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As a committed member of the global conspiracy called the Illuminati, (33rd degree, level 7 Neo-Con), I have been helping to plan the domination of the world and participating in the daily manipulation of the lives of it's inhabitants. Ultimately we are working toward the day when we, the Illuminati, can openly rule the world with a tyranical fist of iron. Muhhahahaahahhahaahahhah!!!!!

Until then we will content ourselves with arranging invasions of oil countries, making fun of the french, and messing with the castaways on Lost. It's a very fulfilling calling I must say.

My main web address for 'disinformation propagation' is at I know, a little obvious isn't it? The funny thing is that it doesn't matter in the slightest... the best place to hide is always in plain sight. No one will ever suspect until it's too late.

My commuting vehicle.The offices are located in the Illuminati headquarters (in a location I am not at liberty to disclose for obvious reasons). Using the club's offices would be completely impractical if it weren't for the use of one of the older Third Reich Nazi Flying Saucers from the end of WWII. Of course since I am not in the upper echelons I don't get issued any of the new and improved reverse engineered models Americans made after bringing all the Nazi scientists to New Mexico. But I digress... It's unfortunate that I cannot reveal many details about our offices because they are quite fascinating.

Sir Isaac Newton, or Sir as he likes to be called.Chairman Sir Isaac Newton says that establishing the base here on the moon was inevitable once he had discovered the secret to anti-gravity. Oh, whoops. I guess I wasn't supposed to let that slip. Anywho...

I know you're asking how can Isaac Newton still be alive, right? Well, it's a long long story about alchemy and the secrets of Solomon's Temple passed down by the Freemasons... send me an email if you're interested in hearing the story.

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