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June 30, 2006

Doing the Lord's Work & Finding True Liberation

In Brazil in the 1980s, I saw evangelicals and Mormons establish churches, often in poor areas, and fill them with enthusiastic parishioners. Experts called it a passing trend w/o local roots. Liberation theology was the future, they said. They were wrong. Evangelical Christianity exploded in Latin America and Pentecostalism is the fastest growing religion in the world, especially in Asia and Sub Saharan Africa. We hardly notice one of our most significant trends.

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Exposing left-wing media bias: Iraq War

War is nefarious, there's no doubt about it--it's not disputed, dubious, ambiguous or obscure, and the scowling left-wing media has not only explicitly elucidated this position regarding the Iraq War, but they've taken it a few hundred steps further, vilifying the war effort and anyone who champions it.

And that, perhaps, is more nefarious.

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June 29, 2006

Putin vows to DESTROY murderers

"MOSCOW - President Vladimir V. Putin on Wednesday ordered special services to hunt down and "destroy" the killers of four Russian hostages in Iraq."

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Save earth: end conditioned air

Are you concerned about global warming? Do you want to reverse capitalism's exploitative destruction of the earth? For the sake of our children, for the sake of the earth, for the sake of cute little puppies and all the baby animals of the world, we must outlaw conditioned air!

It's true. Conditioned air has addicted America to an artificial way of life and has put us on the Al-Gore-Enviro-death-cult path of destruction we are on now.

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Bush Can't do Nothin' Right

MSM is trying hard to find the bad news about Bush and they succeed. On NPR this morning was a story about the unusually close relationship between Bush and Koizumi and consider the recent NYT story on financial surveillance. I have written on many occasions about the 4.6% unemployment or the economic growth of 5.3%. You can look at these things as bad news, but it is not easy.

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June 28, 2006

Gaza Strike Continues

As Israel's military incursion into Gaza continues today, the Hamas-led Palestinian government has thrown its support behind the terrorists' demand for a prisoner swap with Israel.

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A convenient and selective truth

Proclaiming that, "the nations top climate scientists," give Al Gore's movie, "five stars for accuracy," this AP story gives the convenient impression of unanimous agreement of all our nation's top climate scientists. But how many scientists exactly did this reporter interview to achieve such an all encompassing endorsement?

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June 27, 2006

Charity is Bad?

I am truly conflicted about whether to praise monumental generosity or to fear nurturing a dangerous leviathan, so I will do both. Start with praise. I will play the skunk at the party later in the posting. Warren Buffett's fantastic gift is just another example of the ongoing generosity of our fellow (rich) Americans. We do with private initiative what most other countries do with government but since Buffett's billions will now remain forever untaxed, Federal, state and local governments are kicking in 30-40% too.

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Cut and Run, Cut and Jog, Hut, Two, Three,......

Now that the war in Iraq has turned the corner as the newly-formed unity government gets stronger every day, and with last week's Senate vote clearly showing Senate Republicans standing shoulder to shoulder with the president on that issue, it's time to ask a question: What happened to the Democratic Party?

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Senate to vote on flag burning

Later this week, the Senate will vote on a Constitutional Amendment that would ban the desecration of the American flag, a nefarious act of unequivocal disrespect that the Supreme Court ruled, 5-4 in 1990, to protect under the First Amendment.

With the bill passing effortlessly in the House last year, 286-130, according to the Associated Press, the amendment is only a single vote away from acquiring the required 67 Senate votes.

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June 26, 2006

The Treasonous Times Must Be Prosecuted!

The New York Times has once again escalated its Journalistic Jihad against the American people, proving beyond all doubt that the Times' personal interests violently clash with America's public interest.

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Hey Mutha! Wanna Say You're Sorry Now?

Today both News Max and Sweetness and Light are reporting that new evidence continues to emerge that U.S. Marines did not wantonly kill Iraqi civilians in Haditha last November,and what's more, videotape shot by an ultralight vehicle will prove their innocence. Plus, there appears to be all sorts of radio communications that further buttress the marine's version of what happened last November.

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June 26 Sources: U.S. Wins A World Cup

Nothing is meaningful except compared to other things. "In 'economic World Cup' America has big lead" compares the U.S. economy to similar advanced economies in Europe. For example, if you compare the French economy to American states, it would lead only Arkansas, Montana, West Virginia and Mississippi in per capita GDP. Of course, food is better in France and the French do well in many things (nuclear power, for example), but when you hear about how bad we have it here, be skeptical. We Americans are a little spoiled. Other sources are below.

