Man On The Moon!
02/04/2013: Straight Talk From Al Gore
01/15/2013: Sandy Hook Conspiracy ... Thoughts??
01/07/2013: 2013, A Good Year For A Third Party?
12/31/2012: Coming to a (War) Theater in 2013
12/19/2012: Mental Health Care Stimulus
12/17/2012: A Salute to Senator Daniel Inouye
12/11/2012: How Are These Idiots Responsible for Our Country?
12/03/2012: First Same-Sex Marriage Held at West Point Chapel
11/29/2012: Pre-Intervention of the 'Fiscal Cliff'
11/24/2012: Did President Obama Really Just Say That?
11/15/2012: McCain Unleashes on the Media
11/12/2012: Green Party Victory in Colorado & Washington
11/08/2012: Donald Trump's Twitter Tantrum
11/06/2012: How About That Electoral College?
11/03/2012: Voters Can Weigh In On The Money Influence
10/30/2012: Who's Gonna Win?
10/28/2012: Third Party Presidential Debate Is A Rounder
10/25/2012: Moderate in the Middle
10/22/2012: General James Mattis Write-In Campaign
10/16/2012: Second Debate Lacks Answers for Undecided Voters
10/12/2012: Teen Tragedy in October: Bullying Prevention Awareness Month
10/11/2012: Ryan/Biden: Blind Leading the Blind
10/09/2012: Big Bird Over the 11-Year War in Afghanistan
10/08/2012: Choose one: A Great Reversal or A new Third Party
10/05/2012: It's Better Without Bias
10/03/2012: General Rant For Period 9-10pm, 6 Oct 2012
10/03/2012: Breath Of Fresh Air
10/01/2012: Ignoring Climate Change Punishes Everyone
09/26/2012: Corpocracy On The Move
09/25/2012: Replacement Refs Much Like Our Politicians
09/23/2012: Talking Points
09/20/2012: GOP: Screw you, veterans! You have enough already!
09/17/2012: It's Time to Rev Up Republicans
09/13/2012: Where did the anti-war Democrats go?
09/13/2012: Mitt Romney: Attack first, understand later (maybe)
09/12/2012: Polls in Favor of Obama
09/11/2012: Patriot Day and National Day of Service and Remembrance
09/07/2012: Party or Vision?
09/06/2012: Where Did All the Republicans Go?
09/05/2012: The End of the War
09/04/2012: Ted Kennedy Tribute Leaves a Sour Taste
08/31/2012: Al Gore Suggests Ending Electoral College
08/28/2012: US Bottoms Out on Income Equality List
08/25/2012: A Stranger In My Own Country
08/23/2012: More Hidden Bain Documents Released
08/21/2012: Ryan on Akin: 'Unfortunate' but not 'wrong'
08/16/2012: I Get Nervous When Palin Makes Sense
08/14/2012: Prediction or inevitability?
08/13/2012: Paul Ryan Under Attack...Already
08/09/2012: 'Romneyhood' VS 'Obamaloney'
08/06/2012: Obama Hemp Hypocrite in e-Store
08/05/2012: Anatomy Of A New Third Party
08/02/2012: The New Normal
08/01/2012: Your Voice is Needed Now
07/31/2012: What About the Chick-fil-A Employees?
07/28/2012: What Size Jefferson's Gonads
07/25/2012: The Job Recovery Throwdown
07/23/2012: People Are Starting To Get 'Real'
07/23/2012: 20 Inarguable Facts You Need To Know About The U.S. Economy
07/20/2012: The Catch 22 of Two Evils
07/19/2012: Obama & Romney, Identical Cousins
07/18/2012: Offshoring is Bad, Right?
07/16/2012: Centrists Hung Out To Dry, As Usual
07/13/2012: Watching The Corpocracy In Action
07/12/2012: Federal vs. State Policy Failing Gay Marriage
07/09/2012: Go Home, Occupiers!
07/07/2012: Is It Really 'Jobs, Jobs, Jobs'?
07/04/2012: Tuning Up For The ""4th of July""
07/02/2012: U.S. Not the Greatest Country In the World?
06/29/2012: Supreme Court did a grave injustice to the military and veterans
06/27/2012: 'Too Big to Fail' Is a Joke
06/21/2012: Postulating The Bus Mom
06/16/2012: Sunday Morning Rant On Saturday, I Couldn't Wait
06/12/2012: A 'Whodunit' Right Here At Election Time
06/08/2012: Not SAFE From Too Big To Fail
06/07/2012: Society Overcome By Pop Culture
06/04/2012: America's Playground Intervention
05/31/2012: 17-Year-Old Suing for Global Warming
05/28/2012: Capitalism versus Corporatism, Danger Will Robinson
05/25/2012: Documenting the 'Undocumented'
05/20/2012: 'Fixing Washington'
05/18/2012: Obama's bad bet.
05/11/2012: RE: Mitt Romney: Bold Lies From a Coward
05/07/2012: Werk Harder, not Smarder!
04/24/2012: WatchBlog: Rules For Comment Participation
04/17/2012: Long Live Corpocracy and the 545
04/11/2012: Vermont Senate Passes Resolution To Abolish Corporate Personhood
03/23/2012: Liz Chaney says the Middle East considers the U.S. irrelevant.
03/18/2012: Sunday Morning Rant
03/13/2012: KONY 2012 - Invisible Children
03/02/2012: Globalism Requires World Consensus
03/01/2012: The Slippery Slope Of Globalism
03/01/2012: Article V - Moving On Up
03/01/2012: Why Doesn't the MSM look at everyone?
02/29/2012: Read It And Weep!
02/25/2012: Rick Santorum is a "fake"
02/17/2012: Corpocracy On Track With Status Quo
01/29/2012: Congratulations, America: You're officially unncessary
01/25/2012: Santorum: No woman can ever have an abortion ... except my wife
01/22/2012: Gingrich: The man who won't be President
01/20/2012: While you were asleep...
01/18/2012: Congress wants to decide what YOU can do and see on the Internet
01/17/2012: Lunchpails and Republicans
12/30/2011: The numbers don't lie, Ms. Bachmann
12/21/2011: Ron Paul, thank you for your service.
12/13/2011: The State Department's Private Army: High-dollar, low expectations
12/05/2011: I want to make you happy!
12/04/2011: Keeping Church and State separate
12/03/2011: Possible Liberty Comeback
11/26/2011: Missing the Point
11/17/2011: Hey, Occupy Wall Street - - Over Here - - - - Over Hear!
11/12/2011: On The Hunt For Jobs
11/04/2011: Movement To Abolish Corporate Personhood Growing Fast
11/03/2011: While Americans suffer, Congress gets richer
11/01/2011: AMENDMENT 28?
10/30/2011: Refreshed Perceptions
10/29/2011: Who's business is it?
10/26/2011: Corpocracy: Never mind what we told you, listen to what we're telling you now
10/25/2011: Trent Franks is literally useless to the district that elected him
10/23/2011: Common Ground Found Between Tea Party and 'Occupiers'
10/07/2011: A Gilded Age Redux
10/04/2011: Jobs Bill?
