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Full Name: Matt Johnston

Political Affiliation: Republican

Politically Active? Yes

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Biography: Originally from Florida, I now reside in Maryland and thus have moved from a Red State to a Blue state. Although in my own defense, the labels didn't really exist when I left Florida 16 years ago. I have spent four years serving in the Navy, have been a health care lobbyist, a law student, and a paid political operative. Today I work as a political action committee consultant. Having grown up in a Navy family, we learned early on the value of personal responsibility, with my brother, sister and I have to care for ourselves while my father was on deployment and my mother worked as a nurse. I learned to cook and iron my own clothes and I learned that homework does not do itself and excuses did not do any of us any good. The single biggest threat to our future, in my opinion, is the education system. Although I don't write much about it, you can see more on education policy on my own blog. Thanks for reading.

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