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June 25, 2006

Islam Versus The West

According to a study conducted by the Pew Research Center -- part of its Global Attitudes Project for 2006 -- a great divide exists betweeen the way Westerners and Muslims view eachother. While the views of either group rarely coincide with the other, the most notable findings of the survey relate to 9/11, and -- specifically -- who was behind the attacks.

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June 24, 2006

Using the T word about the NYT

Nazis had a machine called Enigma with "unbreakable" codes. Polish mathematicians constructed their own machine. After the Nazis and Soviets conquered Poland, they took it to Britain. The Brits broke the code. It was so secret that we STILL don't know every detail and so important that Winston Churchill permitted the bombing of Coventry rather than tip off the Nazis that their code was compromised. If TODAY'S NYT had been around back then they would have published details. After all, Nazis were smart enough to have guessed the British were listening.

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June 23, 2006

Karl Rove Is Right about You and Me

Karl Rove is a smart guy. Even his enemies agree. Rove tells us that the Internet has been better for conservatives than liberals. For us, it is a way to get our message past the MSM and spread our messages. For liberals it is a way to mobilize hate and anger, not only against our president but, also against those in their own party they consider to be less than completely on board their narrow, far Left ideology.

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National Security Be Damned! Says NY And LA Times

Despite appeals from the Bush Administration as well as several current and former government officials -- both Democrat and Republican -- the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times decided to break a story today that could have far-reaching effects on America's War on Terror.

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June 22, 2006

Who Is John "Jack" Murtha?

After more than 30 years as a House member, Representative John Murtha, Philadelphia Democrat, has finally made a name for himself. For the left, Murtha represents the perfect political specimen -- a decorated Vietnam veteran turned leading critic of the Iraq War. But who is the real John Murtha?

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Kerry-Feingold Plan on Troop Withdrawal Is Unconstitutional

Like many news oulets, the Washington Post offers this story about the Seante Debate on Iraq that is failing miserably for the Democrats. Most stories in both the MSM and online are dealing with the political aspect of the debate. The WaPo is talking about how it characterizes the 2008 presidential race, still others are talking about the impact for the Congressional elections this year. But today's Post story does raise one iteresting point that I believe is not be dicsussed enough, the Constitutional implications of the efforts.

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Surrender still an option

After the 2004 election, one liberal wrote, "The hopes of the world were dashed on Nov. 2, 2004."

It's true. We all mourn the passing of John Kerry's candidacy. Not as much as I would have mourned the passing of Dean's candidacy, but nevertheless I was sorry to see Kerry go down in flames as he did. Luckily for the 2006 election it looks like he and other Democrats are sticking to his failed campaign strategies.

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June 21, 2006


Now that the proper documents have been declassified and we know we found chemical weapons what does the left say?

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The Need For A United Front

What are the qualities of a great leader? While a simple enough question, the answer has eluded academic theorists and laypeople alike -- perhaps for lack of real world examples. There exists an infinite number of books and articles that address the question, though little accord can be found among them. They all offer a non-negotiable list of 5 to 500 qualities that a great leader must possess while never pointing out a specific person who possessed them. Perhaps great leaders are nonexistent, outside of fairytales and the Almighty Himself.

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Sense Beats Hysteria (Bush Wins)

Actually a win all around. We are proud of our President meeting in Vienna with our our good -if troublesome - allies. The Europeans are backing us on Iran and N. Korea. We endured the obligatory grumbling about the 460 terror suspects gaining weight at Guantanamo etc. A good counter came from a Frenchman, BTW. The Euromob did the usual anti-American street Theater with carpetbagging Cindy Sheehan as a guest star. But ignoring their impotent rhyming rants, we did well.

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Fighting With Both Hands Tied Behind The Back

Those two soldiers who were brutally tortured, mutilated, killed, and then booby-trapped yesterday give us yet another reason why the military should have the authority to take off the gloves against these animals. It is getting to the point where one side is fighting by the Marquis de Queensbury rules with every human rights group there is looking over their shoulder, while the other side is using brass knuckles. Today in Iraq, someone is very happy that those brave soldiers died the way they did, and want to kill even more of our servicemen the same way.

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June 20, 2006

2006 Election Predictions

With the help of my enormous prescience and suave good looks, I predict Democrats will continue to divide America by claiming Republicans stole the midterm elections.

Naturally, when Democrats fail to retake congress they'll need someone to blame. Too bad dividing America is an organic side effect of alleging campaign fraud at every turn.