09/25/2011: Are You Ready For The Next Great Thing?
09/16/2011: Not Just Any 3rd Party
09/15/2011: It's Just Money
09/13/2011: The TEA Party Debate wasn't all bad
09/12/2011: Let's Spend Our Way To Recovery
09/09/2011: How Long Must We Suffer Corpocracy
09/08/2011: Yawn another debate
09/06/2011: Republicans have ZERO JOBS PLANS (Source: GOP.GOV)
09/03/2011: Too Much Democracy
09/02/2011: An Ode to Joe "Deadbeat Dad" Walsh
08/26/2011: The real, true, unedited, factual impact of Republican Health Care Proposal H-Con Res 34 for 2012
08/17/2011: Austerity: Just what we don't need, delivered by people who won't be harmed by it
08/11/2011: GOP Debate: The highs, the lows, and the winner
08/09/2011: Maybe We Need a WWIII To Hasten Economic Recovery
08/08/2011: Congress: “Screw the Middle Class, they’re supposed to be poor!”
08/05/2011: Boehner vs. TEA Party: Not exactly a Rocky movie
08/03/2011: China Global cuts America’s credit rating, regardless of “the deal”
08/01/2011: Desperately Seeking A 3rd Party, With A Diff Pol . . .
07/30/2011: The Congressional Reform Act of 2011
07/25/2011: Harmonizing The World
07/21/2011: Is A Balanced Budget Amendment In The Wings?
07/20/2011: The Summer 2011 Politics Memoria Haiku
07/19/2011: Boehner & McConnell: What? Jobs? Who? US?!?!
07/18/2011: Credit Card Company to Customers: "GFY!"
07/18/2011: Absent - A 'Grand Plan'
07/12/2011: Somebody shoot some brains over to Lori Klein
07/04/2011: Freedom
07/03/2011: The Gilded Age Is Upon Us, Again.
07/03/2011: GOP on the debt ceiling: “Forget what we said, listen to what we’re saying!”
06/24/2011: AIG CEO: "Trust us to self-regulate"
06/23/2011: Please, Do Consume
06/22/2011: Congress eyes increasing corporate welfare via another ‘tax holiday’
06/21/2011: The Root Word of Ignorant is Ignore
06/20/2011: An open letter to all members of the U.S. Congress
06/15/2011: The self-defeating agenda of partisan idiots
06/15/2011: Fed conducts THIRD ‘probe’ of billions ‘missing’ from Iraq War funding
06/13/2011: Two-faced Congress – R and D – blow tax dollars on self-indulgent, extravagant travel
06/13/2011: China says US already defaulted, Congress yawns and continues gaming
06/11/2011: I'll not apologize for your feeble sensibilities.
06/09/2011: China warns U.S. against debt default; GOP scoffs
06/08/2011: Perversion doesn’t know left from right
06/07/2011: GOP: Hookers good, e-mails bad
06/06/2011: Weiner admits to lying about lewd photos, being hacked and e-infidelity
06/05/2011: Don’t Mess With Those ‘Human’ Corporations
06/03/2011: History proves Sarah Palin is a moron
06/03/2011: Cut-thirsty GOP gives Homeland Security a budget increase
06/02/2011: Weiner’s limp answers could lead to electile dysfunction
05/26/2011: Cantor's devotion to Israel overshadows his duty to Joplin and America
05/24/2011: It's All About Globalisation
05/23/2011: Cantor balks at tornado relief; tells Missouri “Them’s the breaks”
05/23/2011: Stick a fork in them
05/19/2011: A Modern 4th Amendment?..
05/17/2011: A government perk you didn't know about
05/17/2011: Gingrich: Counting on a stupid, forgetful & gullible electorate
05/14/2011: Government Must Undergo Major Reform
05/12/2011: You’re getting hosed at the gas pump and in Washington
05/10/2011: Texas TEA Party lawsuit against U.S. Census has merit
05/08/2011: Globalising the Sherman Act
05/01/2011: Osama bin Laden is dead. Mission Accomplished ... for real this time
04/30/2011: Don't let Donald Trump do a Ross Perot on you.
04/29/2011: An update on long-time activist Cheri Honkala's Green campaign for Sheriff of Philadelphia
04/28/2011: Why are we still in Iraq?
04/24/2011: Two Big Ballot Access Stories, And Two Chances To Make A Difference For Third Parties In America
04/22/2011: Obama dances the presidential gas price two-step
04/18/2011: No Policy Has Become The Policy
04/11/2011: House GOP votes to rescind "net neutrality"
04/11/2011: GOP & Paul Ryan: The party of no answer
04/10/2011: Fairness In A Flat Tax
04/06/2011: Trust? What happened to compromise
04/04/2011: What happened to trust?
04/02/2011: 21st Century Musings
03/29/2011: The G.E.ttysburg Address
03/29/2011: Sarah Palin: Queen of Paychecks
03/29/2011: Immigration And 2012 Elections
03/26/2011: "... the consensus is lopsidedly in favor of dealing with jobs and the economy first."
03/26/2011: Audit The FED
03/25/2011: GOP seeks to slash to tsunami warning funding
03/23/2011: News polls aren’t all B.S., even when the people being polled are
03/19/2011: When Regulation is Necessary
03/18/2011: Hey, What do you think of this?
03/16/2011: Sarah Palin and Towing the Line
03/11/2011: Wisconsin’s remarkably fiscal-free fiscal bill
03/11/2011: Congress ignores $200 Billion with "CUT HERE" written all over it
03/10/2011: Wisconsin unions have a choice: militancy or death
03/09/2011: Finding Our Way Back
03/09/2011: The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions
03/07/2011: Oil: We were warned 34 years ago
03/06/2011: The ol' grey corporation just ain't what it used to be, ain't what it used to be...
03/06/2011: Silent Raids: Obama solves half a problem, creates many others
03/04/2011: Mike Huckabee: A-hole of the week
03/03/2011: But waitaminit ... you just said ...
03/02/2011: Forget lawyers. Kill all the speculators!
02/28/2011: Which version of presidential hopeful Mitch Daniels should we believe?
02/27/2011: I think we're making progress
02/27/2011: Time for an Intervention?
02/25/2011: Congress: The Roman Orgy of perks and benefits
02/24/2011: The Shell Game; a la Exxon, BP, QT, Conoco, Mobil …
02/23/2011: Boehner, shameless in his two-facedness
02/23/2011: Indiana House Dems leave state
02/22/2011: GOP governors bite the hand that feeds them Obamacare grants
02/20/2011: Spending isn't the only thing Obama's budget is full of
02/20/2011: Boehner cries out of both faces
02/19/2011: Geesh! Lighten up!
02/18/2011: I come here to be entertained
02/17/2011: ‘Spending-conscious’ Congress Gives $285 Billion to Contractors Convicted of Contract Fraud
02/17/2011: Around Every Corner, Behind Every Door
02/15/2011: Sir, I'm picking up some strange readings.
