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September 30, 2006

When Population Gets Political

In the future of this country, all politics will revolve around demographics.

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The Twilight Zone

Every day when I check my mail, I receive numerous letters, flyers and offers. We call it junk mail. But today's junk mail is a new breed of posters, special offers for political book clubs, fair and balanced magazine subscriptions and requests for my donation to the Republican Party and the RNC, and even the "Minutemen Organization". Weeks ago, I received a flyer from Rush Limbaugh. "Hear the ad that Democrats are upset about!" the envelope proclaimed.

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September 29, 2006

Bush is unpopular

Bush is very unpopular, it seems... with those who wouldn't mind seeing America defeated. Jimmy Carter is in Nevada reportedly, "embarrassed by American Government," and calling Bush an, "international disgrace".

Strangely enough Al Qaeda's Veep, Zawahiri, is saying almost the exact same thing.

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Al Qaeda's desperate plea

Posted Thursday on a popular Islamic website, the latest Al Qaeda propaganda tape, featuring the terror group's newly commissioned commander, Abu Ayyub al-Masri, urges scientists and explosives experts to join Al Qaeda, because apparently it takes more than an ideology to produce deadly weapons.

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September 28, 2006

More Bounce..Bounce..Bounce...

According to this morning's Reuter's-Zogby poll, President Bush and the Republican Party continue to close the gap heading into the mid-term elections in six weeks.

That's called momentum. Of course as more voters realize that a humming economy, historic lows in unemployment, a housing market that didn't bust out and a tax cut that is working is responsible for much of this, then the remaining deficit by the Republicans will be made up pronto!

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September 27, 2006

Who will protect us from violent Islam?

The Clinton's are a piece of work, aren't they? Imagine blaming Bush for 9-11 and claiming that you would have done a better job.

Bush complained yesterday that Clinton was engaging in "finger-pointing" by attacking the current administration's actions before the hijackings. "I don't have enough time to finger-point," Bush said.

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September 26, 2006

Don’t Blame Bush (or Clinton) but Watch Those Dems

Bill Clinton is all over the airwaves and youtube angrily explaining why he did not get bin Laden. He made a passionate argument that he tried to get bin Laden but during the eight years of his presidency he couldn't. I believe him. It is hard. Democrats should remember this when criticizing George Bush.

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September 22, 2006

Don't Join Hugo's Book Club

Hugo Chavez has evidently read a book. Too bad it is a book by Noam Chomsky, an obsolete linguist who should have stuck to his own narrow specialty. Hugo made a big deal of showing his reading prowess by holding up Chomsky's book during his UN speech where he spoke of President Bush and occult powers. Evidently some of Hugo's fans can also read, or at least they buy books, since the Chomsky tome is now a top seller. Buying Chomsky's book is bad enough, but buying on the advice of crazy Hugo is way over the edge.

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September 20, 2006

Bounce, Bounce, Bounce......

Well, the president is not dead after all, according to yesterday's CNN/USA Today poll. He has bootstrapped himself up to a 44% favorability rating...a 5% increase in just one month, as Republicans return to the fold in droves.

I hope Jack Murtha hasn't ordered that new stationary yet.....

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September 19, 2006

American Hiroshima Attack "Imminent"; Muslims Ordered to Leave

Canada Free Press reports that another 9/11-style attack is imminent and that all Muslims living in America should leave "...without further warning."

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September 18, 2006

Getting Used to The ChangED World

I am still surprised to find my "cool" music available only on oldies 100. We perceive the world we first knew as normal and have trouble with change. Actually we handle change just fine. We cannot get a grip on is changED. (This disability is not limited to old guys. Thirty-year-olds are most out of touch. Without teenage kids to set them straight still think THEY are the young generation.) Developments blindside us.

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September 17, 2006

No apologies

The Pope has killed a nun! For surely his words are to blame for the 70 year old nun gunned down (by Muslims in the name of Islam), and for riots which are rampaging through muslims streets, and for Christian churches that are being shot at and bombed...

Today's liberal lesson:
Unlike when you call Bush a Nazi, or "radical Christianity" as dangerous as radical Islam, calling Islam a violent religion carries real consequences.

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September 15, 2006

Sept 15 Sources: the End of Al Franken

Air America is finally paying Al Franken what he is worth. Franken says he suspected his employer had money problems when they stopped paying him. Despite all the influential liberal well-wishers and deep-pocketed sugar daddies, Air America is crashing and burning. No surprise when Al Franken and Geraldine Garofolo are the flying the plane. They cannot compete with conservative pundits.

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Muslims Stage Worldwide Protests Denouncing . . . History?

Muslims worldwide staged protests and demonstrations in response to Pope Benedict XVI's speech in which he quoted a 14th-Century Christian emperor about violence and faith. Do Muslims feel threatened by history?

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Are We Ready for Hillary?