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June 19, 2006

Jack Murtha: Open Mouth, Insert Foot

According to a report in today's Los Angeles Times, the general in charge of finding out if a cover-up occurred in the killing of 24 civilians has completed his report, finding that Marine officers failed to ask the right questions. According to the Times article, "Nothing in the report indicated to a "knowing cover-up" of the facts by the officers supervising the Marines involved in the November incident.

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Who Needs Amnesty?

When it comes to employers of illegal immigrants, President Bush has offered a whole lot of tough-talk to the American people. But please, Mr. President, tell us how you really feel . . .

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June 18, 2006

Insurgents Delenda Est

The eyeballs of the world are now gazing at Baghdad and Ramadi. Military commanders have told us what a wonderful job they have done training the Iraqi security forces, and now it is time that they produce and show results. There is no more time for talk. They must make Baghdad safe and knock the bull crap off.

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June 17, 2006

GOP Scores Major Victory In House And Senate

What began as a heated debate over the "origins and conduct" of the Iraq War, ended yesterday in a major victory for the GOP. The Iraq War Resolution (House Resolution 861), which endorses President Bush's war policy and rejects setting a deadline for troop withdrawal, was passed in the House by a vote of 256-153 . . .

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Democrats' "New Direction" Utilizes Wrong Compass

Democratic leaders announced earlier this week their "New Direction for America" platform. Senator Harry Reid claimed the plan will "intend to tackle the issues that matter most" -- minimum wage, student loans, prescription drugs, and alternative energy sources. But, are these the issues that matter most for voters?

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June 16, 2006

June 16 Sources: Are the Whales Saved Yet?

An interesting article discusses the whaling ban. Whale populations have increased and some species, such as the minke are abundant. Should whales be treated like other animals, protected when rare, but hunted when common? Or is there something special about them that means that they should never be hunted? Other sources are linked below.

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June 15, 2006

Inclusive Environmentalism

Today President Bush established a Marine National Monument, the largest single area dedicated to conservation in U.S. history the largest protected marine area in the world. We hear that Wal Mart is selling organic foods and of course the firm is experimenting with solar and wind power. GE has been working on green initiatives and we can built our homes while sustaining the environment. Our society is versatile and adaptive.

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Corruption Or Incompetence: The Lost Cause Of Border Security

According to a Pew Hispanic Center survey conducted back in March 2006, approximately 850,000 illegal immigrants penetrate the US-Mexico border each year. Today, illegal immigrants makeup approximately 4% of the US population, 5% of the workforce, 50% of California's prison population, 20% of the general prison population, and 17% of the federal prison population. In the next 24 hours, an additional 2,400 illegal immigrants will have successfully crossed the US-Mexico border.

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Like Shooting Fish In A Barrel

Is America really ready for anti-war Democrats like John Kerry, Howard Dean, Jack Murtha, and Russ Feingold to take control of the party from "moderate" Democrats like Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and Joe Lieberman and lead it to victory in '08?
Here's hoping that the anti-war crowd takes control of the Democratic Party once and for all, and here's why....

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Corporate Rule and Wars for Oil

Corporations are a threat to democracy! In fact, they are THE THREAT to democracy. (Of course, by 'democracy' I mean the Trotsky version rather than the less legitimate and historically American DeTocqueville variant.)

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June 13, 2006

Canada Coughs

The arrest of Muslim terrorists in Canada doesn't surprise me. Anyone could have seen this coming. The response from many Canadians doesn't surprise me either: rethinking lax immigration laws, challenging multiculturalism, and figuratively raising a wall between the Muslim community and the rest.

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Cleaning up Baghdad

A mission to clean up Baghdad is about to begin. It's about time.

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Another Fantasy Shot To Hell

Three weeks ago liberal posters over loaded the internet with breathless announcements that the indictment of Karl Rove was imminent. Maybe Federal prosecutor Patrick J. Fitzgerald should have been told because this morning the New York Times reported that in a statement from Rove's attorney Robert D. Luskin, Rove was advised yesterday by Fitzgerald that none was forthcoming.

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June 12, 2006

Zarqawi Successor Named

The Associated Press is reporting that Abu Hamza al-Muhajer has been named as the new leader of al-Qaida in Iraq, succeeding the recently expired Abu Musab al-Zarqawi . . .

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What a Load of Manure

Everything has to go somewhere and fortunately for all of us, even crap has its uses. We used to just dump it. No more. Biosolids are being increasingly well used in agriculture and forestry. Of course, the use of manure on farms predates civilization itself. Who would have thought manure could make a farm at toxic waste superfund site? Next time you see a cow or horse, be afraid, be very afraid.