02/13/2011: Safety, Liberty, Liberty, Safety, what's so hard
02/11/2011: Thinking Beyond the Two Party System
02/04/2011: Wanted: A Few Good Writers
01/09/2011: A Little More Tautology, Please!
12/31/2010: The Corpocracy; Moving Them Pork Bellies
12/29/2010: Time For A Different Political Attitude?
12/09/2010: Why?
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12/27/2008: Great Collapse 2008: What Does Detroit Have To Do With It?
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04/18/2007: Abortion Debate Rages On
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01/31/2007: January 2007: Drug War Costs
01/30/2007: Healthy Political Faith
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01/16/2007: Runaway American Brainwashing
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01/13/2007: Barbara Boxer - Out of Line?
01/10/2007: US House takes day off for football, Senate stays to work
01/07/2007: W. nominates Khalilzad ~ common sense or saving face
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12/30/2006: Oh Deliciously Deadly Trans Fats!
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11/30/2006: Intervention in Palestine?
11/26/2006: Nomination of Robert Gates
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11/14/2006: It’s Deja Vue All Over Again
11/12/2006: The Next Two Years
11/10/2006: Pledge of the Ignorant
11/10/2006: Don’t cheer yet, control of the Senate for the next two years is far from permanent
11/08/2006: The Democrats First Opportunity
11/07/2006: Washington Journal Goes Independent
11/05/2006: Why didn't the Supreme Court play in this year's ads?
11/03/2006: What A Shining Example of Ineptitude
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10/31/2006: Will hate of Bush be enough?
10/31/2006: Another Brick in the Wall
10/30/2006: Crossing The Line
10/30/2006: Politics & Church
10/29/2006: The Role of Ballot Initiatives
10/29/2006: Webb of Salaciousness
10/29/2006: November 7th
10/29/2006: The Future of The Netroots Movement
10/28/2006: The Silent, Ignored, Divided Twenty Percent
10/27/2006: HAVA Series Part Six
10/21/2006: Arizona Voter-ID Law Stands
10/19/2006: The Great Divide - Part I
10/10/2006: Anti-incumbent fever or just anti-majority?
10/08/2006: Genetically Modified Food (GMO)
10/05/2006: Responsibility without Accountability
10/04/2006: Circling the wagons
10/03/2006: I'm Convinced - NOT
10/03/2006: I for Integrity
10/01/2006: Walmart and Prescription Drugs
10/01/2006: Democratic Dirty Tricks
09/30/2006: Stop Falling for It
09/29/2006: PERFORM
09/28/2006: And the Foot in Mouth Award Goes to......
09/28/2006: So why do you help others?
09/27/2006: Sex With Animals versus Gay Marriage
09/27/2006: Not the right crusader
09/26/2006: "Separation of Church & State" - Tyranny or Liberty?
09/26/2006: The Cher Factor
09/25/2006: Church and the State
09/24/2006: HAVA Series Part Five: More Problems With Electronic Voting Security
09/24/2006: The New Psychology: Liberal Syndrome & Repressive/Displacement Disorder
09/24/2006: Victories on Ballot Access
09/23/2006: Granting Immigrants the Right to Vote
09/21/2006: HAVA Series Part Four: Problems with Electronic Voting
09/20/2006: Sen. Frist Crashed My Tx. Hold 'Em Tournament
09/19/2006: The Children Left Behind...
09/16/2006: A Uniform Voting System for California: Ending Private Control of our Elections
09/15/2006: The Pope and Politics
09/14/2006: Minors Gone Wild
09/10/2006: Exclusive Interview with Green Party Gubernatorial Candidate in Connecticut Cliff Thornton: Part Four
09/10/2006: A Day of Reflection
09/07/2006: Instant Runoff Voting - Moving Beyond the "Lesser of Two Evils"
09/07/2006: Stay the course? What course?
09/06/2006: More Than Just a Few Volts?
09/05/2006: HAVA Is More Important Than You Think: Part Three
09/01/2006: Voting Reform and the Environment: What's the Connection?
08/31/2006: Educated Voter Lottery?
08/31/2006: Researching the Third Parties
08/30/2006: Representative Government
08/30/2006: News Affect
08/29/2006: Secret Holds
08/28/2006: Drifting ever rightward: The consequences of voting for the lesser of two evils
08/27/2006: Bob Smither, Netroots, and Name Recognition
08/27/2006: Exclusive Interview with Green Party Gubernatorial Candidate in Connecticut Cliff Thornton: Part Three
08/26/2006: Democratizing the Legislature – Proportional Representation
08/25/2006: Understanding the Connecticut Senatorial Race
08/24/2006: The Biggest Problem For Third Parties: 2008
08/23/2006: Saving our Environment from Washington and Wall Street: Switching to a Steady State Economy
08/20/2006: Exclusive Interview with Green Party Gubernatorial Candidate in Connecticut Cliff Thornton: Part Two
08/20/2006: Why We Need Divided Government
08/19/2006: Mothers. Mothers are the Solution.
08/18/2006: Always Whitey's Fault
08/17/2006: Lieberman and the Referrendum
08/17/2006: Don't Expect The Help America Vote Act To Do Much Good: Part Two
08/16/2006: Wasted Votes
08/15/2006: Exclusive Interview with Green Party Gubernatorial Candidate in Connecticut Cliff Thornton: Part One
08/13/2006: Trying to stay Independent
08/13/2006: Don't Expect The Help America Vote Act To Do Much Good, At Least Not Yet: Part One: Problems With The States and Federal Government
08/13/2006: Just too Gullable
08/11/2006: The Seven Principles of Government
08/10/2006: Time Out
08/08/2006: Oil Industry Powerhouse Pretends To Go Homebrewed
08/06/2006: You Can Buy A House, But Can You Buy A Seat In the House?
08/02/2006: Green Party Gubernatorial Candidate in Connecticut: Cliff Thornton
08/02/2006: Why neither side wants to listen to the "Great Powers" - Part 1: The World Wars
07/31/2006: Judge Stands Up For Civil Liberties
07/25/2006: Democrats Fight to Weaken Parental Rights
07/23/2006: The Left Must Say No To Hillary in 2008
07/22/2006: Is Race or Sexual preference still a campaign factor?
07/21/2006: The History of Cannabis Prohibition, 1937 - 1962, Part Ten, The End
07/19/2006: Non-Partisan or Bi-Partisan
07/17/2006: The History of Cannabis Prohibition, 1937 - 1962, Part Nine
07/16/2006: Japan, WOW, Japan, Just WOW
07/15/2006: Silenced for Mentioning Jesus
07/14/2006: The Flying Car
07/13/2006: Opposing Election Legitimacy in Georgia
07/13/2006: The Connecticut Senate Democratic Primary - more important than you think
07/12/2006: The History of Cannabis Prohibition, 1937 - 1962, Part Eight, Stricter Penalties Still No Scientific Evidence
07/12/2006: You Can Thank The Feminists
07/11/2006: More Guns, Less Crime
07/10/2006: Space: The Wasteful Frontier
07/09/2006: In America It's OK to be Racist
07/07/2006: Osama Unit Disbanded
07/06/2006: Liberal Professor Feels Violated by Justice Scalia
07/06/2006: Support Senate Resolution 398
07/05/2006: Hazards of Travel
07/05/2006: Gay Marriage, An Answer
07/03/2006: The History of Cannabis Prohibition, 1937 - 1962, Part Seven, Communist Hysteria Addition
07/03/2006: Something to reflect on..