Recently, I've been taking a hiatus from blogging to do some political research. It is clear that the 2008 elections will be a brutal battle between the left and the right like never before. Websites like are becoming ever popular and a common Google search for "Hillary Watch" websites are popping up, such as

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September 14, 2006

Apologizing For Slavery & Other Ancient Sins

A Ghanean bishop recently apologized on behalf of Africans for their part in slavery. How stupid is that? We have too much of this sort of pseudo contrition. Nobody today is responsible for anything that happened centuries ago. We are - all of us - descended from slaves and slave owners, killers and victims, conquerors and subjects. We have no right to apologize for our ancestors or for anybody else for that matter. It is dishonest and a way to avoid personal responsibility.

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He Spoke, No One Listened!

Was former president Bill Clinton so pre-occupied with the Monica Lewinsky affair that he didn't hear the true message of Osama Bin Laden?

In 1998, the Lewinsky broke nationally. However in 1996 and 1997, while Bill was fondly remembering those pleasant Oval Office interludes with Monica and no one except Paula Jones knew that he was a sexual predator, Osama Bin Laden was talking publicly...all over the place.

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September 12, 2006

Democratic Hydra: Which Head Speaks Today?

Which head of the five-headed Democratic Party speaks for its constituents? Five separate and distinct philosophies are running for Congress and the Senate this November and each claim that it speaks for the party.

It time now to give a little therapy to each one of these heads and try to see (finally) which philosophy voters should consider before pulling that Republican-rigged lever in November

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September 11, 2006

Bush (is) Lied (about)

Kennedy won the presidency partly on the missile gap myth. Eisenhower knew it was a lie but chose not to reveal sensitive information to disprove it. President Bush faced similar dilemmas. He permitted his enemies to gorge on the false accusations in the Wilson/Plame affair or imply that the lack of a terrorist follow up attack in the U.S. resulted from the forbearance of our enemies or blind luck. Now as the Plame narrative collapses and the President talks about some of our anti-terror successes, the picture is improving.

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September 9, 2006

(D)eath and taxes

The election is over and Democrats won! Now ask yourself this question, "How much are my taxes going up?" Because if Democrats seize control of congress this November it's not a question of whether or not taxes will go up, it's a question of how much they will go up.

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September 8, 2006

Is this the Beginning of the End of Free Speech in America?

Are high-ranking members of Congress attempting to censor a major media outlet? I guess it all depends on your definition of the word "censorship." According to Wikipedia :

Censorship is the systematic use of group power to broadly control freedom of speech and expression, largely in regard to secretive matters.
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Modern Day Sedition Act

For those of you watching the election calendar know that today is the 60th day before the Nov. 7 election. What some may not know, but people like Ryan Sager, Mark Tapscott and others are trying to tell you, is that today is the day when political speech rights are now limited by a modern day Sedition Act, by the name of McCain-Feingold.

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September 7, 2006

911 truth or fiction?

Censorship is not pretty. That is, except when Democrat mistakes are being portrayed. Then censorship is required!

You see, it's ok to call Bush a liar, a murderer, even a Nazi, but don't ever, ever, ever say that the Clinton Administration wasn't fully focused on the war on terror! That's crossing the line. Especially with an election coming up.

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Taking a Giant Step Forward

A milestone will occur today in Iraq that will attract barely a murmur from the biased left wing press.

Today Iraq formally takes command of it's armed forces.

Ummm...was there even an Iraqi army two years ago? It once again shows the vast improvement taking place in Iraq on a daily basis, yet according to some on the left, we have lost this war. Sure sounds like we're winning to me!

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September 6, 2006

The ultimate weapon

Evidence is being reported that appears to indicate that God is indeed on Israel's side and is fighting on their behalf!  "BBBZZZZZTTTTT!!!!"

Doctors in Gaza are reporting what they say are unexplained injuries among the dead and wounded in operations by the Israeli military, which have killed more than 200 Palestinians in the past nine weeks.

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Ecopessimism v Ecoeffectiveness

The bad news is that gas prices have dropped. The good news is that the dip provides opportunities. If we don't cash in, we can create a better future. I have praised high prices, feared a return to cheap oil and advocated better alternatives. Recent experience with high energy prices proves that our economy can prosper in the face of high prices. Now let's go about the business of addressing global warming.

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September 5, 2006

Kinda Feels Like Custer's Last Stand

Other than Great Britain and Israel, and with great deference to Holland,Norway and Finland, exactly what countties in this world have the testicular fortitude to really combat terror?

If you think that our "European" friends are up to the task, I think you may need to re-think your position. The Islamic invasion of Europe is well underway......and George W. Bush has nothing to do with it.

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September 3, 2006

Time To Get Up Off The Floor

Yesterday the number 2 al-Qaida man in Iraq was captured leading to the death of 11 top scumbag operatives and to the capture of 11 more mini-scumbag lightweights. The al-Qaida leadership there is now practically non-existent.

So, aren't we now winning the peace there too?

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