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Full Name: Michael Charles Smith

Political Affiliation: Republican, Traditional Conservative

Politically Active? Heck yes. Unrealistically so.

Number of Posts: 17


I’m a Republican who’s disillusioned with the recent trends of “conservatism” within the Party. I believe in smaller government, individual accountability, and personal liberty.

I envision a Republican Party that respects civil liberties, values environmental stewardship, advocates for free and fair markets, and applies its principles with some integrity. I reject government as an instrument of coerced morality and advantage for those with connections.

I’m running for the Republican Presidential nomination in 2008. With no fear of alienating my funding base or losing my incumbency, I intend to represent a voice in the debate that the front-runners will not readily express.

We need real debate on issues, and it can be conducted in a tough but cordial manner. Dissent is not unpatriotic and different points of view are not evil.

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