07/02/2006: The History of Cannabis Prohibition, 1937 - 1962, Part Six
06/29/2006: Barack Obama Fakes Interest in Evangelicals
06/28/2006: Punishing Palestine...
06/28/2006: "Ben Westlund is no Jesse Ventura"
06/27/2006: The History of Cannabis Prohibition, 1937 - 1962, Part Five
06/26/2006: Republican Representative Joseph Pitts: A Man So Far Out of Touch With Reality
06/26/2006: Supreme Court Upholds Kansas Death Penalty
06/25/2006: Exclusive Interview With Green Party Congressional Candidate Michael Berg, Part Three
06/25/2006: Stop The Abuse
06/23/2006: What I learned from the World Cup
06/22/2006: Line Item Talking Points
06/22/2006: Senate Democrats Fail to Differentiate Themselves From Republicans
06/19/2006: Exclusive Interview With Green Party Congressional Candidate Michael Berg, Part Two
06/18/2006: More Leaks by Traitors
06/17/2006: Exclusive Interview With Green Party Congressional Candidate Michael Berg, Part One
06/16/2006: Divided Supreme Court Weakens 'Exclusionary Rule'
06/16/2006: Anarchy?
06/16/2006: Amendment Ideas for the House's Resolution on the War on Terror
06/14/2006: Protecting the Flag
06/14/2006: Democratic Leader Wants Permanent Iraqi Bases
06/13/2006: The G-Word Stays - For Now
06/13/2006: A New Kind of National Security
06/11/2006: Be Proud That We Fought Nazi Fascism
06/08/2006: The Wall of Shame
06/08/2006: The Hypocritical Right
06/08/2006: Zarqawi is Dead!!!
06/07/2006: Overboard Criticism?
06/07/2006: Why do they Hate America: Iran Edition
06/06/2006: Surprise, Surprise: Suspect in Clemson Student's Murder a Repeated Sex Offender
06/06/2006: The Gay Ceiling
06/06/2006: Who Cares about Signing Statements?
06/05/2006: Gay Marriage Amendment Shot Down
06/04/2006: The History of Cannabis Prohibition, 1937 - 1962, Part Four
06/02/2006: Kicking the Oil Habit
06/01/2006: What is Net Neutrality?
05/31/2006: Must be this Tall to Ride
05/31/2006: The History of Cannabis Prohibition, 1937 - 1962, Part Three
05/31/2006: Unity '08 launched
05/29/2006: A Woman's "Choice" for Perfection
05/29/2006: The History of Cannabis Prohibition, 1937 - 1962, Part Two
05/28/2006: The History of Cannabis Prohibition 1937-1962: Part One
05/27/2006: The culture of corruption starts with the corrupt
05/26/2006: Speak Up Against HEA Now!
05/25/2006: Why I am Green, John Kerry, Part 6 of an Ongoing Series (End of Book 1)
05/24/2006: Why I am Green, John Kerry, Part 5 of an Ongoing Series
05/23/2006: Building a Nuclear Missile Shield Adds Dangerous Incentives into the International System
05/22/2006: Why I am Green, John Kerry, Part 4 of an Ongoing Series
05/21/2006: Judge Powerless to Stop Prayer
05/18/2006: Is phone record analysis useful in fighting terrorism?
05/17/2006: It's Our Fault if Mexicans Die
05/17/2006: Call for Libertarian Writers
05/17/2006: Why I am Green, John Kerry, Part 3 of an Ongoing Series
05/16/2006: Senate Balks at Secure Border Proposal
05/16/2006: Green Party Candidate for Congress in Delaware Michael Berg
05/16/2006: Who should pay for our social safety net?
05/16/2006: Gore Power
05/15/2006: A "Good" Way to Defend America thru the NSA
05/15/2006: Bush's Immigration Speech: Practical or Pipedream?
05/14/2006: Why I am Green, John Kerry, Part 2 of an Ongoing Series
05/14/2006: Supreme Court Decisions Looming
05/14/2006: Independent Does Not = Centrist
05/14/2006: Why I am Green, John Kerry, Part 1 of an Ongoing Series
05/13/2006: Things You Don't Hear About The Green Party
05/12/2006: Little by Little
05/12/2006: The Bush administration legitimizes terrorism
05/11/2006: Even Homophobes Have Right to Protest
05/11/2006: They Bear The Mark of Fascism’ Creeping Shadow
05/11/2006: A Salute to Bush and the NSA AirForce
05/10/2006: The Quietly Deceitful Un-enlightened Despot
05/10/2006: US ranks 33rd in the world in infant mortality
05/09/2006: Watching the Watchers
05/08/2006: Bush Seeks Negative Approval Rating
05/08/2006: When Spin becomes Surreal...
05/07/2006: The Wrath of the Republican Right, or Bush Gets a Spanking
05/06/2006: As Ohio goes so does the Nation?
05/05/2006: National Day of Prayer and the "Lemon Test"
05/04/2006: Where have I been?
04/25/2006: DMCA and IPPA vs the USA
04/13/2006: Why Socialism Fails
04/08/2006: The Problem With Blogging
04/04/2006: Exploiting Fear and Emotion
04/03/2006: Playing The Race Card Yet Again
03/24/2006: Illegal Immigrants Are Already Felons
03/18/2006: Sandra Day O'Conner Speaks Out Against the Dangers of Undermining the Judiciary
03/15/2006: And the Fiddles Play Dixie
03/15/2006: No to Pay-Go
03/10/2006: Media Under Pressure
03/09/2006: Congress Under Pressure
03/09/2006: What Culture of Life?
03/05/2006: Don’t Blame Me, I Voted for Kerry!
03/03/2006: The Downward Spiral
03/02/2006: Bush's Lack of Anticipation
02/27/2006: There Ought To Be A Law
02/23/2006: Much Ado Over Nothing
02/22/2006: More Bizarre Behaviour
02/21/2006: Hypocrisy Alive and Well in the Old World
02/20/2006: Bush vs Freedom
02/17/2006: Distractions, Distractions
02/12/2006: The Real State of Our Union as Seen Through the Eyes of an Average American
01/31/2006: The real chill wind thru the Senate today
01/28/2006: US Government vs. Google
01/27/2006: Will The U.S. Army Survive The Bush Presidency?
01/26/2006: Immature Dissent On Display
01/16/2006: Valuing the lives of Non-Americans
01/10/2006: We're In Trouble
01/08/2006: Are We Ready to Deal with Iran?
