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Full Name: Lee Emmerich Jamison

Political Affiliation: Republican (when I can stand to admit it)

Politically Active? usually

Number of Posts: 109

Biography: When Lee Emmerich Jamison was born there in 1957 Shreveport, La. was still proud of its heritage as the last place in the Old South to fly the Confederate flag as its national banner. Born to a family that proudly stood against the backwardness of such simmering resentment and the damage it did to all the people of the South, regardless of race, he got to see how prejudice could blind otherwise good people to the darkness of their own nature. From that experience he learned both how human weakness could be used to empower cynical leaders and how those leaders would encourage prejudice to create a more compliant population. Jamison believes trust is a thing for which the population should make leaders and, especially, those who inform us work hard. Education is the only effective armor against those who would use our ignorance against us and a sound philosophical foundation is our best assurance that that armor is well placed.

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