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Intellectual Dishonesty and the Gay Marriage Issue

Those who are for gay marriage say that we should just accept it and that it does not hurt anyone. They say it is not a big deal. Many right here on these forums have stated those same things. I put forth that that is intellectually dishonest. That it is a big deal and that it is actually one of the biggest deals in history. There are at least three points to be made for intellectual dishonest:

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June 11, 2006

Haditha Round Two...A Potential Defense Begins To Emerge

So, how many students do you know are on their way HOME from school at 7:15 a.m in the morning, just happen to have their taxi parked on the side of a road a few meters away from where a marine gets blown up, and then try to flee the scene when they were told to stop? For the first time, the marine Sargent who led that squad spoke, and a potential defense emerges. Are you listening, Jack Murtha?

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June 11 Sources: Are Dems More Like Foreigners?

Some Democrats think that they are more sophisticated than Republicans, more like Europeans. Many Republicans agree, but they are thinking decadence, not sophistication. It turns out neither is right. Americans left and right are more like other Americans than they are like others. The Pew report, "Two Americas, One American" explores this.

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June 10, 2006

Ann Coulter-gate and the Fall of the Democrat Party

The reviews are in for Ann Coulter's new book, "Godless: The Church of Liberalism," and apparently officials from the democrat party are not too impressed . . .

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Going Forward and Winning The War In Iraq

With the death of al-Zarqawi this week, pundits from all over the world are debating the issue of whether or not his death will placate the beast in Iraq. Will it stem the violence there? Most seem to say that in the short term there will be an uptick in violence, others say that it will have no effect at all, yet others say that a serious blow was in fact served. The truth remains to be played out as to which one is correct, but here's The Eagle's solution going forward......

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Clever Kennedy con Kills Energy Alternative

Savvy insiders know that if you want to kill a project, you first call for a study. In the risk-averse world of regulation, a study will always find a hazard to frighten the timorous and incite the litigators In order to kill the Cape Cod wind farm near his home, Kennedy (and others) inserted a harmless looking study into the 2006 Defense Authorization Bill. It has now come around to smash wind farms all over the U.S.

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June 9, 2006

Zarqawi's Death Goes Unnoticed By al-Qaida

Apparently, the sophistication of the al-Qaida terrorist network ends where information flows begin. While the better half of the free world was celebrating the death of al-Zarqawi yesterday, al-Qaida's No.2 henchman, Ayman al-Zawahri, was busy producing his latest video, Infidel's and the Infidelity They Promote.

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Anti-Americanism: Exceptionalism

Are Americans an exceptional people? Americans think so. They steadfastly spill our domestic agenda into the international arena. American leaders think so. They demand that the U.S. get special exceptions and/or complain that we shoulder special responsibilities. Even critics think so. They blame America for the bulk of the world's problems. It takes a very exceptional country to have caused so much trouble all over the place.

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June 8, 2006

Why they hate America: (Liberals)

Unfortunately, as I write this America has been about its nefarious business, engaged in a hegemonic war for oil. It seems mercenaries have assassinated a prominant political leader and freedom fighter in Iraq. Truly, it is a sad day for peace; as I expect this can only further enrage peace-loving muslims the world over turning them into terrorists and perpetuating the (American-inspired) cycle of violence.

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Anti-Americanism: Iraq, Afghanistan & GW Bush

Talking about the U.S. image w/o reference to Iraq & Afghanistan is like asking, "Besides that Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?" It is the nature of conflict that people die and property is destroyed. In the age of video, every thing will be seen. Pictures are worth a thousand words, but can create more heat of emotion than light of understanding. As long as large numbers of American troops are deployed, it will weigh on our reputation.

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Zarqawi's Death from the Illiberals' Perspective

For the vast majority of Americans -- and Westerners in general -- news of Zarqawi's death is cause for celebration. But in the darkest corners of the blogosphere, where the illiberals lurk, the death of Zarqawi takes on a different meaning, altogether...

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It Ain't Over Until The Fat Lady Sings!

You can break out the champagne if you want and celebrate the fact that perhaps one of the world's most vicious and cold-blooded murderers was killed yesterday in Iraq. While we cannot pack up the troops and go home yet,this is the most significant event to occur in Iraq since Saddam's capture in 2003.......