01/05/2006: Will this be "the" one case?
12/31/2005: Leak Investigation, Redux
12/30/2005: The Tricky Business of Unionization
12/30/2005: The War on Blasphemy
12/29/2005: The Sad Cost of Crying Wolf
12/24/2005: How Many Will Vote?
12/24/2005: Lies and the Lying Liars Who Break The Law and Spy on Americans
12/23/2005: A Tale of Pork and Resolutions...
12/22/2005: Keyloggers Infringe On Privacy
12/22/2005: Congressional Power and the Constitution Game
12/09/2005: No Habla Español
11/27/2005: Ramsey Clark, Saddam Hussein and the Media
11/26/2005: The Real Power of Government
11/21/2005: How many other Ruben Cantu's exist?
11/13/2005: In Defense of High Gas Prices
11/11/2005: Time to Say Thank You.
11/10/2005: Unintelligent Design
11/07/2005: Making Children Political Tools
11/02/2005: Remembering Rosa
11/02/2005: Department of Justice?
11/01/2005: Enough Is Enough
11/01/2005: Alito is a Slam Dunk to be Confirmed
10/29/2005: A Great Opportunity
10/26/2005: Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them
10/26/2005: U.S. Death Toll in Iraq Hits 2,000 and Rising...
10/24/2005: Incumbent Fatigue
10/10/2005: Shall We Dance and Fiddle Why the Republican Party Burns?
10/07/2005: What's Next, No Dancing?
10/06/2005: Spelling America with a K
10/03/2005: Harry and Harriet?
09/30/2005: The State of Religion
09/28/2005: The Highest Standards of Journalism
09/27/2005: Farewell Posse Comitatus
09/22/2005: Realistic "Advise" missing from Advise and Consent
09/20/2005: Jus Ad Bellum
09/18/2005: Welcome to Wonderland
09/16/2005: Let's Move the Big DC to the Big Easy!
09/15/2005: In God We Trust
09/14/2005: Marshall Plan for the Gulf Coast?
09/11/2005: Remember (insert here)
09/09/2005: An offering to the mighty gods of public opinion
09/06/2005: Failure on Every Level
09/05/2005: Open Letter to Barack Obama, Senator, Illinois
09/04/2005: Rehnquist In Perspective
09/03/2005: New York and New Orleans
09/02/2005: The Excessive Compensation Assessment
09/01/2005: The Worst in People
09/01/2005: Mother Nature's Wrath
08/30/2005: Bringing Back The Past
08/26/2005: Stop Illegal Immigration - Arrest Illegal Employers
08/25/2005: Is Mr. Robertson's Speech Protected?
08/23/2005: The Top Ten Reasons We Should Assassinate Pat Robertson
08/21/2005: Respect of the dead
08/19/2005: Why the war in Iraq was necessary
08/18/2005: Taxation and the Artifical Aristocracy
08/14/2005: Is The White House Admitting Defeat in Iraq?
08/13/2005: How to really end the war (sorry Cindy Sheehan)
08/10/2005: HR 25
08/10/2005: Don't You Just Love the Smell of Vietnam Throughout Your Day?
08/09/2005: Is George Bush a War Criminal?
08/05/2005: Islam equals terror, Christianity equals love
08/05/2005: The Illegitimate Birth of Political Correctness
08/04/2005: And the Quagmire Grows Ever Murkier
08/03/2005: The Evolution of Intelligent Designed Spin
08/02/2005: Wrong on Both Sides
07/31/2005: Actions Speak Louder Than Words
07/30/2005: A House Divided
07/27/2005: Reform Campaign Finance Reform
07/27/2005: Are You, or Have You Ever Been a Member of the Federalist Society?
07/26/2005: This (Pharmacists) Madness Must Be Stopped
07/23/2005: The real threat John Roberts represents
07/15/2005: The real silent epidemic among children
07/14/2005: Rick Santorum; Poster Boy for Intolerance and Ignorance
07/12/2005: The Curse of the Second Term
07/09/2005: Wanted Political Savior
07/08/2005: London: Dress Rehearsal for a Dirty Bomb?
07/01/2005: Sandra Day O'Connor Retires
06/29/2005: Peace in the Middle East
06/24/2005: Why not a meaningful Amendment to the Constitution?
06/23/2005: Freedom: Begone!
06/22/2005: Durbin Cries, Iraqis Die, Afghanistan Fries, and Bush Continues to Lie
06/21/2005: Biting the Hand
06/20/2005: Conceived By Man
06/16/2005: Understanding The Stem Cell Debate Part II - In-vitro Fertilization
06/10/2005: Affluence Won't Destroy America's Future - Probably
06/07/2005: Supreme Court Chooses Unlimited Federal Power as the Most Important Constitutional Value
06/06/2005: Another Blow to State Sovereignty
06/06/2005: The Sickening Cost of American Healthcare
06/03/2005: The European Constitution
05/27/2005: Supreme Ballot Access
05/10/2005: Have We Crossed The Rubicon?
05/09/2005: Take Action Quickly
05/06/2005: DeLay Calls for Greater Humility; Oh Please!
05/06/2005: "Real" Disturbing News
04/26/2005: Silencing the Opposition
04/25/2005: Christian Conservative Activists Declare Holy War on the Nations' Courts
04/20/2005: Tom Delay's Dying Words?
04/16/2005: Bill Frist's Christian Jihad
04/11/2005: Separation of Church and State
04/08/2005: The Slippery Slope of Death
04/08/2005: Military Commissions and Inalienable Rights
04/05/2005: The Looming American Theocracy
03/31/2005: Another shot of the same
03/30/2005: A Warm, Fuzzy Security Story
03/28/2005: Marriage: How Both Sides Have It Wrong
03/28/2005: Why do they care?
03/28/2005: Security Continues to Trump Privacy
03/20/2005: Congress Has Embarrassed Itself Again
03/15/2005: California Gay-Marriage Ban Ruled Unconstitutional
03/14/2005: Teaching Biblical Script as Science; Is it Any Wonder Johnny Can't Compete?
03/14/2005: GOP Lawmakers Concerned That Delay's Woes Could Taint The Party
03/11/2005: It Is Past Time For Tom Delay to Go!
03/08/2005: Who Needs a Minimum Wage Anyway?
03/07/2005: Can The U.S. Claim Sole Credit For Democratic Movement Sweeping the Middle East?
03/01/2005: Federal Court Orders Padilla Set Free Failing Criminal Charges by the Government
02/28/2005: Good News, For a Change
02/28/2005: Why Do You Need to See My ID?
02/24/2005: You Only Own Your Home as Long as the Government Lets You
02/15/2005: Fight the fascism
02/14/2005: The Budget Numbers Just Don't Add Up
02/14/2005: The Media and The Public Interest
02/11/2005: Freedom Continues Its Retreat In America
02/09/2005: And I think everybody understands what the 'next steps' mean.
