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October 31, 2004

Oh brave, new world...

Be brave. This article will have nothing to do with Tuesday’s elections. It’s about a future, a future that will be arriving regardless of who wins the Whitehouse.

Science fiction has a way of turning into reality unexpectedly. It happened again this weekend in the United Kingdom with a small, sensible step, which has the unfortunate side effect of raising deeper and more disturbing question about the future of humanity. Embryonic genetic screening is here, real, and about to become part of the tapestry of human events. Designer babies may be next.

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Posted by Damon Dimmick at 11:40 PM

Veni. Vidi. Veto.

John Kerry believes in the efficacy and legitimacy of the United Nations more than he believes in the distinction and pre-eminence of the United States. He believes that America goes to war illegitimately without the sanction of the United Nations.

Which begs the question: How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for an international committee?

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Posted by Eric Simonson at 1:20 AM

October 30, 2004

The Day After the Election - Generic

To the supporters of Bush/Kerry

Now that the election is over and your candidate was unsuccessful, I hope we can come together again as Americans. In his recent video, Osama bin Laden reminded us about America’s real enemies. President Kerry/Bush faces many challenges in the next years. He needs your support. Please put aside your partisan rancor and have some faith in the judgment of your fellow citizens. Admit the possibility that they might be right. This is America, after all. In four years time the verdict may go your way. Until then, Bush/Kerry is your president and mine and he deserves our support.

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Posted by Jack at 9:11 PM

A Slice of Apple Pie

At 1 a.m. you have to expect that almost any political debate is going to turn ugly. Doubly so when in a bar, filled with regulars, littered with empty glasses and bottles, the Friday night before a presidential election. Never mind that this particular bar happens to be in one of the most hotly contested areas of Florida, a place that just might determine the outcome of Election 2004.

You’d expect it to get ugly, but you’d be surprised.

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Posted by Damon Dimmick at 4:39 PM

After the Election

Where will people stand after the election? Will it depend on the margin of victory? Will it depend on how the election is decided?

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Posted by Dawn at 4:20 PM

Four reasons why traditional conservatives should vote Bush

I am not going to tell you who to vote for or tell you that you are wasting your vote on a third-party candidate. Some liberals want their opponents to drop out of the race. I don't think that is good for anybody. If Bush loses because he lost votes to a third-party, too bad.

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Posted by Lance T. Haun at 2:22 AM

October 29, 2004

Osama's Election Bomb

Osama bin Laden couldn’t send us a bomb, so he sent at tape to disrupt our election. The pundits are falling over themselves to predict if the evil old criminal was trying to help Kerry or Bush. Let’s not read too much into this.

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Posted by Jack at 8:45 PM

Kerry is Wrong to Rely on Much Help

One of the key contentions in different outlooks on the War on Terrorism centers around the suggestion that it is in every civilized nation's best interest to control terrorism. This outlook is part of the intellectual framework that lets Kerry suggest that greatly helpful allies would have been available if only the President were better at diplomacy. The best interest argument may be true as a long term concept, but short term factors may interceed.

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October 28, 2004

Biased Election Coverage

FoxNews reports that the BBC unveiled details of its U.S. election coverage:

Headlining the coverage is an election special featuring “Fahrenheit 9/11” director Michael Moore. Joining Mr. Moore will be former Clinton adviser Sidney Blumenthal, former Clinton secretary of State Madeleine Albright, and the militantly anti-Bush billionaire, George Soros. Fair and balanced?

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Posted by Dan Spencer at 4:31 PM

The perspective of history

Kerry has called Iraq a failure that could lead to "war without end." Oh, and we also failed to guard 380 tons of explosives.

Journalist Seymour Hersh says plainly that the Iraq war is not winnable and will, "go down as one of the classic sort of failures in history."

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Posted by Eric Simonson at 1:34 AM

October 27, 2004

Talking to Democrats about Abortion - The Missing Debate

A dog park liberal Democrat friend and I were wondering what could make it possible to debate abortion in a campaign. I e-mailed this to her:

Making meaningful debate possible by reconsidering Roe vs. Wade.

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What Others Think of Us is Often What We Say About Ourselves

Many of our image problems in the world are directly related to the acrimony of our own politics - especially around election time. U.S. news sources provide foreigners with most of the news they get from the U.S. In other words, most of what they know about President Bush comes from what Americans say about him, and his image abroad closely tracks his image at home. When our candidates go negative, people around the world are listening and some are taking notes.

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Posted by Jack at 8:55 PM

October 26, 2004

Disenfranchisement = Suppression = Fraud

Lets stipulate that both sides have and do engage in suppression and fraud. We will never agree on who is worse, so lets avoid that side street. We can all agree that suppression/fraud are serious threats to American democracy. It is not enough for a president to be elected fairly; he must also be perceived to have been elected fairly.