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Coulter, Clinton, and the Prostitution of 9/11

People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw bricks, is the response that Senator Clinton received from Anne Coulter after criticizing Coulter's newly released book, Godless: The Church of Liberalism:

"Before criticizing others for being 'mean' to women, perhaps Hillary should talk to her husband who was accused of rape by Juanita Broaddrick and was groping Kathleen Willey at the very moment Willey's husband was committing suicide." Coulter

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June 7, 2006

Canada, Terrorism, and Illegal Immigration: A Potent Combination

On Friday, Canadian police and federal agents carried out a sting operation on 17 terrorist suspects, many of whom were Canadian citizens, or "homegrown Jihadists." The terrorist clan purchased three tons of ammonium nitrate, a key bomb-making ingredient, under the unwanted supervision of Canadian officials.

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June 6, 2006

Senator Joseph Lieberman, Republican?

In the divisive world that is contemporary politics, the Bush Administration has found a friend in the most unlikely of places: the democrat roster.

Senator Joe Lieberman has been a true supporter of President Bush and is quite possibly the last remaining democrat who supports the Iraq War. However, Lieberman's support for the President comes at a price.

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Anti-Americanism: Religion, Certainty & Morality

Americans are NOT more religious that most other people in the world. They are more religious than the very secular Western Europeans, but pretty much in line with the rest of the world. If you map it out (click on introduction) the U.S. does not seem particularly exceptional. Yet the perception is that we are. Maybe it is our certainty in using that the "evil" word.

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Kill all the homosexuals....they are an aberration and a blasphemy against God.For this there shall be no exception.If you are a homosexual you must repent immediately and beg God's forgiveness.There is no other way,and no discussion.


June 5, 2006

Anti-Americanism: Power & Security

Much of politics can be understood with general reference to Maslow's hierarchy of needs. As we satisfy basic security needs, we dismiss them and then question and resent of the structures that keep us secure. The U.S. is the defacto security provider of last resort and the only country with the capacity to project power worldwide. This inevitably colors views toward our country.

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June 4, 2006

Anti-Americanism - Aggressive Isolationism

America is a country of immigrants. By definition immigrants came from somewhere else and thought the U.S. was better than the places they left or they would have stayed there. The memory of coming from somewhere worse is an important source of our feeling that we have it better than most. We are justifiably proud of what our country has accomplished and want to share it with others, but our default option is isolationism.

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After writing for Watchblog for 4 weeks now,I was wondering why I was getting up in the morning feeling kinda punch-drunk.
Anyway,thank goodness that things roll off my battle-hardened feathers or I'd actually have hurt feelings!
Anyway,I have decided to award the first MIGHTY EAGLE AWARDS to those of you who have slammed me the best...

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June 3, 2006

Casualties in the Propaganda War

I don't usually support law suits, but when a disabled veteran sues Michael Moore for using him for enemy propaganda purposes, I may have to make an exception.

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The Hypocrisy of Democrats

Speaking yesterday before a union rally in Worcester, Massachusetts, Senator Edward Kennedy announced: "My vote against this misbegotten [Iraq War] is the best vote I have cast in the United States Senate since I was elected in 1962." What Kennedy forgot to mention is that his vote against the Iraq War further proves that his belief structure adjusts to wind speeds, and Massachusetts can get mighty windy.

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June 2, 2006

The View From The Eagle's Nest

I have to admit.....I haven't been able to sleep nights since the Haditha story broke last weekend.
The lawyer in me has been trained to treat people innocent until proven guilty.
Right or wrong,right now these marines are hanging on the cross of public opinion and hanging next to them are the other 99.9% of my heroes in the Corps....

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June 1, 2006

Firms Hiring 14% MORE New Grads & Paying Better. Can We Blame George Bush?

The foul economic news keeps piling up. On top of anemic growth of 5.3% and a 4.7% unemployment rate we can add THIS from NPR: the National Association of Colleges and Employers reports that companies are hiring 14% more new college grads than last year - and they're paying more, with benefits.

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Prophet-ing from Cartoons

You will probably recall the cartoon controversy that engulfed the world only months ago, revealing the deep-seated tensions and division between Islam and the West. For Muslims, the decision by the Danish newspaper, Jyllands-Posten, to publish the cartoons was an inexcusable assault on their core beliefs; whereas, for Westerners, it was simply the act of a free media that the Islamic world must come to terms with. Yesterday, Flemming Rose, the editor who chose to publish the cartoons, came out in defense of his decision.

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June 1 Sources: You Are Without Honor!

The perversity of our modern age is that we often honor victims over those who have actually achieved something and the most interesting source this week is On Our Honor, which explores this. We justifiably reserve a special place of honor for those become "victims" through unselfishly sacrifice, but mere victimhood deserves nothing, especially since becoming a victim is something we don't want to encourage.

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