02/08/2005: The Tax Man Cometh
02/03/2005: A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand
02/02/2005: Crisis Amnesia Syndrome
02/01/2005: The UN Irrelevance Once Again
01/31/2005: Supreme Court Propaganda Battle On the Horizon
01/28/2005: Media personalities as shills for the government.
01/26/2005: U.S. Budget Deficit on Track to be the largest in history.
01/22/2005: From Principles to Results in the Current War
01/21/2005: Never met a Bill he Didn't Like...
01/20/2005: Bush's Inaugural Speech Was a Meaningless Farce
01/19/2005: Kinky Politics
01/19/2005: An Article of Trust
01/05/2005: Right Actions, Wrong Reasons
01/03/2005: An Independent Judiciary is Necessary to Ensure Freedom of All
12/31/2004: Parental Obligations and Abortion
12/23/2004: All politics is local
12/19/2004: Medicinal Marijuana and the End of a Limited Government
12/14/2004: Vet This
12/01/2004: Let The Battle be Rejoined
11/30/2004: During This Flu Season...
11/23/2004: Political coverage after the election
11/05/2004: The Partisan Divide
11/03/2004: Accountability
11/03/2004: What Have We Done?
11/03/2004: The More Things Change, and Whats Next
11/03/2004: Projected Results
11/02/2004: CBS critical of Kerry in final three days before Election
11/02/2004: Judgment Day
11/01/2004: Down to the wire
11/01/2004: The Case for Invading Iraq
10/31/2004: Time to Play the Game
10/30/2004: IS IT TOO MUCH TO ASK?
10/29/2004: Slant-o-meter: policy issues, personalities and leadership qualities
10/29/2004: Bush Blamed for Lunar Eclipse
10/26/2004: Fear Factor
10/26/2004: Boo who?
10/21/2004: Why All African Americans Should Register Independent
10/17/2004: Wasted Votes
10/17/2004: Why I Endorse John F. Kerry for President
10/16/2004: Lets Agree to Agree
10/15/2004: The Unspoken Answer
10/15/2004: Hard issues missing in post-debate talk
10/14/2004: America Asks: Who is John Kerry?
10/12/2004: Why Kerry's not doing so well in polls
10/10/2004: Kerry to Bush: Yes I am a Liberal and Wear It Proudly
10/05/2004: Post-debate panels: Soft issues more prominent in post-debate discussion
10/01/2004: The Debate and the Flip-flop Issue
10/01/2004: We Don't Need No Education
09/29/2004: Lets Get Ready to Sound-Bite
09/29/2004: Substance over Style Please, Hold the Spin
09/27/2004: No Exit
09/25/2004: Iraq: Reality Check Please
09/25/2004: Rumsfeld Is Once Again Inserting His Foot into His Arrogant Mouth
09/22/2004: Bushs Speech Before the U.N. Had (Predictably) Little Basis in Reality
09/20/2004: Taxachusetts
09/19/2004: Where do we go from here?
09/15/2004: Fox Uses More Anonymous Sources in Coverage of Kerry
09/08/2004: 1000 Servicemen Dead: For What?
09/06/2004: A Day in the Life of Joe Middle-Class Republican
09/05/2004: Can Kerry Win?
09/05/2004: The Tide Has Turned
09/04/2004: Kerry Lashes Back
09/04/2004: The Dichotomy of a Presidency
09/03/2004: Bush Accepts Nomination
09/02/2004: Bush in Translation
09/02/2004: Zell Miller on John Kerry
08/31/2004: Republican Moderation?
08/31/2004: MTV Video Music Awards
08/30/2004: Better Than Expected
08/29/2004: The Emperor Has No Clothes
08/28/2004: Judicial Assault on the Unborn Continues
08/28/2004: Having Your Cake
08/27/2004: Of Flip-Flops and Strength
08/26/2004: Proud to Be an American
08/25/2004: Maintaining Deniability
08/24/2004: Fox News outspokenly critical; networks go with sources
08/24/2004: eVoting
08/20/2004: Iraqi Olympians rebuke Bush
08/17/2004: A Sad Day in Venezuela
08/15/2004: Outfoxed: What Liberal Media?
08/11/2004: TV news broadcasts ignore economy
08/09/2004: The Carpetbagger Has Landed
08/06/2004: Kerry and Edwards in St. Louis
08/05/2004: Alan Keyes Picked to Run for Senate in Illinois Violating Federalist Principles
08/02/2004: ABC and CBS cheer for Kerry --- NBC Bucks Trend; Focuses on Issues, More Balanced Reporting
07/31/2004: U.S. Shifts Stance on Nuclear Proliferation Treaty
07/27/2004: Campaign coverage - a tricky issue for Bush and Kerry
07/27/2004: Clinton on Bush's Economic Philosophy
07/26/2004: 12 things I hate about you
07/22/2004: Does Edwards have what Kerry is missing?
07/20/2004: Media Favors Kerry While Republicans Attack
07/19/2004: Romancing the negative
07/18/2004: Pouting Bush Shuns the NAACP for Fourth Straight Year
07/16/2004: Martha and Bill and Obstructing Justice
07/15/2004: Kerry less visible in news than Gore in 2000
07/14/2004: What to do, what to do
07/13/2004: Media blame military and government agencies, not Bush
07/13/2004: Signature Gatherers Hide Nader's Name
07/10/2004: Iraq Invasion led to Nuclear Proliferation
07/08/2004: Conservative anti-universalism
07/08/2004: And Dubya Fiddled While the U.S. Army Burned
07/06/2004: Allegiance to Serve Unless I Change my Mind
07/03/2004: Supreme Court Restores Balance to Our American Republic
07/01/2004: Saddam on Trial
06/28/2004: Evaluation of Michael Badnarik, Libertarian Candidate for President
06/28/2004: Clinton's "Life" Pushes Kerry Out of Media Spotlight, Making Room for Nader
06/28/2004: Badnarik: 10 ways to get into the Race
06/27/2004: Greens Spurn Nader
06/25/2004: H.R. 3922: Last Week's Joint is Tomorrow's DUI
06/24/2004: Nader asks supporters to vote Kerry
06/22/2004: A Narcissism of Small Differences
06/22/2004: Nader taps Pete Camejo for VP slot
06/21/2004: Campaign becomes personality contest as policy issues are ignored
06/21/2004: Libertarians: Whispering from the Rafters
06/19/2004: Rowland Should be Impeached
06/18/2004: The Party of Censorship?
06/17/2004: DNC Releases "trustees" List; Can't be Found
06/16/2004: Best Reason for Abiding by Geneva Conventions
06/15/2004: As Economy Improves, Bush's Economic Policy Ignored; Kerry Absent from Media in Wake of Reagan's Death
06/14/2004: Abu Ghraib: Prepare For A Moral Chernobyl
06/14/2004: Gullibility and Mediacracy: a conflict of disinterest
06/13/2004: The Teflon President on the Ten Dollar Bill? It Wont Stick.
06/10/2004: Former Libertarian candidate raided by Joint Terrorism Task Force
06/09/2004: Are We Crowning The New American Caesar?