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Posted by Jack at 1:46 PM

Republicans under attack from Libertarians soliciting Democratic support

Libertarians in Wisconsin (and elsewhere?) are trying to be the Nader for the Republican ticket. So Bob Novak reports. (Scroll down a bit in the Novak column.) Smart? Stupid? Good? Evil? And blatantly hitting up Democrats for $$$? Does partisanship know no bounds? Should it?

Posted by Matthew Hogan at 12:52 PM

Talking to Democrats - Introduction

Dog Park people are uniformly pleasant souls. I’m not kidding. Every single one that I have ever met has been a nice person with a good heart and charitable disposition. If you think I am less than serious, consider what these good people do – for their dogs. They rise early in the morning, endure traffic and the vagaries of weather, often forsaking their own breakfasts and personal comforts -- to do what? They take their dogs to a park where they release them from their leashes and give them liberty. Liberty! Liberty!

And then they do it again in the evening.

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Explosive charges

All day yesterday John Kerry called Bush unbelievably incompetent, blind, stubborn, and arrogant for allowing 380 tons of explosives to disappear from Iraq-- apparently in the last few months.

Once again, truth is the real casualty in the left's war on the American Administration. As it turns out my posts are more accurate and less partisan than the NY Times.

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Posted by Eric Simonson at 10:25 AM

October 24, 2004

Potential for un-civil war

The democratic party may be setting itself up for complete destruction. In their desperation, I fear many liberals will resort to violence and fraud as a result of being whipped up into a frenzy by their irresponsible party leaders and their own runaway hatred for George W. Bush.

The daily barrage of the Kerry campaign demonizing Bush seems to be having an effect as Bush offices all over the country are broken into, vandalized, and burgled. In addition, I suspect that the election night plans of the Kerry campaign may have more insidious things in store for our republic.

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Posted by Eric Simonson at 4:01 PM

October 21, 2004

Kerry's Rhetoric does NOT match his 'Plan'

According to experts, Kerry's Tax Plan will slow recovery, create fewer jobs and raise deficits. Many believe Kerry's 'plan' to “restore the top two tax rates to their levels under President Clinton.” will effect a lot more people than he claims.

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Posted by Dawn at 1:47 PM

"...unequivocally no."

Kerry is a fakir and a fraud. His campaign: half-truths and allusions. He makes great effort to appear strong, to talk tough, but it's a con game.

For instance, how does Kerry explain his 2002 vote authorizing President Bush to use force against Iraq? He says he voted only to 'threaten the use of force'. In 1991 he said such a vote would be dangerous and flawed.

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Posted by Eric Simonson at 1:53 AM

October 18, 2004

From Nuisance to Myth

Just recently Kerry said terrorism should just be a nuisance; now the left admits it's all just a myth to begin with.

Much of the currently perceived threat from international terrorism, ..."is a fantasy that has been exaggerated and distorted by politicians. It is a dark illusion that has spread unquestioned through governments around the world, the security services, and the international media." ..."In an age when all the grand ideas have lost credibility, fear of a phantom enemy is all the politicians have left to maintain their power."
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Posted by Eric Simonson at 10:14 PM

October 17, 2004

Scandinavian Neutrality

When I was in college, I had a fateful phone conversation with a relative of mine who will go unidentified. She was just starting high school. I don't remember the details of what we were discussing, but it had to do with Europe and maybe some homework she had been assigned to do. It became clear after several confusing flubs that she didn't know the difference between Sweden and Switzerland. I don't recall exactly how I realized; perhaps she had been going on about Scandinavian neutrality. I have been able to leverage this incident to great effect ever since, sometimes sending her into beet-red paroxysms by bringing it up.

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October 16, 2004

The Electoral College: Why Now and Why Not?

A testimony to our founding fathers is not that they set up the perfect constitution but that they set one up that could be perfected. Although there have been a little less then half a dozen amendments to the constitution regarding our elections, we have not changed the essential process by which we elect the President.

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Posted by Lance T. Haun at 4:47 AM

October 15, 2004

Support the troops: Vote for Bush

It's clear that the troops overwhelmingly support Bush and the mission in Iraq. The suggestion that you can support the troops but not the mission is nothing but empty sophistry. The troops would rather have you support them and their mission!

Who do you trust more to handle the responsibilities of commander in chief of the military: George W. Bush or John Kerry? George W. Bush: 69%, or John Kerry: 24% annenberg
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Posted by Eric Simonson at 1:49 PM

October 14, 2004

Is it RIGHT? or is it WRONG?

