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Full Name: Robert M. Fojo

Political Affiliation: Conservative

Politically Active? A little bit.

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Biography: Robert is an young lawyer by day and a brash, unapologetic conservative blogger by night. He has always wanted to write about conservative topics and principles, but it just happened to be one of those things that he said he’d get to at some point and never fulfilled. Robert's thinking changed on November 4, 2008, when Barack Obama was elected the 44th President of the United States. The Republican Party put up one of the weakest candidates in history (John McCain) and lost to the most controversial and the most socialist Democrat candidate in the past 50 years (Obama). In addition, liberals gained U.S. Senate and House seats on the heels of Obama’s victory. That catastrophic loss effected a change in Robert's mindset. He no longer wanted to sit on the sideline and allow events to play out without his own involvement in them. This country’s history and the principles that helped build the U.S. into the wealthiest, most powerful, and most prosperous nation on Earth were too important for Robert to sit idly as liberals attempted to rewrite and destroy those foundations. What made the U.S. so great are conservative principles. The Republican Party lost the 2008 election because it abandoned those principles. The only way to get back on top is to rebuild the conservative movement. Robert intends (1) to lend his own voice to this extensive reconstruction and (2) when conservatism regains its preferred status, help sustain it. Robert's ideal platform for rebuilding the conservative movement rests on the following ideas: 1) Reduce taxes and/or establish a 17% flat tax. 2) Close the border. 3) Open the continental shelf and Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling. 4) Privatize social security. 5) Move towards a more privatized health care system with health savings accounts. 6) Give parents school vouchers. 7) Abandon any and all government programs related to global warming. 8) Emphasize the appointment of originalist and textualist judges to the federal courts. 9) Strengthen the dollar. 10) Preserve American sovereignty. Robert thinks conservatives and Republicans need to emphasize that conservative ideas (not liberal ones) are universal and effective. Conservatism works every time it’s tried, and the majority of American voters support it. Robert believes we have to go back to those roots and build upon Ronald Reagan’s legacy.

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