06/09/2004: Economy makes up only 1.2% of campaign coverage
06/08/2004: Paranoia is non-partisan
06/03/2004: A Measured Analysis of Abuses under the Patriot Act
06/02/2004: Doubts on Republican Support for Bush Emerge
05/31/2004: Brown vs. Topeka Board of Education; A Legacy Well Worth Lauding
05/27/2004: What Are You Certain About?
05/26/2004: Focus on Horse Race Unfavorable for Bush; Kerry Leans on Campaign Coverage
05/25/2004: Chalabi and the White House
05/21/2004: The politics of projection
05/20/2004: Nader and Kerry
05/20/2004: Where's The Sacrifice?
05/19/2004: Rumsfeld garners criticism for prisoner abuse
05/17/2004: The Boundaries of Equal Protection Jurisprudence and Gay Marriage
05/14/2004: Poll Results Driven by TV News; Bush In Better Position To Control His Media Image
05/12/2004: History in the making
05/09/2004: Iraq & Afghanistan; In Search of a Practicable Exit Strategy
05/07/2004: Economics Still Work!
05/07/2004: Republican Lockstep
05/05/2004: The Torture Never Stops
05/03/2004: Sanitation workers for House and Senate!
05/03/2004: What Have You Done For Me Lately?
05/02/2004: Are You An Enemy Combatant?
04/29/2004: An Accounting
04/26/2004: Everything That Rises
04/25/2004: Im confused!
04/24/2004: A Tale of Two Health Care Plans
04/24/2004: Iraq Veteran Returns to Homelessness
04/23/2004: Fox News Channel Refuses to Show Flag Draped Coffins of American War Dead
04/21/2004: March for Death
04/20/2004: Things you shouldn't tell Bob Woodward
04/19/2004: Mythperceptions
04/18/2004: Exporting Jobs Scam
04/18/2004: Political dogma, beliefs and faith
04/14/2004: What I was thinking when I elected Bush
04/14/2004: Securing Democracy in America
04/13/2004: What Were We Thinking When We Elected Bush?
04/12/2004: Third-Party Nadir
04/11/2004: The Memo
04/10/2004: Antonin Scalia Has Journalists Recording Erased
04/09/2004: Anti-Bush Patriots
04/08/2004: The Rice Testimony
04/08/2004: George Must Go...But Who Next?
04/08/2004: Never Again
04/06/2004: Crashing the Party
04/06/2004: Iraq and a hard place: Episode II (A revolting development)
04/06/2004: The Case For Gay Marriages
04/05/2004: While Nero Fiddles Health Care in America Burns
04/04/2004: The Facts About the Electoral College
04/02/2004: A Bi-Partisan April Fool's Wish-List
04/01/2004: Think Outside the Electoral College Box
04/01/2004: Its tax month again!
04/01/2004: You may already be a felon
03/27/2004: Hypocrisy Run Amok
03/26/2004: Is it too late for an energy policy?
03/24/2004: Voting for the lesser evil, is still evil
03/24/2004: More Warnings About Medicare: Insolvency Likely by 2019
03/24/2004: Quickie
03/23/2004: Presidential Politics, it's "FANtastic!"
03/23/2004: Is Killing a Terrorist Wrong?
03/22/2004: Coming out of the woodwork
03/21/2004: Could 9/11 have been prevented if Bush had paid attention to intelligence?
03/20/2004: An ACLU Resurgence?
03/19/2004: What Price Unilateral Free Trade?
03/19/2004: Free trade: Is it ever a bad Idea?
03/19/2004: Terrorists and Tantrums
03/18/2004: Statement of Peace and Freedom Party Presidential Candidate Leonard Peltier
03/18/2004: Terry Baum - first "write-in" candidate to qualify for general election ballot since 1968.
03/17/2004: Some Sanity about Outsourcing
03/17/2004: Spanish Lullaby
03/15/2004: Bush/Kerry = Lincoln/Douglas?
03/15/2004: Laci and Conner's Bill
03/12/2004: Politicians say the darndest things.
03/11/2004: Bush Pulls Plug on Manufacturing Czar at Last Moment
03/11/2004: House of Bush, House of Saud
03/07/2004: Green Party Presidential Candidates Overview
03/06/2004: The Death Penalty Issue
03/04/2004: packing a lot into one sentence
03/03/2004: Gary Nolan wins California
03/02/2004: Live Super Tuesday Results; Edwards Out
03/02/2004: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
02/29/2004: Gay Marriage; Its A Case of Due Process and Equality Before The Law
02/27/2004: More important issues
02/26/2004: Making Unborn Children Matter
02/26/2004: Free Speech Under Attack
02/26/2004: Sounds Like a Good Plan
02/25/2004: Hyper-surreal Future Marriages
02/24/2004: Bush Calls for Marriage Amendment
02/24/2004: A Change Whose Time Has Come
02/23/2004: Nader running
02/18/2004: Repeal Incumbent Protection Act
02/16/2004: Woman Denies Rumors of Kerry Affair
02/15/2004: It Was a Breast Get Over it Already!
02/14/2004: The Libertarian Principle- Social Security and the Drug War
02/14/2004: Rumor Machinations: Who gains from it?
02/13/2004: Good dirty tricks
02/13/2004: Read between the lines
02/12/2004: Dirty Politics
02/12/2004: Drudge picks up on Kerry/Intern affair
02/12/2004: Civil Debate and Conspiracy Theories
02/11/2004: Green Party Candidate Introduction
02/10/2004: Dean Won't Admit Defeat
02/07/2004: If we only knew then what we know now.
02/06/2004: How Many Americas?
02/06/2004: Rumor: A Kerry Affair & Push Polling
02/05/2004: Barking up the wrong tree
02/05/2004: The Politics of Appearance
01/30/2004: You say you want de-evolution.
01/30/2004: Things you have to believe
01/29/2004: Why I am Green
01/29/2004: What, More Men For The Army?
01/27/2004: Follow-up: Libertarians Finally Gain Momentum
01/26/2004: Sizing up the Survivors (Or, Dean and Nothingness)
01/26/2004: Global Greens Charter
01/26/2004: The Green Party Presidential Nomination - Candidates and Controversies
01/24/2004: Libertarians Finally Gain Momentum
01/21/2004: State Of The Union: What I saw
01/20/2004: In Defense of the President
01/20/2004: Bush Recess Appoints Pickering
01/16/2004: Libertarian News - & Personal Note
01/13/2004: Alternatives
01/07/2004: Court Ruling on Campaign Finance Law
01/06/2004: Clark Tax Plan Falls Short of the Mark
01/04/2004: The Year In Review
12/29/2003: Pork by any other name
12/24/2003: Americans - Fire Your Boss(es)
12/23/2003: Toward a More Civil Union
12/23/2003: Nader declines to run on Green Party ticket
12/22/2003: Condition Orange – Oh Boy!
12/18/2003: Two Party System Fails Us Once Again
12/17/2003: Now that we have finally caught Saddam can the actual war on terrorism begin?