Can someone PLEASE tell me who it was that decided that our government (really us,the taxpayer) should pay for every research project, study, and idea that anyone has?

There used to be a time in our country when people went out and asked for donations to fund their projects and ideas. What happened? Has it just become much easier to go to the U.S. Government for the money?

I ask this because of the issue of Stem Cell Research.

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Posted by Dawn at 2:21 PM

October 13, 2004

Kerry versus Free Speech: Sinclair Broadcasting & FEC

Another Exhibit A (let's just retire the rest of the alphabet) on the anti-Constitutional evils of so-called campaign finance reform: the Kerry campaign's attempt to get the FEC to shut down Sinclair Broadcasting's plans to run a near-election-time Kerry-critical program on its broadcast outlets. (Both parties -- this especially means you, McCain -- sin in this area, I must admit.) A free country? Where a government can content-censor, and dissemination-block, advocacy regarding its personnel and conduct?

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Posted by Matthew Hogan at 10:02 AM

October 10, 2004

Rice Shines

Condoleeza Rice gives straight forward answers about why the U.S. would still have removed Saddam Hussein.

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Posted by Dawn at 5:49 PM

October 8, 2004

Another Reason to Elect John Kerry

French President Jacques Chirac warned Thursday of a "catastrophe" for global diversity if the United States' cultural hegemony goes unchallenged. iht.com

Surely reversing US cultural hegemony is reason enough for foreign leaders to want Kerry to win the White House in November and it should be enough for you as well!

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Posted by Eric Simonson at 5:57 PM

October 7, 2004

The Politics of Fear and Intimidation

Anti-Bush gunmen fired several shots into the Bush campaign offices of Bearden, TN, and separately in Huntington, WV. Kerry supporters storm and ransack Bush Cheney campaign offices in Milwaukee, Orlando, Miami, Tampa, Dearborn and Plymouth, and burglarize in Bellevue. ...and it's not limited to intimidation of just Republicans.

"For someone to use that level of violence to try to make a political point, it is just a shock," said Chad Tindell, Knox County Republican chairman. usatoday.com
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Posted by Eric Simonson at 4:07 PM

Gays voting for Kerry/Edwards?

Gays and Lesbians won't win with Kerry/Edwards. May even cause more problems for our country.

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Posted by Dawn at 8:32 AM

October 6, 2004

With Allies Like These

John Vinocur comments in the International Herald Tribune on Kerry's prospects for making Iraq the "world's responsibility":

A participant on the sidelines of talks in Berlin between Chancellor Gerhard Schröder and Richard Holbrooke, a would-be secretary of state in a John Kerry presidency, told a story about the meeting and the theme of how a Kerry-friendly Europe would leap to America's aid in bringing stability to Iraq. (Or maybe hide under the bed.)

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Edwards Not Ready For Prime Time

After watching the Cheney - Edwards debate, I now understand why Edwards only won one primary battle. The Democratic primary voters rejected Edwards, time and time again, because Edwards is simply not yet ready to be president.

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Posted by Dan Spencer at 1:09 PM

October 5, 2004

The Vice Presidential Debate

Some off the cuff remarks about what we just watched.

1. It became stunningly clear that John Kerry's global test comments last week were a terrible strategic move. John Edwards was backed into an indefensible corner on those remarks. They were dumb comments that Edwards looked foolish trying to defend.

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Posted by Timothy Perry at 11:31 PM

Kerry's consistent position

After further review of John Kerry's position on the war I have come to the conclusion that he does in fact have a consistent position. It's a little convoluted, but it is consistent. Gutless perhaps, but conformable to a visible and consistent thread of logic.

KERRY: We should not have gone to war knowing the information that we know today.

SAWYER: So it was not worth it?

KERRY: We should not -- depends on the outcome ultimately...

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Posted by Eric Simonson at 8:19 PM

October 3, 2004

Karma Karma Kerry Chameleon

Kerry is a chameleon who says whatever he thinks will get him elected rather than what he truly believes. How can we know then what he truly believes, or even what position he will take on any issue on any given day?

Take preemption for example. Kerry thinks preemption is valid? or does he?

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Posted by Eric Simonson at 11:08 PM

October 1, 2004

Japan Wins Again

Looks like our American car manufacturers are going to be pounced by the foreign competition again.

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Posted by Dawn at 4:07 PM

This War is Wrong, and I'll Win It

Finally, Kerry defines what he will do differently in Iraq. Summits. No wonder the insurgents are attacking Iraqi civilians. Bush hasn't had one real good summit since he started this war. How can he expect the insurgents to surrender without a good old fashioned summit?

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Posted by Eric Simonson at 1:32 AM