12/17/2003: The battle in Miami
12/11/2003: Nice Guys Finish Last.
12/09/2003: I have issues
12/08/2003: Common Goals, Common Ground, and the 2004 Elections
12/05/2003: A Vote For Revolution Seconded
12/05/2003: A New Paradigm for Politics
11/23/2003: The Energy Bill Filibuster is On
11/13/2003: If You Claim to support "all men are created equal", then Include ALL Americans!
11/13/2003: Wolf, What Wolf?
11/11/2003: Soros, Open Societies and Bush
11/10/2003: Is Gore Spoiling For Round Two?
11/05/2003: King of Wishful Thinking
11/05/2003: Green Party Candidate Matt Gonzalez vies for San Franciscos Top Slot
10/28/2003: Continuing Security Issues in Iraq Hamper Bush Administration Mission
10/24/2003: Florida Theatrics Points to Future Erosion in the American Political System
10/21/2003: Post 9/11: How America Went from a Republic to a Fascist State
10/20/2003: Shelved State Dept. Study Foresaw Trouble Now Plaguing Iraq
10/19/2003: The Face of the New Independent
10/17/2003: Is Scalia Hurting the Conservative Cause?
10/14/2003: The Pledge.
10/11/2003: Cuban Embargo Should Be Lifted
10/07/2003: Bush has a Blog (Not Really)
10/06/2003: Pentagon Added to Axis of Evil
10/05/2003: Further Carnage On the Road to Illusive Peace
10/04/2003: The Incredible Spreading Plame Fallout
10/03/2003: Limbaugh Voices true feeling of Republican Party Towards Black Americans
10/02/2003: Funny Flash Animation: "Whatever!"
10/02/2003: GOP Senator: "Recusal is Something Ashcroft Ought to Consider"
10/01/2003: Libertarians Pick N.H. for 'Free State'
09/30/2003: Third Gitmo Prison Arrest
09/30/2003: Muslims for Kucinich
09/30/2003: Novak: Leak Not From White House
09/29/2003: Diebold's Voting Problem gets Bill
09/29/2003: Smoke and Mirrors: Administration Flails in its Efforts to Justify War
09/28/2003: Did the Bush Administration Exact Revenge for Dissent Within the Intelligence Community?
09/26/2003: Poverty Rate Rises for second consecutive Year in U.S.
09/25/2003: On Off On Off - Do Not Call List Starting to Resemble a Strobe Light
09/25/2003: Left or Right: Both are Wrong
09/24/2003: Bush Approval Rating Lowest Yet
09/24/2003: Military Suicide in Iraq
09/23/2003: Journo claims proof of WMD lies
09/23/2003: Putting the Taliban Back in Power
09/22/2003: In A Quest for National Identity
09/22/2003: PATRIOT Act Scrutiny Increases
09/20/2003: Clark Flip-Flops on Iraq War
09/20/2003: How to Talk from Both Sides of a Mouth
09/19/2003: George W. Bush is not a Liar
09/18/2003: Max Cleland compares Iraq to Vietnam (and hates America)
09/18/2003: Why I call myself a moderate
09/18/2003: Mini Nukes in the Future
09/16/2003: Senate Approves Overturn of FCC Rules
09/15/2003: Bush Ties Jobs to Clean Air & Blackout?
09/15/2003: Calif Recall Postponed
09/14/2003: PATRIOT Act: Not just for Terrorists Anymore!
09/14/2003: Casualty Cover-Up
09/14/2003: Revisiting Public Opinion
09/11/2003: September 11th Anger Still Alive
09/11/2003: Remembering the Forgotten
09/10/2003: Bush Proposes Limiting Federal 2004 GS Pay Raise to 2 Percent
09/09/2003: $87 Billion Dollars
09/08/2003: Stuck in the middle between Kofi and Tweedle Dee
09/08/2003: Quote-Unquote
09/06/2003: People care about the economy?
09/03/2003: Rhetoric Only Gets You so Far
09/01/2003: War Zone is no place for civilian contractors
08/28/2003: Industrial-Strength Stupidity In America
08/26/2003: GOP Raising Funds via Offshore Workers
08/26/2003: Iraq War Over?
08/25/2003: Ashcroft's Albatross
08/25/2003: Martin Plan: A Blueprint for MIddle East Peace
08/22/2003: Judge Moore Suspended
08/22/2003: In God We, ahh... Well, Most of us... Trust
08/21/2003: The Roadmap Takes a Very Wrong Turn
08/21/2003: What it Means to be a Moderate
08/20/2003: Georgy's Slashdot Interview
08/20/2003: Blackout no Excuse to Quell Parking Tickets
08/19/2003: Who is Arianna Huffington?
08/18/2003: Clark Talks the talk, but will he walk the walk?
08/15/2003: Power Outage Traced to Dim Bulb in White House
08/14/2003: And the Candidates Are...
08/13/2003: Warren Buffett to Lead Schwarzenegger Financial Team
08/13/2003: White House to Appoint Controversial Scholar Amid Criticism
08/11/2003: Don't believe the hype
08/10/2003: Iraq Threat was Exaggerated
08/08/2003: Bush is looking through a glass darkly!
08/08/2003: Activist sent to Federal Prison for 1yr
08/07/2003: Political Implications of Statistics
08/07/2003: Whatchu Talkin 'bout Arnold?
08/06/2003: Amateur Hour
08/06/2003: Huffington in, Springer out, Schwarzenegger: who really cares!
08/06/2003: The Trouble with Clarence Thomas
08/06/2003: Flynt to run for CA Governor
08/01/2003: Two Parties and Health Care
07/30/2003: Bush takes Blame for Uranium Lie
07/30/2003: Americans: Free Yourselves from the Two Party Death Grip
07/29/2003: Grumbles from the Enlisted Military
07/26/2003: In Search Democratic Party Leadership
07/26/2003: GOP's Nasty Undemocratic Power Play
07/25/2003: Reader Mail: California After The Recall
07/25/2003: Ambush's on American Forces Continue Apace...
07/24/2003: President to Push Extending Ban on Assault Weapons
07/24/2003: A Modicum of Sanity Returns to the House
07/23/2003: Nader and the Patriot Act?
07/23/2003: President George W.
07/23/2003: Advice to Gephardt: Don't Try to be Howard Dean
07/23/2003: Testing, is this conspiracy on?
07/22/2003: TIA Refuses to Die
07/22/2003: American Moral Leadership Takes Another Hit as Liberia Sinks Deeper into War
07/21/2003: American Hero. Who's Listening?
07/18/2003: Cheney Energy Task Force Documents Feature Map of Iraqi Oilfields
07/18/2003: Freedom or Fear
07/17/2003: Swapping Illegal MP3s Could Become Felony
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07/16/2003: Manipulating the Facts
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06/17/2003: Protests in Iran are a Yearn for Freedom; Protests in US are a Yearn for Tear-Gas
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06/16/2003: Bush denounces "revisionist historians"
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